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Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Before H'lee headed up to breakfast, he got Seeth to pick him up and fly him up to their weyr so he could get a change of clothes. "Oh, buddy, good thing we're not mated. Bad enough that Lery will complain about turning them into rags," H'lee laughed as he removed his blood- and ichor-stained Gather wear and dropped it in a pile in the corner.

He stared at his wardrobe. Unlike many riders, he was a bit of a clotheshorse. He technically wasn't going to be a weyrlingmaster, just a dragonhealer, but if he was going to be living at the Academy, he supposed he'd better find out more about what their day-to-day life was like. He, of course, had gone through a similar weyrling program when he Impressed Seeth, but that had been at one of the other Academies. Every Weyrlingmaster, he was given to understand, took a slightly different approach to things.

Well, he decided, at least I won't have to actually DO whatever the weyrlings are doing, I can just watch from the sidelines! He laughed, a little maliciously. Alright. Seeth, would you find out from Roth what the weyrlings' schedule is for the day? I need to decide what to wear.

He heard a snort from the main chamber of his weyr, but sense the brown's consent to relay the message. A few minutes later, he received a burst of information containing the schedule. He chuckled evilly. I wonder how many of them are going to eat, and how many will get sick.

Well, he normally had a morning workout with his Wing anyway, though he was technically late for it now, but he suspected no one else had shown up for it, either. "Alright, workout clothes it is. Guess this won't be all that much different from our normal routine." Tell him we'll join them for their workouts instead of working out with the other full riders, if they don't mind me joining, anyway.

They said that's fine, the brown replied, relaying images of both T'lon and N'del along with the statement.

H'lee scrubbed his hands a bit before Seeth dropped him down to the Weyrbowl floor again and he strode up to the Kitchens for a light meal. He looked around, noting the weyrlings who were present and who were not as he speared a couple slices of ham and spooned some eggs onto his plate. He spotted T'lon, N'del, and several of the other Weyrlingmasters at a table off to the side and moved to join them. "I'll wager the twins get sick," he said sitting down - they were missing from the tables so far, which meant they were probably soaking in a tub. A couple of the others chuckled.

He ground some salt and pepper onto his eggs and started eating. Just as he was finishing, the quartet of troublemakers arrived, looking slightly overheated and with damp hair. Despite the fine feast the night before, they took more food than they needed; undoubtedly, they were still resonating with their dragons' hunger and hadn't separated the two yet. It was well known among the older weyrlings and the full riders that the Weyrlingmasters traditionally allowed the newly-Impressed to make some decisions on their first day, often with uncomfortable results, almost a sort of initiation into the ranks of dragonriders. Some of the newly-Impressed had watched others put through the humiliation or had friends or family who warned them ahead of time to eat before they bathed; but not everyone listened to those instructions.

"I'm going to go clean up a bit. Where will you be working out?" he asked. "I'll meet you there," he added when he got the reply (the galleries in the Hatching Grounds). He checked the clock: still three-quarters of an hour until the workout would start, plenty of time for a real bath, assuming the weyrlings had left any hot water behind them. He was in luck, though, so he sank up to his chin in steaming hot water and dozed for a while. Seeth roused him when he had fifteen minutes left to get dressed and over to the Hatching Grounds. The brown was enjoying his own version of a hot bath: stretched out on the rock of his ledge with the sun beating down on his hide.

H'lee rose out of the bath, dried off, and dressed before ambling down to the galleries. The first workout was primarily calisthenics. He and the other adults performed the exercises with ease, often doing twice as many sets as the weyrlings were being walked through because they could do them faster and easier. The red- and black-haired boys, B'ron and Y'ken, were starting to look a little green when they got near the end of the workout. Then it was time for laps: down the length of the galleries on the bottom row, up the steps to the top row, back along the length of the galleries, and down the steps on the other end. Ten minutes of that and six of the eight weyrlings peeled off during one of the laps to vomit. Even H'lee felt a bit winded after ten minutes of running and stair-climbing; not that he dared show it, T'lon would razz him for weeks.

