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1 Plant Discovery on Sat Feb 09, 2013 7:37 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
The rules for this are pretty minimal. In fact, there's only one rule: You can use Earth-type plants, but make some sort of tweak that makes them unique to this new planet.

Lots of the plants have parts in fives (five stems, five petals, five trunks, etc.).

  • The cattail-like reeds - cattails are sedges with flat leaves and the only round stalks are the flower stalks; in this case, all the leaves are round.
  • The penstemon-like flower has five stalks, and each stalk's blossoms are a different color from the other four, and also have a different scent.
  • The fruit tree is like a yew shrub, and the fruit is like a cross between an apple and a peach.
  • Normal weeping willows' main branches don't droop, just their smaller, whippy stems/branches.

Submission Form:
<b>Category:</b> Algae, Lichen, Fungus, etc.
<b>Description:</b> What it looks and/or smells like
<b>Uses:</b> What, if any, use does the plant have?
<b>Name suggestions:</b> If you have a name you'd like to give it
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2 Re: Plant Discovery on Sat Feb 09, 2013 7:54 pm


Gold Weyrling
Category: Flowering plant (herb)
Description: This herb looks a lot like the trumpet-flowered plant; it has five stalks. Each stalk is a different herb, though. The most common is parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, and basil.
Uses: It's an herb; or actually, multiple herbs. Good for flavoring things. :-)
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3 Re: Plant Discovery on Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:39 am


Random Event Creator
Category: Succulent

Description: This succulent is not entirely unlike the needlethorn plant of Pern. It has a thick, waxy skin that is primarily rust-red in hue, although the new growth and the tips of the leaves are a brilliant green. The thick leaves are sharply v-shaped and the edges have thorns, similar to those of the needlethorn plant, but too small to be useful. When broken, they ooze a sticky substance that proved to have a moisturizing effect and encourages healing. Contrary to most succulents, this plant prefers shady nooks, typically ones that hold still water for several weeks in the spring and then dry up over the summer. Their flowers are a soft bluish-lavendar and bubble-like; they grow in bunches on short stalks.

Uses: Lotions and salves. Taken internally, helps soothe upset stomaches and indigestion.
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