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1 Simmarrah on Mon Dec 08, 2014 8:04 pm


Name: Simmarrah
Gender: Female
Age: 16 turns
Craft: Runnerbreeder

What were your ambitions before being Searched or choosing to present yourself for Candidacy?
I have always dreamed of being a Dragonrider, but my father told me that I was destined to breed fast Runners for the rest of my life, and take over from him when he was ready.

Why would you make a good dragonrider?
I possess a love for all creatures great and small, and I have a good connection with my runner beasts. I know a little bit of healing, and I can sing, but I guess those aren't the best qualities for a Dragonrider to have.

If you are not accepted as a Candidate, what would you do?
I would try to stay at the weyr and not return to the hold, if I can. I practically raised my siblings, and my father wouldn't miss me as my younger brother could take over the business. I could do work as a drudge, and help heal any injured dragons or riders if needed. I'm not afraid of blood.

Were you Searched or are you presenting yourself for consideration?
((Hoping to be searched, would be more fun to write.))

What is your Craft rank and specialty?
I am of no rank, but I specialize in breeding and taking care of Runnerbeasts, especially the fast ones.

Where were you born and raised?
In a small hold on the outskirts of Fort Hold. It's a family hold, started by my grandfather, and not much is known about it.

How many siblings/fellow fosterlings did you have?
I have 4 siblings, however I am the oldest. Next comes Mikal, a rambunctious boy of 14 turns, then Sibri, his twin sister. Bakki is 9, she wants to be a healer like my mother was. The baby, Niko, is barely 5. He was the last, the one that my mother died giving birth to. There was 2 before me, but they were both stillborns.

What kind of tasks did you perform in your former residence?
Before my mother died I helped my father with the Runnerbeasts, breeding them and keeping them well. I kept track of the lines and who was the fastest or the strongest of each bunch. I helped break them to ride and pull carts, and took them to the fairs and festivals to be sold and raced. Those were the fun days, the easy days.
After my mother passed giving birth to Niko, I was 11 turns, and my position changed to run the household and raise my siblings on top of my Runnerbeast duties. I managed the two servants that we could afford, and tried to keep the hold in good shape. But it was difficult. My father became distant from us children, focusing more on the Runnerbeasts than he did his hold. When I was 13 we were lucky enough to have a traveling Harper visit our hold for a few months. I learned what I could from him, and found that I had an affinity for singing. He wanted me to join the Harper hall, but I refused, I still had to take care of the family. When he left, I passed on the songs and teachings to my siblings, harvesting in them a respect for the outer world.
When I was 15 my father found love again and remarried, a great relief to me. She is growing a baby now, and has taken over the household duties, citing that I needed to enjoy what was left of my childhood.

How many times have you encountered a dragon and/or dragonrider (including what color/rank, if known)?  A Lord and/or Lady Holder?  A Craft Master and/or Craftmaster?
I have never seen a dragon before except on Tapestries, but I have always dreamed of them. Whenever I rode a fast Runnerbeast at the fastest gallop, I would pretend that I was riding a bronze or brown dragon, his wings unfurled beside me, and it would bring me the slightest moment of joy. Until I realized that it was horse hide beneath my legs, not dragonhide, and that would jolt me back to reality.
I have met several craft masters at the fairs, and once the Lady Holder of Fort, though it was always my father who spoke to them and traded with them, or my mother while she was alive.

You see a Journeyman Crafter, apparently in his late teens, picking on a much younger, smaller Apprentice.  What do you do?
I would immediately scold the older apprentice, no matter his rank. I raised my siblings and I do not put up with bullying. I would then comfort the younger, if it was needed, and tell the MasterCrafter of the journeymans doings.

You encounter a fellow Candidate in a nearly empty corridor; she's clearly distraught.  You find out that she just received news that her parents were killed in a mining accident.  What do you do?
I would sympathize with her loss, and try to take her to my rooms where I could comfort her in private. I would tell her i know how it feels to lose family, as I lost my mother many turns ago. Then we would probably drink some wine, which I would put fellis in hers to help her sleep, and talk about good memories. Afterwards I would keep a close eye on her in case she tried to harm herself.

You're awakened in the middle of the night by a fellow Candidate sneaking out of your shared barracks.  He confesses that he's going to play a prank on one of the Candidates.  What do you do?
I would tell him it's not a good thing playing pranks, that they get out of hand, and that if he didn't get back into bed I would tell the candidatemaster.

During a stint in the livestock area, a group of herdbeasts stampedes when a dragon flies over.  Three younglings running around in the fields are trampled.  What do you do?
Well, if I was there the herdbeasts would have never gotten out of my control. They would have stayed in a particular corner if I ordered them so, away from the children. However, if such a situation happened, I would rush over to the younglings and try to calm them and keep them still while calling out for numb weed and help. If no one is around to help, I would try to take them out of the field without injuring them any further and go get help myself.

You are given a week of restdays during which you can do absolutely anything you want.  How do you spend them?
I would watch the dragons or be with the runnerbeasts. If someone needed help with a chore I would gladly give assistance.

What are your sexual interests?
Being born and raised in a family hold, there were never any boys to catch my interest. I am a virgin to sex, though I know what it is and how it is done.
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