N'del walked them through some cool-down exercises before releasing them to catch their breath and drink some water. He told them that in 20 minutes, they were to meet him down in the barn to feed their dragons again and spend some quality time with them. H'lee headed back to the bathing chambers and gave himself a quick sponge bath before heading off to retrieve Warrelith. Arriving at the barn (after another pit stop at the midden), he hid a smile as he saw the carcasses laid out on the tables. "Time to start cutting it up ourselves, huh?" he asked, trying to keep a straight face as he looked at T'lon.

"Yep, think you remember how to cut it that small?" the bronzerider taunted.

Before he got too involved, he chopped off a piece of herdbeast and a piece of wherry and offered them both to Warrelith. "Which would you like this time?" he asked the blue. After getting his answer, he went to work on the carcass of Warrelith's choice, first slicing the meat from the bones, then chopping it into fist-sized chunks. "How long 'til you start feeding them the bones?" H'lee asked as some of the other weyrlings started straggling in. One of them started retching at the sight of the hung carcasses and had to run back outside.

"When they're four or five days old," N'del answered grimly. "Gotta give them time to adjust to solid food before giving them those." H'lee nodded and went back to filling Warrelith's bucket, occasionally pausing to offer the blue a bit of meat to keep him from burying his head in the bucket. Once the bucket was full, H'lee laid his carving knife and cleaver aside and focused solely on feeding the dragonet.

When Warrelith indicated that he was full, H'lee rinsed the bucket as well as the knives he'd been using and splashed water across his table to clean the worst of the gore from it. "I think we'll wash and oil back in the infirmary, if that's alright. Silv can't help, but it'll be good for them to be together, right?"

N'del frowned for a moment, then nodded. "I'll come check on them when we're done here," he said.

H'lee grabbed a sponge and a couple buckets of water; there was oil in the infirmary they could use. He lumbered back to the infirmary and instructed Warrelith to sit on the end of the dragon couch opposite of where he had been sleeping so that they wouldn't make as big a mess. He also suggested that Silvara and Warrelith should practice communicating with each other (and, perhaps more importantly, with separating themselves mentally so they could have their own thoughts without constantly over-sharing with the other); they couldn't do much in the way of physical bonding until Silv was cleared for her weyrling lessons, but at least they could work on the mental parts.

Once the blue had settled himself (no doubt he was itching all over by this point), H'lee removed the bandages across the dragonet's chest, pulled the sponge out of one of the buckets and first wet him all over from head to toe, then started scrubbing. As H'lee recalled from Seeth's weyrlinghood, at this stage, the weyrling would be torn between wanting to nap (now that he had a full belly again) and fidgeting (from the dry itching of his hide). After he was satisfied that he'd cleaned every square inch of Warrelith's hide, he went over to the cupboards and found a selection of oils: cinnamon, lavender, citrus, hazelnut, and rosemary. "Which would you two like?" he asked, bringing each jar around so they could smell and decide. Once they'd decided, he took great care in oiling every bit of Warrelith's hide and making sure the dragonet was no longer itching. He was very careful about applying the oil near the cuts across the blue's chest, and once the oil was applied, he reapplied a daub of numbweed as well as a clean bandage.

He was just finishing tying off the bandage when N'del knocked and entered. He silently examined Warrelith up close for the first time. H'lee suspected he was asking the blue questions by way of his own bronze, Asheth, probably something like, Are you still hungry? Do you itch anywhere? Do you hurt anywhere? How is your rider? - testing to see if H'lee was taking proper care of the weyrling as well as testing his bond with his rider.
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Moderator / Master Healer
Learyam woke slowly to the sounds of the healers moving about the Infirmary. He groaned softly remembering getting beaten up and Master Tikal saying that he would come to take him to see the Headwoman Lery about it. He was not looking forwards to that talk or what might come of it since those who beat him were now weyrlings. At least they would be heading to the academy in a few weeks so if he just managed to stay out of their way till then he might not get another round. Then he thought better of that idea remember Silvara and what H’lee had said the previous night. He wanted a chance to make it up to her what he had done to her while he had been part of the bad group.

