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1 Adjustments.. (A'dam) on Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:47 pm


Erin was exhausted. She had done her best to take care of her newborn daughter, her two adopted children and her dragon. That, and she was trying to help where she could with A'dam, knowing that the first day had been hard on him. Either way, their little Amari was a beautiful, happy little girl. TO make things more interesting, Erin had had little choice but to get her children to help her with Plyath... as there was no safe place to set her daughter down.

In fact, she had done everything she could to find some cloth that they could use to lay her down on the ground, and only ever set her down when Dranith and Plyath had managed to turn themselves into a makeshift shelter for the small family. It wasn't much, but it was safe and at least they were kept relatively warm.

Saelit had proven to be a good big brother, he knew he had to be there for everyone and he had even stopped giving A'dam such a hard time. In fact, the boy had a tendency to look towards his adoptive father for help when he got stuck on something. Perhaps it had been the protectiveness that the man had shown when they were captives, but something had clicked to let the boy finally get over things. Although, he still hesitated and didn't really call the man "Dad" or anything like that.

Selisa was doing her best to be a big girl, too. She helped out where she could, and was fascinated by her baby sister. However, she still got scared at a lot of things and was rarely far from A'dam, Erin, Saelit, or one of the dragons. She refused to stay with anyone else.

At that particular moment, the two kids were washing Plyath well upstream so that they wouldn't disturb the water too much. They had Plyath there and so they felt safe, that... and Erin was sitting on the shore, holding her daughter and debating on taking a nap. She had a tendency to nap with the newborn.

2 Re: Adjustments.. (A'dam) on Sat Feb 09, 2013 3:05 pm


A'dam was equally as exhausted as Erin. Between caring for their infant and trying to tend to injured dragons as well as doing everything possible to build some manner of shelter for his family the young bluerider had been kept quite busy. Every dragon that complained of an itchy hide an every time he saw cracks leaking ichor he wanted to do nothing more than crawl away somewhere and hide. But he did his best to soothe hurts where he could and encouraged the dragons to soak in the fresh water. If nothing else, it would soothe their hides for a time and keep moisture on them so they didn't dry out any worse than they already were. It wasn't a perfect solution but it was the best he could do for them until they had more oils made (people were using fish caught by the dolphins to make oils as fast as they could).

Today, at least, people had settled in as much as could be expected and were busy weaving makeshift shelters and beds from the reeds or the whippy type branches from the nearby trees. A'dam himself had been busy with similar endeavors but had also done a bit extra for both Artemis and Erin. He'd already dropped off his gift to Artemis's twin since he couldn't find the girl and then set out to find his own mate. He'd been working in secret so hopefully Erin didn't have any idea what he'd done.

He approached from behind, pausing a moment to watch his family before quietly approaching and setting something next to Erin. It was a woven basket lined with a blanket. It wasn't of the best quality but A'dam did not claim to be a decent weaver or anything and he hadn't wanted to bother those that could make a better quality basket with so many other things that needed to be done. He didn't say anything, just stayed behind Erin, somewhat out of sight (though she'd obviously see him if she turned around) and waited for her reaction.

3 Re: Adjustments.. (A'dam) on Sun Feb 10, 2013 6:57 am


Erin had been silently watching their children with her dragon. Plyath was still complaining a bit about the itchy feeling in her hide, and the woman hoped that they could get enough oils together soon so that all the beasts could be properly oiled. However, she knew that at least the soothing feel of the water rushing over the dragon was enough to stop her complaints.

A moment later, however, she heard something next to her. Sort of like something was being placed there. Turning her gaze, she spotted the little basket before looking up to spot her mate and easily smiled at him. "What's this?" she asked him, already knowing the answer as she set their daughter into the thing. The little girl barely stirred from her nap as the woman stood up and hugged him, kissing him softly. "This came just in time, my arms were getting tired from holding her all the time," she chuckled to her mate. She really was happy that at least her children and mate were with her, and her uncle. Although, the fisherman had been rather busy with helping out the others when it came to fishing.

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