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1 Rude Awakening on Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:03 pm


Random Event Creator
You awaken to a blaring siren, on a hard metal floor, chilled, with a muzzy head and the permeating smell of fear and other unmentionables around you. You can hear someone crying and someone else cursing. At first, it's dark, but light starts filling the confines as double doors on one end of the chamber groan open. Several massive shadows step in through the opening and bend down to grab the first person they come to and shove them carelessly toward the opening. A rough hand clamps down on your arm and hauls you to your feet and you're propelled down a chain of more of the strangers, being guided down a hallway.

Once out of the chamber you woke in, you're able to get a good look at your captors: although they're all six feet tall, it's their sheer mass that makes them intimidating, each individual easily twice the size of most Pernese humans. Their faces are flat with wide noses, blubbery lips, and gold-green feline-like eyes. What skin you can see is a murky gray, although the backs of their hands and arms are covered with short fur in varying shades of gray; the hair on their heads is longer, apparently kept in whatever style the individual prefers, but none of them have facial hair. They were all wearing baggy coveralls of a single shade of muddy brown.

Suddenly, one of the beings is standing square in front of you with a knife! Two more grab your arms at the wrist and stretch you out across the hallway. The knife flashes and the assistants yank the clothing from your body and toss it aside. The one in front of you steps aside and you're pushed forward through a curtain of flexible plastic and into a cloud of steam. You're moving forward on a conveyer belt through a spray of hot water with an astringent smell and you're soon thoroughly coated in the water; you can see other shapes around you, moving forward the same as you are. Then you're into another room and assailed by powerful gusts of air that is painfully hot and leaves your skin reddened by the time you're through, but now, except for your hair, you're fully dried.

As you stagger off the conveyer belt, a bundle is shoved at you and you're waved forward. Unrolling the bundle, you find it is a set of coveralls similar to those worn by the invaders, a pair of lumpy forms that vaguely resemble slippers, and a thin blanket. You find that the coveralls fit decently when you put them on, speaking to the expertise of the individual selecting the sizes with only a cursory look at the individual the coveralls were destined for (or perhaps it was some concealed technology that determined what each prisoner required). When you tug the slippers onto your feet, they seem to melt and flow around your feet in a disconcerting fashion, but after they stop, they're a snug but comfortable fit around your feet and ankles.

A line of your fellow captives is trailing out a door at the far end of the room. Two items are thrust at you: a cube about four inches square and a cup with a small handle on it. As you move along the line, a different type of fur-covered alien is splashing ladles of some sort of soup into the cups. It smells slightly spicy and, perhaps more importantly, it's hot as you cup your hands around the mug. Your stomach rumbles in response to the savory scent, encouraging you to sip it from your cup as you move into a cavernous chamber. Every room you've passed through to this point has been walled, floored, and roofed in metal with no windows or any way to tell the time. Overhead, more of the catlike captors, these ones taller than those you'd encountered in the halls, stalked on a catwalk with some sort of whips that crackle when they snap over your head, and you feel a tingle in the air like during a thunderstorm. Someone nearby opens the cube to reveal some sort of bread-like bars, seven of them in the package. The soup is definitely more appetizing.

As things seem to calm down and you search for familiar faces, you realize that many people you know are present; but there are no dragons in evidence, despite the obvious presence of their riders, who were clumping together and starting to get very agitated. Those with firelizards and dragonets didn't feel a void in their minds as though their pets were dead, but a sensation more like the creature was asleep or otherwise distracted. The dragonriders muttered that it was as though their dragons had been given fellis.

After milling about in the cavern for a time and finishing your soup, the whips start cracking and driving you with sparks of pain toward a ramp on the far side from where you'd entered. Ascending the ramp, you enter another chamber, similar to the one you'd awakened in, only wider and longer. As you stumble up the ramp, you realize the haze you thought you'd shaken off in the showers is descending over your consciousness again. But by the time you come to the belated realization that the soup was drugged, it's all you can do to find an unclaimed spot on the floor of the compartment and curl up before losing consciousness...

I shoulda mentioned this when I put the post up, but yeah. Y'all have like a month to post in response to this. I figure that's about how long they'll be in stasis before waking up again.
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2 Re: Rude Awakening on Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:06 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
H'lee groaned as consciousness returned and his head throbbed in time to the siren. His side ached and he was chilled to the bone. His sense of sound was the next thing to return and he heard someone sobbing. He couldn't tell who it was, but the voice sounded young. He heard a string of curses and after a moment, realized they were coming from his lips as he tried to sit up.

Next he started registering smells and he immediately wished he hadn't. His hand, as he struggled upright, landed in something wet and he choked. He didn't want to know what he'd just gotten on his hand. A shaft of light suddenly shot into the darkness from somewhere behind him and the sobs turned into screams. The screams mobilized his mind, but the cold made his muscles too stiff to respond the way he wanted to. Before he could do more than get his good leg tucked under him to stand, a pair of hands wrapped around his upper arms and yanked him up to his feet, then shoved him in the direction of the light. He staggered and cursed as his bad leg buckled and he fell over. Another pair of hands hauled him along until he got his feet under him and was able to gimp along slowly.

