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1 How to build a seahold on Sun Mar 10, 2013 8:24 pm


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As H'lee had predicted, the Dolphineers were adamant about not leaving their dolphins. They fully intended to stay near the salt water. Most of the Sailors and Fishers intended to stay put, as well, although some had no objection to moving to higher ground, provided that higher ground had lakes or rivers. Unfortunately, beaches don't provide much in the way of stone for building. However, some AIVAS-loving student remembered that at one time, people used sand, clay, and straw to build with; since Thread wasn't a threat (since according to AIVAS, it was something unique to the solar system including Pern), it would be safe to use building materials other than stone. Sand and plant matter they had in abundance; clay was a harder find. Fortunately, someone found a pit a few miles upriver.

They picked the beach that K'so and A'lo had explored, being that it was away from the main current from the river and was in the best position for a harbor. It was also large enough to sustain a reasonably-sized population, stretching five miles along the shore and five miles inland at it's widest point before encountering bluffs similar to those that were east of where they'd been deposited by the Grey-Skins.

It took some trial and error, but they finally figured out the ratio of sand to clay to plant material that made sturdy walls. It was actually an accident that revealed the right mixture: rain. They'd been using a couple of the biggest crates to mix in and had stopped to argue over a couple of batches when a sudden spring storm brewed. It blew over in a few minutes, but lasted long enough to drop about an inch of water in the crates. The end result was a bit soupy, so they added more dry materials and ended up with a sloppy, but moldable mass.

The first order of business, of course, was shelter. One of the Sailors was forward-thinking enough to point out that whatever they built now needed to be of use to the largest number of people, but that unless they thought it through, it would become a useless structure. To be of the most immediate use, they'd have to be large; the only use for large buildings in the future would be as warehouses. And warehouses would be of the most use nearest the docks. Of course, the docks didn't exist yet, but the point was made.

Construction began about two dragonlengths above the high tide mark. It took a week to reach man-height, but when they got up to seven feet high, though, where they'd start the roof, new debates started. They considered thatching, but thatch had to dry or it would get moldy and stink up the whole building. They ended up using cob and gradually tapering in the walls to make points. They covered the tapered roofs with thatch - it wouldn't dry, but it wouldn't stink up the building, either, and it would protect the building material from rain. The buildings had two doors on the narrow ends and no windows; they'd work well for warehouses after the erstwhile colonists started building their own homes.
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