Slowly he shifted till he was sitting up in the bed slowly trying to test his limbs and muscles to see how they felt this morning smiling faintly when he only felt some stiffness but not the pain he had been dreading, a slight shake of the head as he reminded himself never to under estimate the Healer’s balms. Looking around to see if Master Tikal was near and thinking about maybe just heading back to the Cadet barracks to change clothes and then get washed up and report in would be possible.

Too bad for him Tikal was near having left Silvara a littler earlier reading a scroll even as he knew she was getting fidgety with not being able to get up yet. He walked towards Learyam watching the boy give himself a stretch and shake. It looked as if the balm he had used last night had done just what it was meant to which made him smile as it was a batch he had, had Silvara make.

“Well young man looks like you’re ready to face this day. Come along then, we will go to your room first so you can get some fresh close and have a wash then we are going to see Headwoman Lery.”

His words left no doubt that there was no way Learyam was going to get out of this so he just nodded and got up moving to follow the healer. At least he was going to be able to get cleaned up and into fresh clothes, which is exactly what happened before they headed down to the kitchens to find the Headwoman.

Tikal lead the way soon spotting the Headwoman and moving towards her looking around for an out of the way location to talk with her about what had happened to Learyam.

“Headwoman a word please.”

He quickly told her about H’lee brining Learyam to him last night and handing over the notes on the full extent of how badly the boy had been beaten before turning to the lad in question giving him a long look then leaving him in the capable hands of the Headwoman as he had other matters to tend to like speaking with Silvara.


Silvara had finished her sandwich that Tikal had brought with some reading material having made sure to tuck the plate to the side of the bed away from her dragon just in case. When H’lee arrive to take Warrelith off to the barn she grinned at him even as she gave Warrelith a last caress before returning to her reading. She was swinging her legs a little while she read since she needed something physical to make up for the lack of being allowed to do her normal morning workout. It was a little maddening since she had not had a morning without her laps, calisthenics and on alternate days weight lifting to help her get stronger for Smithing. So now having to stay a bed, while seeming rather decadent, was also very annoying.

She hoped once Tikal returned they could find some way for her to be able to get up and move about at least a little since she was not looking forward to the idea of having to be carried to the loo. She also was hoping for a fresh set of pants since till Tikal said otherwise she was stuck with the open backed shirt like garment for a top. It did make it easier to look at the stiches and such and gave the skin air which would help speed up healing but she still felt exposed.

She was also antsy due to wanting to be able to feed and tend Warrel herself but knowing that if she did as Tikal said she would be able to do those things sooner rather than latter. She had seen it often enough that disobeying such commands tended to ending up in the Infirmary even longer so it was just wiser to do as told in this.


Warrelith woke and stretched before moving off the couch to put his head yet against on his Bondeds cot. Enjoying her touch as she rubbed along his eye ridges even as she continued to read the hide that Master Tikal had given her earlier. It was clear to him that she was focusing on it to keep from trying to get up and do things as he could feel her pent up energy. Her rumbled softly to her and just relaxes while waiting for H’lee’s return to the room.

When H’lee arrived he lightly nosed his before heading off with the brown rider. This time going to the midden and getting that out of the way before they arrived at the barn. His nose twitched at the scent of the carcasses in the barn and his stomach gurgled his hunger. He may itch but his need to feed was strongest right now. He was more than happy to try a chunk of both meat choices before poking his nose at the wherry rather enjoying the different flavor.

He was glad that H’lee continued to give him chunks or he really would have just shoved his muzzle into the bucket after a bit. He was careful to not nip H’lee as he ate even as he listened to the man’s conversation with the other adults knowing Silv was keeping a mental ear open to what was being said since she still wanted to learn all of this so when the time came she could easily start doing it herself.