He was in too much pain to pay close attention to the people who seemed to be running the show. He knew they were taller than him with gray skin, but that's about all he noticed, at least until one stepped in front of him, brandishing a knife. That was when he noticed the facial features as he tried to react defensively. Before he could do much more than take a half-step backward, two other captors pulled him off-balance by yanking his arms out to each side in front of the one with a knife. H'lee was in work trews with a light shirt, and the one with the knife made short work of them. He heard someone - it sounded like a woman - cry out in fear nearby. He tried to look around, but he was shoved on down the hallway before he could get a bead on the sound.

He staggered through a curtain of some sort of plastic, higher quality than they'd been able to make yet. He held up a hand in futile defense against the steam. He had to grab ahold of a handle as the conveyer belt lurched along, carrying him through vicious jets of scalding-hot water. He smelled something that was vaguely reminiscent of redwort, but he didn't notice any of the telltale red stains that redwort left. Next came the blow dryers, pelting his raw skin with hot air.

Then the conveyer belt ended and he stumbled off, limping forward and almost falling over when a bundle was shoved roughly into his arms. He saw others getting dressed and realized that the bundle was clothing, something that sort of looked like shoes, and a blanket. H'lee found an empty box - presumably it had contained some of the clothing or blankets - and sat down so he could pull on the clothing. The shoes creeped him out a little, but he had to admit, they fit just as well as a well-tailored pair of riding boots once they stopped crawling around.

He rubbed his aching leg and would have stayed there except one of their captors noticed him and barked something. Although he couldn't understand the words, the meaning and threat were clear enough. He tucked the blanket under one arm and followed the string of other Pernese heading out a door across the room. He struggled to juggle the blanket, the package, and the cup of hot soup. He gimped into the cavern with his food and immediately started looking for a familiar face; or at least, one more familiar than some of the others he'd seen.

"H'lee! Over here!" With a wave of relief, H'lee recognized T'lon's voice and saw the tall bronzerider waving near one of the walls, farthest from the captors with their whips. The brownrider raised the hand with the cup of soup to indicate he'd heard and started weaving through the crowd toward his friend. He noticed that several of the other dragonriders and weyrlings were gathered there.

He groaned and sat down on the floor with his back to the wall. "Shards, what I'd give for a chair right now," he complained. That was when he realized that he couldn't reach Seeth. He could sense the dragon, but only distantly. He cursed and started to struggle to his feet; it was all too much like when Seeth had been kept almost comatose after their Thread injury and he was starting to feel frantic.

"Ease down, H'lee. All our dragons feel like they're fellised up, even the weyrlings," T'lon said, recognizing the anxiety on his old friend's face. T'lon had sat by them while they healed up, so he was very familiar with the look. "Same with the firelizards and dragonets. I--" he was cut off as someone shouted for H'lee.

Moments later, a squalling bundle of fur was dropped in the Weyrlingmaster's lap. "I found her over there, they brought a bunch of animals with us, runnerbeasts and herdbeasts. I thought you might want her." The feline stopped squirming and clung to her owner, crying piteously. H'lee felt some more relief that his family was being pieced back together, more or less. "I saw Allie over that way, helping children find their parents." One more family member accounted for.

The only one missing was Alina, but he wouldn't be surprised if she found Allie and was helping the children. But now that things were getting under control, he felt anger swelling in his chest. Although the coveralls fit well, they were baggy, so he unrolled the blanket and laid it inside against his chest and then tucked Squeak in. He tightened his belt so that she wouldn't slip and then got T'lon to help him up.

"So, anyone know what's going on? Who are these...people? Where did they come from? And how did we get here? Last thing I remember I was headed up to my weyr to take a short nap after lunch." Several other riders nodded, agreeing that the last things they remembered were around lunchtime as well. He spotted A'dam and Erin heading their way, shepherding their adopted children in front of them and looking anxious. "It looks like they got people from Snowy Hold, too? By the First Egg, what is going on?!" The brownrider was starting to get enraged. He saw Alyena and several other weyrlings converging on their group - seemed all the riders were gravitating together. And everyone was asking the same question. H'lee began pacing; it loosened up his joints and made him feel better.

He began slurping down the soup now that it was cool enough to drink. He saw quite a few others were doing the same, and a few people had opened the package and were nibbling on something that looked like sea biscuits. Although the soup was spicy, Squeak was showing an interest in it, so he shared some of it with her. It wasn't long until all the Snowy and Aurora Hold riders and all those at the Academy had gathered together. H'lee had seen several non-riders he knew from both Holds and the Academy. It seemed like the entire population of all three locations had been scooped up and brought here.

Before anyone could really make heads or tails of the situation, their captors, the ones with the whips, started shouting and coming down stairs on the side of the room by where they'd all come in. A door on the opposite end opened up and it was pretty obvious that they were being herded in that direction. Since it seemed inevitable - H'lee couldn't see any way to fight their captors given the condition most of them were in - he ordered the riders to spread out and help people. He limped as fast as he could go toward the door, behind which was a ramp, waving at a few of the weyrlings. "Here, help people up the ramps, try and keep families together, or help them find their families if they didn't get a chance out there."

