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1 NPCs on Sun Feb 17, 2013 4:46 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Names marked with * are adoptable NPCs.

Northern Weyrling Academy NPCs

Adult Riders (varying ages)
T'lon & Roth
D'nif & Ryneth*
Lyam & Rrisith*
Ling & Ayoth*
Benden Graduates (14.5mo old)*
L'nex & Rilath
D'ver & Vorith

R'yur & Ominth
S'ine & Zaveroth

X'lel & Keleth
K'ale & Rininath

Tyaena & Camaroth
Laeri & Pyredith

Fort Weyrlings (9mo old)*
X'kim & Zhlucarth
Katarina & Mccoreth
Z'vier & Niocth

K'so & Qancith
N'sir & Spindath
K'let & Shimarkth

S'nom & Pareilth
Xanadu Weyrlings (4.5mo old)*
E'sen & Sisieth
S'ton & Mastowth
R'drau & Nodaroth

D'sho & Wastuth
G'dayn & Theskuth
T'dyn & Neyobeth

M'tay & Testeth
Kingara & Sodareeth
Athnia & Casteeth
Iris & Costreth
Otera & Fosenith
A'ra & Feinsoth
Master Crafters
Master Cook Nium*

Journey(wo)men Crafters
Journeyman Harper Joson
Journeyman Harper Trel
Journeyman Herder Bofar*

Apprentice Crafters
Apprentice Harper Sufor
Apprentice Harper Duff


Snowy Hold NPCs

High Reaches Graduates (19.5mo old)*
Z'nir & Rakskeluth
B'nin & Risoth
F'xal & Yrodith

N'kos & Elmroth
M'caw & Radoth
G'rav & Whayth

Aqayla & Kimith
T'zal & Banelth
Risotia & Aseith
Arisa & Meith
Lord Holder Halen*

Master Crafters
Master Carpenter Saul*
Master Farmer Nala*
Master Fisher Roderick*
Master Glassmith Ralor*
Master Harper Fauchen*
Master Herder Eletia*
Master Papermaker Heath*
Master Sailor Captain Wisun* (Gypsy Guernsey)
Master Smith Nedan
Master Vintner Agessina*

Journey(wo)men Crafters
Journeywoman Cook Irile*
Journeywoman Dolphineer Soli* (Gypsy Guernsey)
Journeywoman Farmer Lilta*
Journeywoman Fisher Letia* (Gypsy Guernsey)
Journeyman Fisher Bunan* (Gypsy Guernsey)
Journeyman Fisher Issan* (Gypsy Guernsey)
Journeywoman Harper Iara* (Gypsy Guernsey)
Journeyman Healer Oskel*
Journeyman Herder Hinash*
Journeyman Miner Tonor*
Journeyman Plastic-maker Selen*
Journeywoman Printer Keldar*
Journeywoman Sailor Beliry* (Gypsy Guernsey)
Journeywoman Sailor Beala* (Gypsy Guernsey)
Journeywoman Sailor Nasysa* (Gypsy Guernsey)
Journeywoman Sailor Ysela* (Gypsy Guernsey)
Journeyman Sailor Kelen* (Gypsy Guernsey)
Journeyman Sailor Reylar* (Gypsy Guernsey)
Journeyman Sailor Kinelm* (Gypsy Guernsey)
Journeyman Sailor Zemen* (Gypsy Guernsey)
Journeyman Sailor Pahil* (Gypsy Guernsey)
Journeyman Tanner Zharan*
Journeyman Technician Dareler*
Journeyman Vintner Voren*
Journeyman Weaver Tiren*
Journeywoman Weaver Soyony*

Apprentice Crafters
Apprentice Farmer Hyach*
Apprentice Farmer Dalinyr*
Apprentice Fisher Alora* (Gypsy Guernsey)
Apprentice Fisher Saelit
Apprentice Herder Terat*
Apprentice Miner Serena*
Apprentice Sailor Imiski* (Gypsy Guernsey)
Apprentice Sailor Botin* (Gypsy Guernsey)
Apprentice Sailor Lorom* (Gypsy Guernsey)
Apprentice Smith Aren
Apprentice Weaver Quetia*

Brendey (owner of Four Hammers)
Behden* (waiter at Four Hammers)
Nalon* (waiter at Four Hammers)
Veralea* (waitress at Four Hammers)
Ralira* (waitress at Four Hammers)

Aurora Hold NPCs

Council Members
Master Computerer Asry*
Master Dolphineer Ciaz*
Master Farmer Verlor*
Master Fisher Rothil*
Master Healer Eshonea*
Master Herder Mordred*
Master Miner Gitiwi*
Master Printer Uskia*
Master Sailor Eeste*
Master Tanner Athdra*
Master Vintner Cheyk*
Master Weaver Shyen*

Master Crafters
Master Dolphineer Achara*
Master Healer Ankin*

Journeyman Crafters
Journeyman Carpenter Gareld*
Journeywoman Dolphineer Lora*
Journeywoman Dolphineer Alebel*
Journeyman Dolphineer Deken*
Journeywoman Farmer Tiary*
Journeywoman Fisher Cocara*
Journeyman Fisher Dynch*
Journeyman Glassmith Enser*
Journeyman Harper Crael*
Journeywoman Healer Huina*
Journeyman Healer Taikin*
Journeyman Healer Tuald*
Journeyman Healer Hano*
Journeywoman Herder Syangia*
Journeywoman Papermaker Issild*
Journeyman Plastic-maker Adon*
Journeywoman Sailor Keli*
Journeyman Sailor Taimos*
Journeyman Sailor Kelurn*
Journeywoman Smith Rayana*
Journeyman Technician Veson*
Journeywoman Vintner Seyri*

Apprentice Crafters
Apprentice Dolphineer Seine*
Apprentice Dolphineer Chelye*
Apprentice Dolphineer Polny*
Apprentice Dolphineer Kimsul*
Apprentice Fisher Ranod*
Apprentice Fisher Kimen*
Apprentice Harper Bamer*
Apprentice Healer Lewgha*
Apprentice Healer Luentha*
Apprentice Healer Ondra*
Apprentice Healer Legasa*
Apprentice Healer Keat*
Apprentice Healer Shaw*
Apprentice Sailor Cesuna*
Apprentice Sailor Rila*
Apprentice Sailor Rilemo*
Apprentice Sailor Banen*
Apprentice Vintner Aene*
Apprentice Vintner Draler*

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