Once full he sighed happily before wiggling his wing becoming very aware of how itchy he felt. He was glad that it was time for a bath and oil and even happier when H’lee asked if they could go back to where his bonded was.

Warrelith happily followed H’lee back towards the Infirmary where his bonded waited. He was also rather pleased with himself for being able to keep his wings out of the way even if he really just wanted to roll in the dirt in the hopes to get the itching to stop. He could hear Silv’s laugh in his mind at the image of him rolling in mud. He snorted at her silliness but was glad that she was happy if still wiggly with energy.

Once in the Infirmary room he moved to where H’lee indicated watching his bondeds brother. Holding very still as H’lee took the bandages off from across his chest and started to wash him. It was nice even as he looked to Silv as she carefully blocked much of their mind link for a bit knowing she was doing it because H’lee asked her to do so. Her soft smile at him reassuring him that this was a good thing even if he preferred to have her there in the back of his mind as well as being in the back of hers. It was part of their training so best to do it even if it seemed a little silly as they had already sorted out who was who mentally speaking. He had a feeling that was due to Silv’s gifts and extensive training in them.

Warrelith did fidget some but tried hard to stay still knowing that if he stayed sill the itching would stop faster. It was little comfort till H’lee has really started to scrub him down which brought relief from the itch. Turning his head now and then to look at Silv even as she was watching very closely to what H’lee was doing trying to not miss anything. Her love for both him and her brother strong in their link, he may have been a surprise in her life but he could tell that she was happy to have him and knowing he was helping to drive off some of the loneliness she felt due to her gifts.

Silvara stretched a little in the cot wishing rather badly to be allowed up to move she was not used to staying in bed like this. Noramly she would have been up and have had her workout and a bath before now. She remember that the other weyrlings would have had to work out as well and suddenly she was glad she had not been there for that as she had a feeling the twins and minions were not happy about the “light” workout they would have had to do this morning.

Shaking her head she turned to watch and H’lee moved to the side where the oils were kept and smiled as he brought them back. Even as she scented each char she found herself torn between cinnamon and lavender. Warrel putting his vote for cinnamon made her turn to grin up at H’lee.

“Cinnamon please. So how often should we oil our dragons beyond when they ask because they are going crazy with the itchies?”

She wanted more information even tho most likely it would be covered in the lessons at some point. Warrel mean while held still only shifting as H’lee instructed to make it easier to get the oil in all the little spaces it was needed. He then shifted to sit up as tall as he could to make it easier on H’lee as he worked on the cuts on his chest. Relaxing a little once the numbweed was daubed on and the bandages replaced rather glad to have that done with.

When N’del entered the room he watched the Weyrling Master close. Even as N’del’s dragon started asking him the man’s questions. After a quick question to Silv he started to answer them in kind after she pointed out that N’del might not be so accepting of him just responding directly into his head like H’lee had. After conferring with Silv he carefully sent

:: No I am fine and full. I don’t hurt anywhere. My rider is fine if tired of being not allowed to get up to tend me herself. ::

Silv meanwhile was working to not answer the questions as well since she could hear N’del’s dragon just fine but felt it best to have this done thought the dragons directly. It seemed that her ability to hear dragons was stronger now that she had one of her own. She was still not fully sure how she felt about that but she knew that she would deal with it as she had everything else.

Tikal entered the room to find that H’lee was back with Warrelith and that N’del had also come. He moved to the side while watching since he needed to speak to the two men along with Silvara about what would happen next. He had already talked with the Smith Master about putting Silvara’s smith training on hold while she recovered and then headed to Weryling training, which just left her healer training and her gift training.

Once N’del backed away from Warrelith he cleared his throat to get the man’s attention. Since Silvara had already smiled up at him and H’lee had shown awareness of his presence in the room.