A few of the dragonriders got whipped trying to protect some of the other folks. By the time they made it to the door, H'lee was starting to feel groggy. He needed T'lon's assistance to drag himself up the ramp. He noticed when they got to the top that Squeak had fallen asleep inside his coveralls. The bronzerider helped H'lee find a spot to stretch out, although the Weyrlingmaster griped about how it was cold, hard metal again and he wouldn't be able to move in the morning. Someone - it might have been K'then or A'dam - muttered that the soup had a sedative in it. H'lee slipped the blanket out of his coveralls and rolled it up so he could put his head on it as he curled up on his good side, protecting Squeak who was still tucked inside. Then he fell asleep.
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3 Re: Rude Awakening on Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:08 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
K'so groggily rolled upright when he heard a persistent ringing sound. "Uuuggggh!" he exclaimed, realizing as he rolled over that his pants were stiff in certain places, and the smell confirmed that he'd apparently evacuated his bladder sometime since lunch. He was also a lot hungrier than he should have been since he'd only just had lunch... He started feeling around and touched someone's shoulder; the person yelped and jumped. "Ash?" he asked. He and the green weyrling had been down at the lake bathing their dragons after lunch.

"Ye-ea-ah?" the girl stammered. "K'so?"

"Yeah. Shards, my head hurts. What happened?"

The two talked for a minute, hearing someone crying and another person cursing in the background. Then K'so fell backward as the wall he was leaning against suddenly moved; turned out, he'd been leaning against the door. They were the first two hauled to their feet and shoved down the hallway. They stuck together, not quite clinging to each other as they were careened down the hallway. K'so tried to appear brave, but he was absolutely terrified. He yelped when one of their captors waved a knife at him and he froze, his self-defense lessons escaping him for just long enough for his arms to be yanked so hard he thought they were going to come out of their sockets and his clothes were stripped off of him. Ash was right behind him and he stopped before he went through the plastic to make sure she was alright. She cried out in surprise and he saw one of their captors grab her breast after she was stripped. He yelled angrily and lunged at the one who had grabbed her. A sharp bark was followed by a crackling snap and pain lanced through his body. He collapsed on the floor and was tossed through the plastic sheeting onto the conveyer belt. About halfway through, he finally managed to climb to his feet with Ashendel's assistance.

The jets of water and hot air made the welt that had been raised by the whip sting and tingle. He was glad when they got out, but the coveralls abraded the welt and he wished he had numbweed. The slippers made him jump, which made his back spasm again. With Ashendel's help, he got his food and they found their way over to the rest of the dragonriders. "Anyone got any numbweed? This thing hurts!" he whined. But no one had any, and no one could reach their dragons. He found that the cold metal wall made his back feel better, so he leaned against it while he drank the soup. He was still hungry after finishing it, so he opened his package of rations and ate one of them as well.

He went with H'lee when they started being herded toward the door; he had no intention of getting anywhere near one of those whips again. When the whip handlers got close enough to the ramp for the air to start tingling with whatever the whips used, he crept up the ramp and found a place to lie down near some of the other weyrlings.
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4 Re: Rude Awakening on Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:11 pm


Gold Weyrling
Alyena woke on her back with a dull ache all over, but especially in her head. She immediately tried to reach out to Hetty, like she always did first thing after waking up. She couldn't reach her dragon, and that woke her up faster than the siren or the light pouring into the chamber she was in. Frantically, she tried to reach for Srasih and couldn't contact the little green, either, and she tried to reach Hetty again.

About then, she was yanked to her feet and shoved toward the open end of the container. She had to stop trying to reach her bondeds so she could focus on keeping upright and walking forward. She felt completely dwarfed by the men shoving her down the hallway. She and Hetty had been out for a flight just before lunch, and she was still in her riding gear and she squirmed out of the coat when she was grabbed in front of one of their captors who was wielding a knife. Before she could get all the way clear of her riding jacket, her feet were knocked out from under her and she was pinned down. The one with the knife sliced away her clothes, nicking her arm in the process. One of her captors muttered something and leered down at her; she may not have understood the language, but she understood the facial expression, despite his alien features (especially his eyes). She snarled and lashed out with a foot, causing the knife-wielder to jump aside to avoid getting hit; that one barked something and the two pinning her down jerked her to her feet and shoved her down the hall, one of them getting in a parting slap on her backside.

The hot water felt incredibly good, if a little harsh. Alyena wanted to spend more time in the showers, soaking up the heat, but people were coming in behind her on the conveyer, so she had to move on. The heat from the dryers felt good, too, although the motion of air across her skin was abrasive. As she exited out the other side, a bundle was slapped against her chest, which she found contained clothes and a blanket. She quickly jerked on the coveralls and yelped when the slippers molded to her feet, yanking them off for a moment before trying them on again. She was still chilled, so she wrapped the blanket around her shoulders before trailing out the exit and getting her food.

