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1 Alyena - weyrling app on Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:45 pm


Gold Weyrling
Name: Alyena
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Craft: Bakecraft

What color of dragon do you think you'll Impress and why?
If I even Impressed a dragon - which I don't think I would, and besides, I'm not standing as a Candidate - it would, of course, have to be a gold or a green, since blues, browns, and bronzes don't take female riders.  Of the two, I suppose a gold would be more likely, I have more of a tendency for giving orders than following them.

Choose a rank of Weyr inhabitant and describe three things about that rank (e.g., drudge, brownrider, etc.).
Headwoman: the Headwoman is a non-rider of near-equal rank to the Weyrwoman, usually a woman, but sometimes a man; she manages the day-to-day activities of the Weyr, especially those of the other non-riders; she interviews each Weyr inhabitant - children raised in the Weyr when they reach 6-8 Turns of age, other new arrivals when they arrive, and logs their talents and skills in order to be able to best utilize their abilities in the Weyr.

As a Candidate and as a weyrling, how would you address a person of this rank?
"Headwoman" and her name, or "ma'am".

Describe one historical responsibility of either the Holds/Halls to the Weyrs, or the Weyrs to the Holds/Halls.  If this responsibility has changed since Thread was eradicated, explain how.
The Weyr provides judiciary/mediator services to the Hold- and Hallfolk, and are uniquely equipped to do so because of the dragonriders.  Women can seek sanctuary at the Weyr if conditions at their homes become unsafe for them and they can either remain at the Weyr (if they have skills to offer) or the dragonriders can make sure they're transferred somewhere far away.  Dragonriders can also transport dangerous criminals to the Western Islands.  I don't expect that this responsibility will change much with the eradication of Thread, although the responsibility may fall more generally to dragonriders as they settle more broadly rather than being confined to the Weyrs.

Name one thing, besides Impression, that will likely happen during the Hatching and what you should do if it does.
Some rival cotholders will probably get into it over some dispute or other - a shared wall or something - after they've had a skin or two of wine and they'll have to be separated.  Usually a free skin or two of wine and being separated by the length of the Weyrbowl is sufficient.

Name one thing you should do if you or a Candidate standing next to you Impresses.
Well, I won't be standing next to a Candidate, but I suppose the best thing to do would be get out of the way.

Briefly describe one of the lessons the Weyrlingmaster outlined during your Candidacy.
I didn't attend any Candidacy lessons, although I suppose he told them about the kinds of things they'll be doing with their dragonets.

Where will you be standing during the Hatching?
I'll be watching from the main entrance between cooking the Hatching Gather feast and laying it out to be eaten after the Hatching's over.

What color and age of dragon are you interested in adopting and why?
The 6-month-old gold weyrling from Benden.  Alyena will make an interesting queenrider and even though she doesn't think so, she does have the personality and ability to be a Weyrwoman.

0-1 months:  Describe (roleplay) a first experience you shared with your dragon (e.g., eating a spicy food, stargazing, bathing, hide cracking, etc.)
Why don't you eat with the other weyrlings?  Why do you get up so early and eat before them? came a sleepy murmur.

Alyena sighed.  This was the fourth day in a row Hetty had asked her that.  "Because, darling, I'm used to getting up earlier than they are and eating first thing.  If I had to wait an hour until you were fed, I'd be sick to my stomach."

What is that like?

"Extremely unpleasant, and no, I'm not going to experience it just because you want to know what if feels like!"

Alyena had actually been up for over an hour, working on a delicate arrangement of confectionery ribbons for each of the weyrlings to have with their breakfasts; they were designed as weyrling shoulder knots.  She'd also made one for the Weyrlingmaster.

After she finished them, she gave instructions to the cook in charge of feeding the weyrlings after they'd fed their dragonets to give each weyrling the one that was appropriate for him or her.  Then she settled down to finish her own breakfast: she'd eaten her breakfast meat earlier while it was still hot, but her biscuit had cooled after melting the butter into it and was perfectly greasy and delicious (one of her guilty pleasures).  After that, she smiled wryly at her own confectionery weyrling knot before gently lifting it and biting off a piece and letting it melt in her mouth.

She'd carefully flavored each color of ribbon: the red, raspberry; the black, klah; gold, lemon; bronze, nutmeg; brown, chocolate; blue, blackberry; and green, gooseberry.  The klah was, of course, the strongest flavor, but was mingled nicely with the raspberry and, in her case, lemon, as though she was drinking a very sweet cup of flavored klah.

