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1 Alyena on Sun Jan 01, 2012 8:20 pm


Gold Weyrling
Name: Alyena
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Craft: Bakecraft

What were your ambitions before being Searched or choosing to present yourself for Candidacy?
I grew up in Benden Hold, my parents are cooks there.  I was able to get a position at Fort Hold two months ago after I walked the tables to Journeywoman. I'd planned to one day be Headwoman, or at least one of the Stewards.

Why would you make a good dragonrider?
I really don't think I would.  As much as I like dragons, they're just so large!  I couldn't even sit on one of them without a special seat.  I can command respect, which I think is a requirement of being a dragonrider, but I don't think I've got the stamina to be a rider.

If you are not accepted as a Candidate, what would you do?
I would stay at the Weyr as a cook and continue with my ambitions to become Headwoman or a Steward.

Were you Searched or are you presenting yourself for consideration?
I was Searched, but I'm not really interested in becoming a rider. However, I want to support the Weyr, so I will watch from the sidelines between cooking the food and laying it out for the post-Hatching Gather.

What is your Craft rank and specialty?
Bakecraft, Journeywoman.  I specialize in confections.

Where were you born and raised?
Benden Hold

How many siblings/fellow fosterlings did you have?
None, although when I was very young, I spent time in the Hold's creche.  I started learning to cook when I was 6 Turns of age.

What kind of tasks did you perform in your former residence?
At the Hold, I cooked.  I like delicate work and apprenticed to the Head Confectioner there before transferring to Fort Hold and bringing the skills I learned there.

How many times have you encountered a Lord and/or Lady Holder?  A Craft Master and/or Craftmaster?
I've never actually met a Lord Holder or Master.  I met the Lady Holder of Benden Hold once when she came to the kitchens to check on something.  I was working on my flower-icing skills and she stopped to watch.

You see a Journeyman Crafter, apparently in his late teens, picking on a much younger, smaller Apprentice.  What do you do?
I tell off the Journeyman and tell him if I ever catch him harassing an Apprentice again, I'll go straight to his Master.

You encounter a fellow Candidate in a nearly empty corridor; she's clearly distraught.  You find out that she just received news that her parents were killed in a mining accident.  What do you do?
I take her down to the kitchens and make her a sweet of some sort to help take her mind off things.

You're awakened in the middle of the night by a fellow Candidate sneaking out of your shared barracks.  He confesses that he's going to play a prank on one of the other Candidates.  What do you do?
I tell him he better think again and go back to bed and if he persists in sneaking out, I let the Headwoman know.

During a stint in the livestock area, a group of herdbeasts stampedes.  Three younglings running around in the fields are trampled.  What do you do?
I instruct several others to go head off the herdbeasts and protect the injured younglings and start rounding up help to get them to the Infirmary.

You are given a week of restdays during which you can do absolutely anything you want.  How do you spend them?
Most of it I would probably spend experimenting with new techniques and ingredients to perfect my Craft.  I would probably take a day or two and go visit my parents at the Hold.

What are your sexual interests?
Well, I'm not interested in anyone right now, but definitely guys. Most of the ones I know are so childish, though.
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