She stepped out into the large cavern and quickly spotted several of her clutchsiblings and their Weyrlingmasters off to one side and she promptly headed toward them. She was one of the last riders to arrive and join the group; when the whips started cracking and driving them toward the door on the far side of the room, Alyena was glad to see H'lee taking charge. She was doing her best to hide her fear and being able to hide behind him and the other Weyrlingmasters was a relief. She spotted Allie helping shepherd children who had been separated from their parents and she went over to help the younger girl.

"Here, I'll take half and stand on that side of the door, that should make it easier to find their parents," she said, beckoning half of the youngsters over to her. Focusing on how scared the children were made it easier to deal with her own terror. She managed to find most of the children's parents before they were driven up the ramp in front of the older riders who'd been trying to protect people. She told the half-dozen children who were still clustered around her to lie down with her and sleep off the grogginess they were all feeling and they'd find their parents when they woke up; she was carrying one young child who had already dozed off and she sat down with her back against one side of the chamber and the children curled around her before dozing off herself.
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5 Re: Rude Awakening on Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:13 pm


Apprentice Smith
Loraine stirred groggily as a loud noise blared through her head. She whimpered as her head throbbed; she'd never had a headache like this before. "Loraine?" she heard someone say, and after a moment, she recognized her brother Aren's voice.

"Mmph. Aren? Where are we?" Her brother didn't know, either, and then the doors on the container opened. In the light, they could see better and realized that there were a lot of other children with them. She remembered they'd been at lunch down at the school in the Hold, and it seemed like maybe all the children had been put together in this container or whatever it was. Loraine tried to spot any adults besides the giants who were coming in and herding them out into a hallway. There didn't seem to be any adults, just all children. She clung to her brother as they were pushed down the hallway.

She tried not to look too closely at the giants who were treating them like so many herdbeasts. She screamed, though, when she and Aren were yanked apart. She reached for her brother and shouted for him as someone stripped her clothes from their bodies and then they were allowed back together to go into the showers. The water was so hot and it reddened their skin. Loraine was sniffling when they got to the dryers, which seemed to be even hotter. They ran through the dryers and were still wet when they got out the other side. They almost missed the clothing and blankets as they rushed out through the door at the end of the conveyer belt.

The twins were just old enough to feel embarrassed about their nakedness and dressed as quickly as they could. Although the shoes felt funny, they were comfortable, and they fit well, so they didn't complain about them. They were older than several of the other children in the room. The giants were starting to get angry and shove the children toward the door, so the two teenagers started calling the younger ones over and helping them finish getting dressed. They got the children to line up and start going out the door to get their food.

Once all the children were out, they got their own food and followed the youngsters out. Some girls from the Academy were helping the children find their parents. Loraine and Aren joined them, looking for their own parents. It didn't take long to spot the bulky forms of their smith parents coming out of one of the doors leading into the chamber. They ran over and joined their parents, who were extremely relieved to find their children unharmed. The four of them sat down together near the wall and ate their soup.

As it turned out, they were sitting close to the door that everyone started being driven toward, so they were some of the first ones up the ramp on the other side. They helped some of the older folks from the Hold up the ramp and got them as comfortable as they could in the room the ramp led them into. Then they found a spot near the back where they could stay together and soon all fell asleep on the floor.
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6 Re: Rude Awakening on Sat Jan 26, 2013 4:40 pm



The girl was huge. She felt like a sharding house! It was clear that she was going to have troubles, especially when she woke to her stomach crying for food... and her bladder crying for release. However, the cold and unbearable feeling of the floor cause her to become a little afraid. Especially when one combined that with the simple fact that she couldn't get either her dragon nor her flit to respond. It was then that she spoke, "D'rick? Please tell me you're here!" she whimpered out, stuck on the floor.

Before long, she found herself moved along, screaming in protest as they cut her clothing off. She was terrified and tried to get away from them. However, there was only so much the pregnant woman could do. Finally, she found herself showered and clothed once more... not that it helped. Her body had been so fearful of everything that she ended up with her water breaking once she was in the room with everyone else. The contractions hit about the same time. Her body wanted the baby out... NOW. She cried out in pain, stumbling along and reaching out to grasp the nearest person (likely D'rick).


A'lo was alone. Or he had been. In fact, he had been working on oiling his dragon prior to all of this. With that in mind, the man woke up slowly, groaning at the ache in his body from lack of use. Slowly he picked himself up, looking around. When he realized it was completely dark, and he was alone, he started to worry. "Arty?" he asked, trying to get ahold of Zeus and Rikraketh in order to request their help. THe lack of contact didn't help his feelings.

Before long he found himself being moved along by some odd creatures... and then his clothing removed. He wasn't happy. "What in the name of Faranth do you sharding wherries think you are doing?!" he growled at them, trying to struggle before finding himself pushed along to the showers once his clothing was removed.

When finally done and given new clothing, he threw them on, glaring at any alien that came within his field of view. "Where is my sister?!" he growled out a few times, looking around. When finally released into the room with the rest of them, he began looking around.

