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1 Simmarrah on Mon Dec 08, 2014 9:15 pm


Name: Simmarrah (pronounced Zim-MAR-ra) Or Sim
Rank: Holder
Craft and Rank: Runnerbeast breeder of no rank
Location: A small family hold on the outskirts of Fort Hold
Age: 16 turns
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight, though could be bi curious.
Mate: Has never mated
Gift: Reception Telepathy (8) Projection Telepathy (9) Animal Telepathy (10)

Physical Description:
Simmarrah is tall for her age, at 5 feet and 8 inches, her lanky frame has always made her mistaken for a boy when she was younger. It didn't help that she kept her black hair cut short as a child, boys were thought to be less taken advantage of at the fairs, and boys were the only ones allowed to race. She just started growing her breasts in the past turn, and her hips have widened out a little as well, making it harder to mistake her for a boy. Her new step mother forced her to grow out her hair, to its current curly mid back length. Sim hates those curly locks. They always get in the way of her bright green eyes when she's riding.
Simmarrah has a few scars, some from broken bones, and some from a whipping she received as a young child when her mother first died. The whipping took a few weeks after her brother Niko was born, it was probably a result of a combination of her daydreaming, constant humming and singing, and a highly prospective runner whose leg was broken when she went on a ride across the countryside instead of doing her chores. He took his anger over the loss of his beloved wife and the loss of the runner out on his 11 turn old daughter with a wherry-hide whip. It left some nasty scars criss-crossing her back and legs, and she was unable to sleep on her back for many weeks. There are 15 scars in total, 1 for each slash of the whip, 1 for each mark the runner had been worth. 10 are on her back, and when her father had ran out of clean flesh to leave a mark, he switched to her legs, leaving 5 red stripes along the backs of both of them. She is always conscious of her scars, never allowing anyone to see them if she can help it, and favoring long pants and trousers over skirts and open backed blouses.
She broke her right arm when she was 5 years old, a result of a runner's kick when her powers first manifested. There is a small white scar there, but no disfigurement and it is hardly noticeable.

Since her mother died in childbirth, Simmarrah is deathly afraid of conceiving a child, probably why she is still a virgin. She raised her siblings and ran the household since the age of 11, so she has a hard streak to her. She is up for any task, no matter how complicated, and will complete it to perfection. She hates bullies and those who will bully, and will not run from a fist fight if it gets down to it. She has a caring and loving side to her though. It breaks her heart when a foal dies or she has to sell a favorite mare. When she can, she likes to spend her time with the Runnerbeasts, loving their non complaining quietness.
She is shy around new people that she meets, though is quick to voice her opinion.

her mother died giving birth to her brother Niko, so Simmarrah has always been timid of sex in some way. She grew up in a small family hold on the outskirts of Fort Hold, raising Runnerbeasts of fast blood to race and sell. When her mother died she became the leader of the household, raising the children, and teaching them what she had learned from a Harper a few turns back. She has always found it hard to hide her abilities from her family. Only her father knows that she could speak to and control the runnerbeasts, not that she could also speak to other telepaths and hear other telepaths whenever she was at a gather.

she raised several Runnerbeasts from their births, but never had anything to call a pet. She always wanted a firelizard though.

None as of yet

None as of yet

None as of yet

Other Info:
She has three telepathy gifts, Reception Telepathy (8) Projection Telepathy (8) Animal Telepathy (10). She has always had a strong connection with animals, and has been able to control them sometimes. The other two gifts only appear when she is in large groups, like a Gather. She is somewhat able to control them, though the first time it happened to her she fainted and was unable to race that day.

NPC Characters:
Gambril - father - 42 turns
Mikal -brother - 14 turns
Sibri - sister - 14 turns
Bakki - sister - 11 turns
Niko - brother - 5 turns

OOC Info:
I am online a lot right now and can't wait to get started on things!
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2 Re: Simmarrah on Wed Dec 10, 2014 7:46 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Looks pretty good, you need her scar and her hobby (there are links on the [url=/t3-site-rules]site rules[/url] page to help you pick something out if nothing obvious comes to mind). You're good on a phobia (her fear of childbirth).

Or I can dice-roll some for you if you'd like. That's how I almost always pick out mine. The only stipulation is that the hobby has to be something unrelated to her Craft.

Just to make sure I'm following, she never officially apprenticed in Beastcraft, correct? She's basically just inheriting the craft knowledge because it's what her family does?
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3 Re: Simmarrah on Thu Dec 11, 2014 10:38 pm


Since she couldn't leave the hold because she had to raise her siblings she never got the chance to apprentice to beastcraft, it was just in the family and she had skills with the Runnerbeasts.
. I was possibly going to have her scarred at the hatching, but maybe her stepmom or father will give her a good whipping for daydreaming...a horsehide whip leaves lovely scars on the back and legs...
As for a hobby, she likes to sing and write songs about dragons. Maybe that's the reason for the whipping.... (Now she sounds like the Harper girl from the sea hold who had like 9 firelizards and for the life of me I can't remember her name though I know it starts with an "m")

I'll update in the morning after I've gone through your new threads again.
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4 Re: Simmarrah on Fri Dec 12, 2014 1:23 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Menolly. Love those books (I had them practically memorized by the time I was 10, 'cause my parents would read to me each night before bed and I always wanted them to read those books).

When I was looking over your app, I had thought some kind of accident resulting in her getting kicked by a horse or something, seems like the most likely source (maybe when her Gift first manifested and she was startled and startled the horse?). Or falling off the side of the barn or something. But the whip thing would also work. :-)
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