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Master Weaver Shyen was one of the oldest survivors of their involuntary transport. As such, she'd had a healer hovering over her since waking - and she'd been one of the last ones to awaken. She wasn't happy about being the only Master Weaver in their little group. She didn't even know any of the other Weavers that had dropped with them, as she'd been the only Weaver at Aurora Hold and they were all from Snowy Hold or the Academy.

Nonetheless, after she, like so many others, got cleaned up and satisfied the needs of her stomach, she sought out a warm, sunny spot to sit. She was fortunate enough that at least part of her family was with her: the youngest of her three children and her husband and their children. The children were just coming of age to choose a Craft, something Shyen was encouraging although her daughter had chosen to marry a simple holder who had no specialty. So, given that they needed something to do, and she needed something to do, she set them to gathering armfuls of the tall, sedge-like grass. She also rounded up the two Journeymen and one Apprentice Weaver that had the misfortune to have been included in this foray.

Then she began weaving grass panels. "First and foremost, us women need some sort of privacy for bathing and taking care of other bodily needs," she rasped, glaring around at some of the groups of men who were congregating in little cliques around the area. "These aren't perfect, but they're a start. Be a dear and find a Carpenter, would you, and ask him or her to come over here?" This last was directed at one of her grandchildren.

When the child returned with a Carpenter, Shyen explained that she wanted wood frames to attach the grass mats to, to serve as makeshift wall panels. "They gave us hatchets, didn't they? And those are trees, aren't they? You can provide me with some at least somewhat-straight lengths of wood!" the Master Weaver demanded. She grumbled as the Carpenter moved off. "At least we've got plenty of grass and wood. Spring's good for something!"
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