A moment later, he heard his sister's screams and hurriedly raced towards her. "Artemis?!" he yelped, concerned about his sister.

7 Re: Rude Awakening on Sat Jan 26, 2013 10:34 pm


K'then was not pleased. He'd woken to darkness and cold metal and his head felt like a harper was drumming on something inside it. His ribs also hurt which meant he'd put up some manner of fight when he'd been taken from his infirmary and brought here. He could also feel one eye was swollen slightly and he muttered a string of curses under his breath as he got unsteadily to his feet and began feeling his way through the darkness. Right up until the siren started and sent a splitting pain between his eyes thanks to the headache the already had.

The light made him close his eyes and he struggled weakly when he felt hands grab him but he was pushed along and cracked open his eyes enough to get a glance at what was going on around him. He instinctively reached for Baroleth when he realized he was in the custody of...Faranth only knew what sort of creatures they were. But the Bronze was unresponsive, almost as if he'd been dosed with fellis. Kria, Seeley and Jager were the same and he cursed again, too distracted to do much more than allow himself to be shoved along, at least until he was held fast and there was one of the creatures coming at him with some manner of blade. Knowing he was too weak to fight back, he closed his eyes and waited to be gutted but only found that his clothing was cut away before he was shoved forward.

Once he'd gotten to the end of the conveyor belt he found a bundle shoved into his hands which he immediately threw back at his captors and received a painful lash across his back for his efforts. The bundle was shoved at him again and he realized others were pulling on clothing and that was what he held in his hands. K'then was far from feeling apologetic for the misunderstanding and merely glared at the creatures as he pulled on the coveralls. The slipper things were given a cursory glance but tucked inside the blanket without even being tried on.

The soup and cube of bread was largely ignored aside from providing a source of warmth for his hands as he moved into the larger room where he found several other riders and people from both holds. He inwardly cringed as he saw several people drink the soup and wondered if they were stupid or just that hungry. He wasn't about to just eat something that had been shoved in his hands by strange creatures that had obviously kidnapped them. For all they knew it could be poisoned and they would all die slow and painful deaths.

He spotted H'lee and several other riders and weyrlings and made his way over to them, plopping down with a disgruntled sigh. "I don't like this." He commented to no one in particular and received a chorus of murmured agreement from those nearby.

At first screams from somewhere in the vicinity of the doorway they'd entered through were given only a cursory thought. He was tired, he was sore and he was hungry and he had no idea who was screaming or why. If a healer was needed someone would say so right? And surely there was a healer nearby that would help. He could just sit where he was and keep trying to rouse Barolth. It was the shouting that came after the screams that really got his attention and he was on his feet, blanket, slippers and soup abandoned to the floor as he pushed his way through the crowd to find his cousins.

-insert all the stuff about birthing the baby here and later passing out because he was likely force fed some of the soup since he didn't drink it on his own-


-skip all the waking up and bathing parts because I don't feel like writing pretty much the same reactions for A'dam as I did Ky-

Upon being reunited with Erin and the kids, A'dam spotted the familiar faces of other riders off to one side of the room and headed that way, shepherding his family ahead of him and looking none too pleased with their situation. He noted H'lee's look and T'lon's reassurance that everyone was saying their dragons were out of it and he nodded his confirmation. "He's right. It's hard to explain but I can usually sort of feel the dragons in the back of my mind, like Dranith's presence only much fainter. They're usually active and loud enough that I have to block them but all I feel now is that muzzy sort of sleepiness they get when they're drowsing in the sun. It's both disturbing and refreshing at the same time." He commented idly, seeking out his trio of firelizards again and getting the same result as before. They, like the dragons, were seemingly asleep.

He sipped absently from his cup, suspicious of the contents but figuring death by poisoning was better than death by some other means. Though if these strange creatures wanted to kill them why bother washing them up first? Why not just kill them outright? And why were the dragons still alive? Surely they'd kill them as well. Nothing really added up and he gave up trying to reason things out. If he was meant to die they'd better make sure they killed him before they killed his dragon. If he lost, he didn't want to think about that. Instead he huddled with the other riders and his family.

When they were herded into the other room, A'dam received several lashes with the painful whips as he kept himself in between their captors and his family and helped protect any that were in need of it. Once they were safely in the other room, he found a large enough space near H'lee where he, Erin and the kids could stay together and sleep. It dawned on him as they were dozing off that the soup must have been drugged and he must have commented on it aloud as he heard a drowsy murmur of agreement from someone else before he dozed off.


And I would post with Jace but I really have no idea what to do with him at the moment and I'm not even sure if I want to keep him. So assume he's there and things but beyond that ignore him.

8 Re: Rude Awakening on Sat Jan 26, 2013 11:25 pm


D'rick had woken with her and tried to exclaim that he was, indeed, there for her. But he was shocked himself. "Artemis?" He yelped as tey were escorted off. Having his clothes snipped away he yelped and struggled trying to catch up to her. He put on his clothing as quick as he could and tried to find her again.

