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1Alyena      Empty Alyena on Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:16 pm


Gold Weyrling
Name: Alyena
Rank: Holder
Craft and Rank: Journeywoman Baker
Location: Fort Hold
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hetero
Mate: None

Physical Description:
Alyena is short.  Standing at 4'11" and weighing in at a scant 95 pounds, she is frequently underestimated.  She's a pale blonde with moderate curls, framing a triangular face with a small mouth, button nose, and hazel-grey eyes.

She used to be right-handed, but has learned to use her left hand for a lot of things, especially more delicate maneuverings.  Deep parallel scars spiral from the middle of her right upper arm around to her wrist.

Most of the time, Alyena seems mild-mannered and meek.  She's quiet and her small size makes her easy to overlook.  But she has an air of self-confidence and collection that belies her gentle commands.  Underneath that facade of gentleness lays a core of molten iron.  She is ambitious, talented, and dedicated enough to become at least Head Cook, if not Headwoman.

Her parents had kept her in the kitchens at the Hold mostly to keep her out of trouble.  Her tiny size made her a target for most of the boys (and girls) around the Hold, and more so when she came of age and was offcially Apprenticed.  She learned to defend herself, mostly verbally but also through some dirty fighting techniques.

There is a chest at the foot of her bed and anyone touching it gets soundly trounced.  She hasn't opened it since their arrival at Fort Hold; she says it's full of "decorations" for her apartment, once she has advanced to Senior Journeywoman and earns her own quarters.  However, anyone paying attention will notice that she spends a great deal of time looking at the smith's stalls at Gathers.

They'll also notice that she has a proclivity for large places.  She has a touch of claustrophobia that makes confined spaces torture for her.

Alyena was born and raised in Benden Hold, daughter to a couple of cooks.  She started learning to cook when she was young, but she could often be caught daydreaming while staring up toward the Weyr.  This made her a target for some of the older holder children and eventually a group of them caught her when she was 10.  They started torturing her, calling her a "lizard-lover" and other derogatory terms that had come about centuries before to shame those who had supported the Weyrs.  They shoved her around in a circle and hit her with objects that came to hand, as well as punching, kicking, or tripping her; one of them started whipping her with a belt and "accidentally" got it twisted around her arm.  The belt sliced into her arm and tore the muscle as well as damaging the radial nerve.  Her screaming put an end to the cruel game and the youngsters fled before the adults showed up in response to the noise.  It took her the better part of two years to retrain her body to operate with limited mobility in her dominant right arm and hand.

Despite the attack, four years later when she was an Apprentice, she snuck into the empty Weyr one night and wandered around until she unexpectedly encountered the hulking skeleton of a dragon in what had been the Infirmary.  The experience ended her imaginings about dragons and their riders, initially by frightening her badly and later through the realization that they were dead and there was nothing she or anyone else could do about it.





Other Info:
Alyena's hobby is weapons collecting.

NPC Characters:
Mother - cook @ Benden Hold (NPC)
Father - cook @ Benden Hold (NPC)

OOC Info:
My name is Kestrana, but I usually go by Kes. I'm the Admin/creator of Reverie. This is my first post-AIVAS site, so I hope you enjoy it! In RL, I work for an internet publishing company, so I pretty much spend all day on the computer at work; therefore, I don't usually spend a lot of time on the site Monday-Friday, but I'm pretty much always online (although not always at my computer). Most of my RP time is on weekends.  I try to remember to switch accounts when posting, but sometimes I'll post as Alyena under one of my other accounts (Kestrana/H'lee or Loraine).

AIM: enelveirden
Y!M: sakendana_kestrana
MSN: kestrana__shena__enelve_irden (hotmail/skype)
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