“I take it all is well with our young dragon friend. I would like to talk with the lot of you about Silvara’s training and the journey to the academy. As it is Silvara will be able to do some walking around tomorrow but no extensive movements that would over work her back at least till the end of the week may be less considering she does tend to heal a little faster than most… mostly because she does what she is told.”

With that he gave both men a penetrating stare as he had had both as patients at one point or another and as was typical of so many dragon riders they were not inclined to stay down to allow their body’s to heal.

“That said I have already talked with the Master Smith about Silvara’s Smithing and he agrees that it is best to put her apprenticeship on hold till after she is a full dragon rider herself. That just leaves her Healer training and her… Gifts training. N’del how much do you know about Silvara’s abilitys?”
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Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Lery was overseeing the tail end of breakfast cleanup and was going over inventory lists. They'd had more guests for the Hatching the previous day than she'd anticipated - all those holders who decided at the last minute to bring an uncle of a cousin or some other person who hadn't been on the guest list.  Fortunately, Lery always planned for leftovers, at least 20% extra, but when there was one unanticipated guest for every ten expected guests, it cut the number of leftovers in half, which had signficant ramifications on the food stores for the regular Weyr residents. So she wasn't in the best of moods when Master Healer Tikal brought one of the troublemaking young Candidates to her and asked to speak with her.

She listened to the Healer as he passed on what H'lee had told him the night before and also handed over the examination records that contained his notes about the boy's injuries.  The Healer then gave the boy a long, cryptic look and excused himself.  Lery looked over the notes, ignoring the boy for a moment.

Finally, she looked at Learyam.  "Well, don't just stand there, sit," she pointed at the hard wooden stool across the desk from her.  She studied him with pursed lips for a few moments.  "Now, boy, I know you're a part of the group that has been harassing Silvara.  I've never caught you or any of the others at it, so I haven't been able to do anything about it, but I know it's been happening.  So, I gather you've been kicked out of the group because you didn't Impress and you decided that your fellow weyrbrats aren't worthwhile targets for bullying."  She paused to let the boy speak, if he had anything to say, before she continued.  "So, I trust you've learned your lesson.  But now I have to decide what to do with you, at least until they pack you off to the next Weyr for the next Hatching.  So, what do you think I should do with you?"

H'lee frowned when Silv asked him about oiling their weyrlings.  He had to think for several moments to remember how often he'd had to oil Seeth when he was this age. "Um, twice a day, I think, at least for a while.  It's been so long..." he trailed off, still thinking.  N'del came in shortly afterward and H'lee stayed carefully out of the way until Tikal waved the two of them over.

H'lee had the grace to flush slightly at the implied accusation that he didn't listen to Healers' instructions when he was injured.  Tikal had known him since he was just a boy and probably knew the brownrider better than anyone except Seeth and Silvara.  Somehow, the dragonhealer couldn't bring himself to be surprised that Tikal had been working on a solution to Silv's non-weyrling training.

He hadn't considered giving N'del a full rundown on Silv's abilities; he figured it was up to their mother or Tikal to fill the Weyrlingmaster in.

N'del cleared his throat uncomfortably. "Only rumors," he said.  "She killed a kid when she was five years old and torched a drudge.  She caused dragons to attack each other for no apparent reason.  She got taken off somewhere for a couple of years, when she came back, she avoided everyone, human and dragon alike, except for you two."

H'lee flinched at the statments and snapped, "That's not what happened!"  He, Tikal, Lery, and Sikra had done as much as they could to dispel the rumors, but H'lee had always suspected that Sh'zon had encouraged, and maybe even originated, some of those rumors, just to drive a wedge between Sikra and her children.  He bit his lip and looked at Tikal.  It would probably be better for the older man to handle this.
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Moderator / Master Healer
Learyam stood and fidgeted while the Headwoman listened to Master Tikal before he left then looked over the paper work He was not looking forwards to this and hoped that she was not going to start yelling at him. When she final told him to sit he did so quickly tho with care for his bruises. Looking down at his feet as she spoke about what he had done while in the group of bullies and feeling even lower having it pointed out that he had been a bully.