Just as they had met up again he felt her arm on his arm. He grabbed her tightly, noting the state of her pants. "Shards.. Someone we need a healer!" He called out to the crowd hoping someone would step forward. "Art, hold on...Come over here." He suggested as they managed to get a bench to sit down on he was looking panicked and scared.

The lack of his dragon there made he felt alone and terrified. Thankfully K'then was there...


Fayble woke screaming, she had been dreaming the worst dream. She clawed her matted hair away, having barely remembered being snuggled with her green, feeling the effects of pain ripping trough her body.

Being alone and scared she barely could convince her limbs to move. When they did she squealed as she was stripped. "What do you want with me?!" She howled at them they obviously ignored her and she screamed at the shower it was too hot.

The air was equally, too cold and shivering she pulled on the clothes, ignoring the fact that she didn't understand, she was glad to sip the soup.

All the while trying to get Dea to answer, which wasn't happening.

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The Twins

Artemis had easily followed D'rick to where he led her before looking towards her cousin when he appeared. She was thankful to see him, especially considering everything that was happening....

Before long, Arty found herself holding a beautiful little boy in her arms, and before she knew what was happening, she was being fed that odd food from the aliens. She accepted it, if only because her exhausted body needed the nutrition. Her brother did much the same as he soon began helping his sister and her son towards the new container, choosing to put aside his dislike for D'rick at the moment.

It didn't take long before the girl, and her newly fed infant, were both sound asleep.. with her brother not far away and dozing as well.


Erin had woken up, finding herself looking around frantically for her mate. Luckily, she had her babies with her. Selisa was completely freaking out, and it took a combination of her brother, and their adoptive mother to get her to calm down even slightly. Of course, when they started cutting clothing off of her and her children... well... Erin ended up getting lashed at least once.

Finally, they made it to the point where they joined the others, and she eagerly searched out her mate. Once reunited, Selisa kept close to A'dam. When the whips were used after they'd eaten the drugged soup, Erin had to hold onto her kids and try to keep them from getting hit. Before long, they were in the nice little corner with H'lee, and Erin found herself falling asleep with Saelit curled up against her. Selisa, once everyone had seated, instantly attatched herself to A'dam... and absolutely REFUSED to release him. It was likely because of that that the little girl passed out against her adoptive father.

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Silvara woke with a start as the almost crushing amount of emotions forced their way into her head. The small cavern like chamber they were in forcing far more people close to her then she was used to, let alone comfortable with. Add to that that all of them were in varying states of panic, fear, and confusion and it was a surprise if her head did not rip itself apart from the sheer volume. Then matters got worse. As the doors at one end of the chamber opened strange massive figures entering to herd them all out adding a new note to the emotional deluge that was swamping her senses. She managed to get to her feet and heading the same direction as the other’s without being touched by one of the strange grey skinned giants which some small part of her was grateful not sure she could have kept her empathy to herself if they had touched her. It was taking all she had not to bolt screaming down the nearest opening to try and get away from the mass of emotions.

Silv spotted H’lee not that far off a little ahead of her being man handled by one of the aliens but before she could head towards him she found herself face to face with one of the large beings… one holding a knife. Her mind when white with shared fear, a mix of her own and that of all the others who were facing other such aliens holding knives or still being herded down the ramp. She did not even notice when two others grabbed at her… they on the other hand found out too late that touching her was not a very bright idea. A shriek tore from her throat, then her gifts struck. Her gifts of Empathy and Telepathy worked in tandem knocking the two trying to hold on to her to the ground with waves of raw fear from the others. The one holding the knife, though, got the worst of it as she all but force fed him all of the negative emotions emanating in the room. Her own shriek was soon covered by his yowl of agony before he collapsed to the floor as if all his bones had melted his eyes open but unseeing and a little bit of drool starting to dribble from his mouth.

It was at that point that she saw an opening to one side where no one was being herded towards. She took off at a dead run for it hoping it lead to some where away from the others, needing desperately to get some space between her and all the others, familiar and unfamiliar alike, or go mad from the emotion overload. Some part of her having already realizing that Warrelith would not be able to help at this time as his own mind felt like fellis fuddles. She reached the corridor and was down it before any of the strange Grey Skins could try and grab her again. Soon making her way down a strange hall looking for anything that would show the outside hoping to find a way out and away.

Instead of an opening to wilderness she found a round portal in the wall looking out not on sky and earth but on black expanse of space and stars. She stood there, all of the emotions and all other thoughts stopped for a small moment as she watched the stars drift pass and she slowly realized that they were NOT on Pern any longer and were somewhere in space, going who-knew-where with these strange Grey Skinned folk.

That was when and where more of those same folk found her, though now they kept their distance, not fully sure what her distance was and not wanting to try their luck. Instead, they used their pain energy whips to drive her back towards the room she had been in and onto the conveyer belt, not caring that she was clothed as it seemed far too risky to try and get the clothes off with what she had done to the other three.

She wanted to balk at reentering the large chamber and the conveyer belt but the whips were strong enough to cut through the emotional deluge to get her to move in the right direction, but she found herself withdrawing into her own mind more deeply as her body moved away from the whips and where they wanted her. Soon she was soaked through and then harshly dried. They did not know what to do about the bundles till finally one said to just set out soup and rations and then to back away. It took a little for her to take them and move on towards where the others were now gathering and talking. She nearly balked again at that point but a sharp whip strike across the shoulders drove her forward.

