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1 Animal Discovery on Sat Feb 09, 2013 7:48 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
The rules for this are pretty minimal. In fact, there's only one rule: You can use Earth-type animals, but make some sort of tweak that makes them unique to this new planet.

Lots of the carnivores are "saber-toothed" - their canines are longer than their other teeth.

  • The crayfish-like critter - they're more like a cross between a lobster and a fiddler crab.
  • Normal Earth grasshoppers aren't social insects.
  • Damselflies are insectivores; the insects here that are like them drink nectar.
  • Clams/oysters don't have lobed shells.
  • The stellars jays are blue; the mimic here is red instead.
  • The blue songbirds live in communities. Here, an individual whose song voice is off-key gets driven out of the nest community it was born in.

Submission Form:
<b>Category:</b> Worms, Insects, Reptiles, etc.
<b>Description:</b> What it looks and acts like
<b>Uses:</b> What, if any, use does the animal have?  (i.e., food, labor, etc.)
<b>Name suggestions:</b> If you have a name you'd like to give it
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2 Re: Animal Discovery on Sat Feb 09, 2013 11:31 pm


Category: Shellfish
Description: Red-shelled bivalve, similar to a clam and about the size of a softball when closed. Produce pearls in red, pink, orange and sometimes purple hues
Uses: The meaty bits can be used as food while the pearls within can be used in jewelry or as a form of currency. I'm sure there are uses for the shells but cannot, at the moment, think of them =|
Name suggestions: None yet, lemme think on it more. Only think I can come up with is the rather uncreative name of 'redshells' xD

Question: What does lobed shell mean? >.>

Edit from Kes:
Lobed is like this: If this were a shell, it would have 10 lobes.

Merf. That image got deleted. But in searching for a replacement, I found this, which is almost exactly the type of shell I envisioned this critter having (just in a different color):

3 Re: Animal Discovery on Sun Feb 10, 2013 6:38 am


Their shells could be hard and used as tools or even as potential material for smiths to make tools from. They may or may not be as good as using stone or something like that, but they could be sharpened to make a knife of sorts.

From Kes:
If anyone ever finds an slate that we can write on, perhaps the shells could be broken/carved into pieces to use as chalk...

I like your idea, though, Kura, of using them for tools. They could be sharpened to make knives or carved for eating utensils. They're a little small to use as bowls/plates, but they're not much smaller than the cups everyone was given, so they could at least increase the availability of cups.

4 Re: Animal Discovery on Mon Feb 11, 2013 10:46 pm


Category Mammal
Diet Type: Carnivour
Time of Day?: Day time critters! Though they hunt more towards the dusk.
Favorite food: birds
Litter sizes: Females generally have up to 6 kits. Although litters average out at 2-4 kits.
Mating habits: Females go into heat roughly every spring/summer. Although some have been known to go into heat around late august, early september.
Gestation: 2 months
Physical Description: Looks rather similar to a fox on Earth. However, these creatures stand a little taller, (think about waist high), have two tails and can come in either white, black, red or silver fur.
Habits These odd creatures have a rather interesting life style. Due to the high chances of larger or more violent preditors attacking their young, they have taken to building their nests in rocky crevaces higher up on a mountain. They are capable of reaching them due to their sharp claws and the incredible balance they have when making use of their twin tails. On some occassions, they will even find dens that have a fallen tree against them, but only if that tree is weak enough that it would not support the larger preditors... or if it is harder to reach.
Their hunting habits are rather fun as well. While they like small game, they do not hunt as normal earthen fox do. Instead, they will hide in a tree, balanced perfectly with the help of their tails. When a bird flies by, they will snatch it from the air should it pass close enough. Or if it lands, then they will use their uncanny climbing abilities to try and reach the bird that way, always keeping themselves hidden.
Name Suggestion: Spiffen

Last edited by Kura on Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:58 pm; edited 2 times in total

5 Re: Animal Discovery on Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:02 pm


Category: Carnivorous Mammal
Description: Much like the Spiffen, these seem to resemble the Earthly foxes. However, they are completely different from their much larger cousins. They are roughly 8-12 inches tall. with wings, two tails and they come in red, orange, brown type colors. These little devils are rather tricky and dastardly... they absolutely LOVE cheese... and little pieces of meat... and well... pretty well any random foods left behind. They are more scavengers than hunters, but they WILL NOT eat veggies.
Uses: Perhaps as pets. They aren't really useful for much else. Although, they are good at being pests and will likely cause all sorts of trouble. Kind of like a firelizard, but without the usefulness!
Name Suggestion: Little Flying Spiffen of Dhoom! (Another name suggestion obtained through Silv. We are open to better suggestions)

6 Re: Animal Discovery on Sun Feb 17, 2013 8:19 pm


Random Event Creator
Discoverer: Master Herder Eletia (familiar with all farm animals, she would know about the chickens and geese that survived on Pern in carefully-managed and -protected batteries, safe from wherries and tunnel snakes)
Category: Avian (waterfowl)
Description: A large feathered avian that in shape and behavior resembles domestic geese on Pern. The head, neck, breast, and belly feathers are pale gray to white while the backs are slate gray to black with white down feathers underneath. The coloration is camoflage. They appear to spend nearly their whole lives in or on the water except to preen and lay eggs, the latter which they do in the early spring. As a result, they have oversized preen glands that produce significant amounts of oil. Although they primarily dabble for greens in shallower waters, they do occasionally dive for deeper foraging; they may also dive and swim underwater for short distances to evade predators. Although they can fly, they prefer not to, possibly because their skeleton structure is not as airy as most avians.
  • Feathers: fletching for arrows, pillows/mattresses, decorative
  • Meat: greasy, but edible
  • Bones: needles, awls, possibly nails or pins
  • Preen gland: oil for dragons (each individual gland contains ~1 cup of preen oil)
Name suggestions: Diving goose
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