“Yes ma’am.”

He answered when she stopped to see if he would. Then he listened to see what his fate would be a little surprised when she mentioned that he would be packed off to go to the next weyr and hatching as well as asking what should be done with him till then. He had started to think last night before the felis took him that maybe it would be better if he did not become a dragon rider. Part of him wanted to be a dragon rider so much but another part starting to think that maybe it would be better if he did not get a dragon after being so horrible to another person.

“I… don’t know ma’am. I… am not sure I am worthy of being a candidate any longer truthfully. I know I was following the other’s lead but I really should have done something when the others started to get worse and mean but I did not want to lose those I saw as my friends. Now I see they were not really my friends I was just one of their underlings but now… I just don’t know Headwoman.”

He looked up at her with sad eyes thinking over everything that had happened the day before as well as what he had learned about Silvara. He still felt horrible about what he had done after knowing the truth about her. It just did not seem fair to him that she had to be so… alone. For now tho he would need to get his own life in order and hope she got through weyrling training in one piece before he could even hope to try and make amends to her.


Silvara held very still on her cot when Master Tikal asked N’del about what he knew dreading his answer. She knew most of the rumors tho she did not tell H’lee about it because it would only make him more upset. She also knew that Sh’zon was to blame for most of them. Thankfully his tactics had not worked well enough to stop her mother from coming to see her every few months in the healer hall when Sh’zon was busy elsewhere. The one advantage of being an Empath was that she could feel Sikra’s love for her.

Tikal sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose at the words of N’del. It was as he surmised and now he would need to sort this mess out. He really wished some other bonze would unseat Sh’zon all ready but so far no luck.

“I am getting so sick of these rumors that are so horrible wrong. No she did not kill anyone when she was five. She did mind scramble a bully who was trying to hurt her to get at H’lee. Which made her freak out and hide which set the dragons off because she is a very powerful HAD. One another came to try and fetch her she could tell that he was also of that ilk that would hurt her so she burned him. LIGHTLY he had burns but he healed and made sure to never try anything again after that.

She is a very powerful Empath as well as Telepath as well as having varying degrees in every other known Gift. I took her to the ghost hold to help her get her primary gifts under control because she was so open to all around her that it was causing her physical pain. Which combined with her HAD ability’s was making life for everyone very uncomfortable.

After a year we returned to the weyr where she has continued her training in her other gifts as well as working on her apprenticeship as a healer and latter adding on her smithing. As for not letting others near her… would you want to let others near you if you could feel their fear, mistrust, even hate of you?

She does spend some time with Sikra, her mother, when Sikra can get away for a bit of time. She also spends time with the other healer’s and Master Smith. Now as I said I talked with the Master Smith about her apprenticeship with them and they agreed to put hers on hold till she returns. I also plan on stopping her healer training till her weyrling training is done but I will be traveling with her to the academy to continue her gift training.

Hopefully once we reach the academy we can sort her schedule out to allow for this other training along with doing normal weyrling activities. Admittedly she will be a good deal ahead of the others when it comes to healing, harper teaching, geography, and the like as learning has been a useful tool for her to gain control of her gifts as well as a great deal of physical training she has been doing.

Now I have a feeling you have questions so might as well get them out now. Also…”

He turned to H’lee and gave him a slight smile to reassure the rider.

“H’lee mind taking your cousin to the privy?”

Silvara blinked then blushed darkly when Tikal asked H’lee to help her to the bathroom. She really could not wait till she was allowed to stand and walk on her own. Warrelith just gave her a mental hug of reassurance about all of it.
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Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Lery sigh resignedly.  "Learyam, if being a bully disqualified Candidates, then the rest of your group would not have Impressed.  Sometimes, I think it would be better if that were the case.  I think I have a solution.  You will report to Master Tikal at Silvara's rooms starting tomorrow; I suggest you take the time to pack your belongings up out of the Candidate barracks and move into one of the rooms in the same hall as Silvara.  I'll make the arrangements and have someone show you which room.  I would also recommend that you check with one of the Archivists and get a blank journal, you'll be making reports to me, Sikra, Tikal, or H'lee about what you learn."  With that, she dismissed him.