Thankfully, Arty’s plight cut through the rest of the emotions and gave Silv a mental anchor to guide her to move into the area, that let her focus on Arty’s pain while keeping out of Arty's and company's way. She would be no help with delivering the child and instead she sniffed at the soup she now had, noting a scent that made her think fellis. She growled slightly wishing the soup would cool faster once she made that note, desperately wanting to return to a drugged sleep to get at least a little bit of a respite from the almost overwhelming emotions. She did sigh a breath of relief when Arty’s child was born with out issues.

She grimaced when the Grey Skins moved forwards with their whips to herd them into another large cell, most likely to sleep once the soup took effect. She moved along soon spotting H’lee again and moving along after him knowing that he, at least, would have his emotions at least a little controlled to help keep the others from throwing fits. She was not sure how much longer she could hold onto her sanity though with the sharp emotions running rampant now spiked with pain from the whips by others. She desperately clung to her own body’s pain as a focus to try and not lose herself with the others till she managed to drink the soup and find a safe spot to curl into a ball and embrace sleep.
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H'lee may not have been able to get a bead on the yelp, but the confusion that followed another yowl gave him a chance to look around. He saw a familiar figure bolting for a doorway off to one side and would have pursued but in the uproar, they were all being shoved every which way except in the direction that Silvara had run.

Several minutes after he'd joined the rest of the riders, he saw Silvara stagger out under the pain of the whips that were being used to control the captives. Realizing that she must be overwhelmed by the fear, confusion, pain, anger, and who-knew-what-else everyone around them was feeling, and that the dragons were unreachable, H'lee locked down on his own anger and frustration and moved forward, trying to shield the sensitive bluerider from the whips and guide her toward a quiet corner.

"Give her some room," he ordered, waving the other riders away. He started looking around for A'lo and Artemis; if anyone knew how to help Silvara, it would be them. H'lee knew about her abilities, but not really how they worked, and he didn't have any that he knew of. If anyone knew anything about these abilities and could help Silv, it would be her two proteges.

Of course, that was when he discovered that Artemis had gone into labor. Both she and her brother were, shall we say, indisposed to helping at that particular point in time. Artemis had plenty of people, including Healers, to look after her, so he retreated from their hubbub. He looked around to see if Silvara had sat down in the quiet spot he'd tried to guide her toward, intending to stand guard.

He winced when Artemis' baby was born and the squalling started. That had always been his least-favorite part of having children. Somehow, a human baby's screaming grated on his nerves far more than the hungry or fearful creeling of a weyrling dragon. It always seemed to be louder, too, even though he knew it really wasn't. Maybe it was just more piercing, a higher pitch than that of a dragon; after all, a weyrling dragon was the size of a pony when it was born, it couldn't produced the squealing tones that a newborn human infant could.
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When H'lee came to Silv's side she was grateful that his emotions were locked down and he bid the other's to move away some to give her some space. She willingly let him lead her to a safe corner just glad to not have to worry about the whips any longer and using Arty's birthing pains as a focus to keep herself from getting lost among the swirling emotion storm. She was also a little happy to not be on hand as it were for the birth since she agreed with H'lee in the fact that hume babies tending to have a range that at times seemed to go higher then a flitts. Yes as a healer she knew how to help in the birthing process and how to tune the cries out to a degree but she still did not care for it. She was more the mind healer type then the physical after all.

Once the babe was born she worked on staying focused on one point and staid down waiting for her soup to cool so she could drink it's drugged contense and get some relief from the over whelming emotions. A part of her mind locked on the image of the stars and being in space helping give her inner mind at least something to hold onto as a ground to keep her center in the crazy sea of emotions.

Normally she would not have liked having H'lee acting a a guard of sorts but at this time having him there to help her keep from getting into any more psychical contact was a very great blessing.
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Alina woke slowly her head foggy and aching, her ears ringing with the sound of a siren going off loudly, and her stomach sick with the smells of waste and other things. As she tried to stand her body complained that it was stiff and sore from the hard metal floor and the cold. Just as she got her feet under her and started looking around in fear and frustration at the mass of other people around her, the doors at her end of the room opened and huge grey cat like beings with whips started grabbing people and shoving them toward the hallway at the opposite end of the chamber.

Moving with the rest of the crowd Alina tried to keep one eye on the back of the room for trouble and spotted H’Lee struggling to keep up with the Grey dragging him. Screaming she tried to run to him across the mass of people but the momentum of so many carried her the wrong way. She gave up trying when she lost sight of H’Lee in the crush of people taller than she was.

Finally she reached the end of the hallway where she could see a curtain of plastic ahead of her and hear squeals and squeaks and some outright screams but was not tall enough to see past those in front of her.

Suddenly the way clear and she saw a Grey holding a knife as two more seized her arms and pulled them out straight to either side.