She really enjoyed the way the molded sugary ribbons started hard and then softened, finally returning to their original liquid state.

She felt a tendril of puzzled curiosity intrude upon her pleasure.  What is that?  That's so strange.  So many different flavors.  Then a sudden spate of jealousy.  Why do you get to eat things with so many flavors and I only get to eat one thing that tastes the same every time?!

Alyena's initial reaction was to march right down to her barrack and tell Hetty that at least she didn't have to do anything to prepare her meal, but then she started laughing instead.  "Sweetheart, if you want seasonings on your herdbeast meat, I'll bring down some for you to try at breakfast, alright?  I'll have to clear them with the Weyrlingmaster, and I'll ask him if you can have some wherry instead of herdbeast for a change.  Will that make you happy, you silly goose?"

She sensed that Henriettath's mollification before the, I suppose that will be sufficient.  As long as you don't cook it!  Alyena smiled, sensing Hetty's attempt to seem miffed underneath her excitement at getting to try something with many textures and flavors.

"Someday, you need to try a little roasted meat, dearie.  It provides a unique flavor and texture you will never be able to get by any seasoning."  She sensed Hetty's huff.

1-2 months:  Describe one aspect of dragon physiology and how it affects you as a weyrling.
A dragon's wingspan from tip to tip, including the span of their shoulders, is nearly twice their length from nose tip to tail tip.  Because young dragons can be clumsy, they may use their wings for balance, so you have to learn to watch where you're at in relation to them so as not to get bashed by a wing flung out for balance.

2-3 months:  What was the first meal your dragon caught for him-/herself and how did s/he do it?
Hetty wanted to catch a wherry - she'd just had herdbeast the day before - but Weyrlingmaster H'lee was very insistent that she catch a herdbeast and that once she was able to fly, she could hunt wherry.  He took us down to the beasthold and had her pick out one of the yearlings.  Picky eater that she is, she selected an all black one that was complacently chewing its cud off to the side.  She asked me if she couldn't just have Seeth kill it for her, she didn't want to get all messy.  The Weyrlingmaster had a couple of herders put the chosen beast in a corral and Seeth gave Hetty some tips on how to kill it.  She grumbled the whole time about how messy it was going to be, but went in and grabbed the herdbeast's back legs with her claws and bit down on its neck.

3-5 months:  Describe one of the ground drills.
One of the common drills is a linear drill in which each weyrling Wing trio walks in parallel to each other.  Depending on the size of the clutch, this makes for either a square or rectangular formation.

5-7 months:  Describe (roleplay) your first flight with your dragon.
Weyrlingmaster H'lee took the group of weyrlings who passed their strap inspections up to the uppermost ridge of their barracks valley.  They each mounted their dragonets and formed a queue.  Hetty suggested that they should be first, but Alyena shushed her and suggested that they could learn from others' mistakes before they went, so they were fourth in line.

One of the weyrlings ahead of them fell off his dragon when they landed and had to be taken to the infirmary.  The Weyrlingmaster carefully examined his straps and determined that it was no fault of the straps; Seeth confirmed with the boy's dragon that he had been ecstatic at the end of their flight and had let go too soon and was jarred loose on landing.  The second weyrling's flight went alright, although the dragonet's flight wasn't particularly in a straight line, or even very stable on elevation.  The next weyrling's flight was extremely short as the blue dragonet failed to angle his wings upward enough to prolong the glide, and he landed a score dragonlenths short of the landing zone.  Then it was Alyena's and Henriettath's turn.

Alyena shifted a little uncomfortably on Hetty's back as she shambled up to the edge.  "I wish you weren't growing so fast.  I'm not going to be growing any more and your neck is uncomfortably large.  I don't feel at all stable on my perch here."

Well, isn't that why Master H'lee had you create those special straps? Hetty pointed out just as H'lee gave her straps a tug and reminded her of them.  They were loose so that she could get out of them without much trouble and it was easy to forget they were there.  Then they were given the all clear.  The ridge had been dug out so that the young weyrlings could drop off of it and flare their wings to glide, and now Hetty did so with a solid lunge away from the edge, giving her a little uplift before gravity changed it to a glide.

Alyena squeaked as they took off and clung tightly to her riding straps.  Her stomach lurched into her throat and she felt nauseous.  "This is what 'sick to my stomach' feels like," she groaned mentally.