She drafted some instructions and summoned a couple of drudges to take care of preparing a room for Learyam in the Healers' quarters and take him to the room.  She also sent a drudge off to N'del to inform him.  She knew she was being a little presumptuous, but she was also the Headwoman of the Weyr that N'del reported to, which gave her some leeway.  Finally, she sent another drudge to Sikra to notify her, as well.  Then she headed down to Silvara's room in search of Tikal and to explain to them what she had decided.

N'del scowled at H'lee's outburst, but listened quietly while Tikal outlined what had really happened.  His head was spinning with questions.  Tikal indicated that they should go somewhere more private to discuss those things and N'del was amenable to that.

H'lee flushed as darkly as Silvara when Tikal not-so-subtly came up with a way to disengage their conversation.  Nevermind that he'd changed her diapers often enough when they were younger, that was a long time ago.  "Ah...certainly," he replied and stepped over toward the bed.  He pursed his lips, looking down at Silv.  "How, exactly, am I supposed to get you to the privy without tearing your stitches?  That's got to be the worst possible place for a laceration.  I can't scoop you up, and I think lugging you around on my shoulders like a bag of firestone would end badly."
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Learyam blinked at her for a second before nodding his head. He was not fully sure what she was going to have him do but he would do as he was told. He wondered what he would be reporting about but held that question for latter. Quickly heading to the Candidate barracks and packing his things. With that sorted out he went down to where the Archivists were and asked for a blank Journal explaining that the Headwoman had told him to get it so he could make repots to her, the Weyrwoman, a Master healer, and H’lee. They gave him the journal with a simple brown hide cover explaining that he had to make sure to not get it wet if at all possible and how to care for it so it would not fall apart in a year. With that knowledge he headed back for the rest of his things and headed to the healer infirmary area of the weyr to see what room he was now assigned.


Silvara nibbled on her lip for a second before coming up with an idea.

“Runner-Ride?” I can use my other arm and legs without over stressing the stiches on the shoulder.”

She was still blushing fainly but now focused on scooting closer to the edge of the bed so if H’lee got into position she could slid onto his back and have to wrap her legs around his waist but it could work. She could not help the smile that came to her lips remember when she was very little and always wanted runner-rides from her “brother”.


Tikal watched as H’lee and Silvara sorted out how to get her out of the room and to the privy watching N’del out of the corner of his eye knowing that the discussion had really only started but would be much easier without H’lee having out bursts and less stressful for silv if she did not have to listen to all of N’del’s questions about her abilities.
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H'lee pinched his nose when Silv suggested runner-ride for helping her get around, fighting off a flashback to when they were kids and Silv wanted to hang out with her and T'lon. He chuckled a little bit and shook his head. "Oh, boy. T'lon is going to give us both a hard time if he sees this, you know that, right?" he sighed and hung his head. "All right."

He knelt down with his back to the bed and held his arms out to wrap around Silv's legs. "Just don't choke me," he laughed. Once she was in position, he staggered to his feet. "You're heavier than you used to be," he grunted. He was careful not to hitch her up so he wouldn't tear her stitches and then maneuvered his way to the privy. He set her down where she needed to be and then left the room until she called for him, and they repeated the performance to get her back to bed.

"Anything else you need right now, little sis? I've got a few things I should take care of relative to going to the Academy with you and your clutchmates, and Seeth just relayed that N'del's orders are for you and Warrelith to spend as much time together as possible, making physical contact."

I kinda figure Learyam's and N'del's roles at this point are extraneous...suffice to say, Lery has sent a messenger to Tikal, and incidentally N'del, so they know about Learyam's "punishment," and N'del got all the questions he could think of at the time about Silv's Gifts answered in the privacy of Tikal's office.
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