Thinking she was about to die Alina acted on instinct and went limp the two holding her not prepared for the sudden shift in her weight dropped her, as she fell she scuttled backward trying to run from the Grey with the knife only to find herself suddenly jerked upright and pulled against another body this one cursing in words she understood and growling at her to be still and stop fighting that they were only going to take her cloths.

Before she could really understand the meaning of those words she was dragged away from the rider, her cloths were stripped ruthlessly from her body and she was tossed through the plastic into scalding hot water landing on a moving floor that drove the air from her body with a whoosh.

Seconds later she heard another thump and the deep voice of the rider cussing again as he was tossed in after her ignored him in favor of getting her breath back and getting on her feet again.

She managed to drag herself to her feet just as she hit the drying room. This time as the hot air blasted across her body her curses joined the unidentified riders behind her.

As they exited the drying room she found herself face to face with another grey this one leering at her nakedness in a way that made her skin crawl and her mind and body freeze with gut clenching fear as he reached for her she screamed in terror and once again heard the rider behind her cussing. As the greys hand grabbed her waist to pull her to him she kicked out with one foot, nailing him between the legs and causing him to snarl as he threw her violently away from him doubling over in pain.

She landed at the feet of the rider behind her who scooped her up in his arms and carried her forward while asking if she was hurt all Alina could do was shake her head no as she focused on breathing again. Finally getting her breath back for the second time she asked the rider to put her down just as they reached the Grey handing out bundles to every one she meekly took hers without looking at it and continued walking taking the soup and other package as it was shoved in her direction.

Juggling all of the things in her arms she entered the final chamber and gasped at the sight of all the people there. Feeling acute embarrassment at her nakedness she moves to one side and unrolls the bundle hoping it was cloths and breathing a sigh of relief when she sees it is indeed a pair of coveralls and some furry slippers of some kind. Not wasting any time she scrambles into both only to yank the slippers off with a scream when they move around her feet and tossing them away from her with distaste and sitting down on the bench behind her with a thump. It was at that point she heard the sobbing of a young child she looked behind the bench she had sat on to find a young girl of about 5 turns old tears streaming down her face doing the best she could to hide.

Anger lit Alina then burning away her fear and kicking her brain into high gear. She reached out to the child whispering that it would be okay she picked the little girl up and held her while rapidly deciding what orders to issue and to whom. Turning to the nearest person to her which turned out to be the rider who had carried her she asked him to spread the word to bring all children to her by the benches so that she could help them find their parents,he nodded once and was off.

Before long she saw with great relief, her daughter Allie and the young gold rider Alyena coming toward her with groups of children. After hugging both her daughter and gold rider they all set about helping the youngsters find their parents.

After a while Alina noticed that she was falling asleep again and decided that there must be drugs in the soup she had drank as she comforted the children and decided to lay down with the few children who had not found their parents yet as she did so they all moved in to cuddle around her and she fell asleep murmuring reassurances to the little ones piled around her.
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Alexander was not exactly Pern's sanest member. In fact, he had been working through some paperwork about dragons. No matter what Silv tried, the man would not release his irrational fear of Pern's heroes. Regardless, he was still somewhat useful as he did also spend time working on computers.

The first sign that he was not still at his work space was the chilled feeling that crept through his body, almost like he was laying on something cold. And hard. That was the second thing he noticed. From there, his head was rather sore and it was hard to concentrate on much else. At least while he was busy trying to wake up.

A moment later he found himself being picked up and his first instinct was to yelp. "YOU WON'T GET ME YOU SHARDING DRAGONS!!" he screamed at the aliens, even as they shoved him unceremoneously out of the container he had been in.

It was at that point that he felt a strong grip on his arm, and first realized that these people weren't dragons. But perhaps they were in league with them? It was perhaps for that reason that he freaked out when they produced a knife. Instantly he punched out at the nearest one. "THERE IS NO WAY ON PERN I'M LETTING YOU CREEPY WHERRY HEADED THINGS CUT ME UP FOR THE DRAGONS!" he struggled... and proceeded to get whipped until he finally stopped fightng back.

As a result, when he was finally naked and pushed through the odd shower, he was wincing in pain. Then he found himself with clothing thrust at him. What the? It was then that he came to a conclusion, the dragons must prefer to eat their kills while dressed!

He then finds himself dressed with the funky outfit of the invaders... they wanted him to join the side of the dragons? He didn't think so! But it was clothing, and it would perhaps give him the chance to heal up and find a way to get at the lead dragon!

Before long he found himself in a large place with several others. He even noticed A'dam and Erin, and all he could think of to do was sneer. The dragons had even turned on their supposed friends! He knew they were evil! Regardless, he had two items in his hands and soon had soup in one. He glared at the contents, despite the smell and the growling in his stomach that CLEARLY said he needed to eat. "You sharding dragons won't get me! I refuse to eat your poison!" he growled out at the aliens, throwing the soup at them.

Sadly, this got him whipped more... and force fed the soup. Within moments after that he was herded with everyone else into the chamber where he passed out, pleasantly forgetting about the evil dragons and their cat-like servants!

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