Hetty's flight lurched and they lost several dozen feet in altitude.  Okay, you can keep that to yourself from now on, please, she complained, locking down their connection to try to suppress the sensation.

The lurch had increased the nausea more than it already had been and Alyena clamped down on her connection, maintaining the bare minimum of communication between herself and her dragon, and Hetty's flight leveled out.  She flapped her wings once to regain a bit of the altitude they'd lost to make their target at the landing zone, then flared her wings to slow them as much as possible to make the landing less jarring.

She was only partially successful and Alyena was thrown forward into one of Hetty's neckridges.  She hiccuped and squealed, "Stop, Hetty!  Let me off!" and tore at her straps, all but flinging herself from her dragon's neck and staggering over to the side to double over and retch into the grass.

A series of vibrations and thumps heralded the arrival of one of the Assistant Weyrlingmasters who hurried over.  "Hey, girl, you alright?"  Alyena waved her away.

After she'd finished, she wiped her mouth, straightened, and turned toward the Assistant, "Apparently, falling doesn't agree with my stomach," she muttered, trying to be humorous.

Hetty crooned and nudged her gently with her nose.  Despite its tenderness, it was nearly enough to knock Alyena off her feet, and Hetty rumbled apologetically.

"Ha!  You'll get used to it.  Let's get you and Henriettath back up top, your stomach will have settled down by the time your next turn comes around."

7-8 months:  Describe (roleplay) you and your dragon's first experience with firestone.
After Hetty was oiled up and Alyena had her own breakfast, she met H'lee down on the training grounds.  All of the other dragons had done their firestone lesson, but since Hetty was a gold, Alyena would be working with a flamethrower instead of firestone.

While the bronzes, browns, blues, and greens were learning how to chew and spew, Alyena was learning the parts of the flamethrower.  Now, though, was her chance to actually use it.  She had never much cared for fire and she was leery of the machine.

"Alright," H'lee told her.  "You've worn the empty tank before, time to try on one that has some weight."  He hefted the pack so she could slide her arms into the straps.  She did so and buckled the straps that went around front before picking up the handle and eying it warily.  "Nothing in there to be worried about right now, it's just water with some dye in it.  I want you to spray this gravel with it.  Nice, even strokes, all the rock should be evenly coated with the dye when you're done."

All morning, Alyena practiced spraying the dyed water over the gravel.  Every time she finished, H'lee washed the gravel off with fresh water after critiquing her efforts.  Once she finally had the motions down and could consistently coat the gravel with dye while on foot, he had her mount Hetty and spray the gravel while mounted.  Then he had them take to the air and he tossed small bags of rope and she had to spray them.  It was harder to make sure they sprayed all the rope since the dye didn't show up as well on it, so he criticized her less for missing rope than getting dye on Hetty.  This activity carried them through the morning and Alyena was greatly relieved when H'lee released them for lunch.

After lunch, she met H'lee again, this time he had agenothree in the tank.  This time, they started with her learning how to adjust and control the spray.  Then he had her perform a controlled burn along one of the canals that guided water to the herdbeast pastures, starting on foot and then spraying carefully from Hetty's back.  Then they took to the air and started with the ropes again.  This time, the ropes are wet and dyed and she's critiqued for any dye spots - or burns - on Hetty's hide.

At first, she had no trouble with burns, but both dragon and rider kept getting tangled in the ropes.  H'lee shouted at her to stop being so afraid of the flamethrower and use the sharding thing.  He also scolded her for spraying blindly when the ropes were over her head.  "You gotta look at what you're trying to burn if you want to burn it!"  She reacted to his scolding by trying to be more aggressive - and almost dropped the flamethrower when she flamed too close to Hetty's wing and made the gold squall and jerk in flight.  She fumbled to turn off the nozzle as her eyes blurred from tears borne of her bonded's pain and her own dismay.

"I can't do this!" she sobbed when H'lee chided them for landing.  "First, you tell me to be more aggressive, now it's 'Be more careful'?!  Why do I even have to do this?  Thread's GONE!" she shrieked at him.  He let her run on until she ran out of rants while he checked Hetty's wing, confirmed that she wasn't really hurt, the heat had just surprised her.  Then he made her mount up and try again.  He kept her at it until Hetty began to loudly complain about being hungry and Alyena burned three flights of dyed rope completely without getting any on her, Hetty, or the ground.  Alyena was shaking like a leaf when they were done, and she groaned when H'lee told them they'd be doing more the next day, "So you really get the knack of it."
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