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13941.04.07 - Candidate Interviews Empty 3941.04.07 - Candidate Interviews on Sun Feb 01, 2015 5:14 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Although Lery and H'lee had both had prior opportunities to discuss the potential candidates with the other riders, they had not seen most of them in person.  With the exception of the half a dozen or so that had timed it forward with their dragonrider relations and the couple that had accidentally stumbled on the dragonriders' hiding places, Lery hadn't seen any of them at all.  It galled her that they'd had to effectively kidnap the remaining youngsters and bring them - not quite kicking and screaming - to the Weyr, where they'd been dumped in a large room that would eventually be a conference room (if, Lery thought dryly, they ever got any decent furniture) without so much as a "it's going to be alright."

Most of them were scared, although how they showed it varied by individual. Some got arrogant and yelled at the riders when they brought more children to the room, or tried to escape; some cried; and some tried a more adult way to get answers to their questions.  Lery and H'lee had given firm orders that none of the riders were to try to answer any of the questions, as it would just breed confusion; likewise, they had kept the candidates who were already present in the Weyr away from the new ones for the time being.

Now, all the potentials were here, and it was time to do full and proper interviews.  Lery put on her best motherly face and glared at H'lee until he unbent a little.  They'd be doing joint interviews to speed this along, and in an adjoinging room, one of the Harpers was waiting to give each one some basic reading, writing, and arithmetic tests to evaluate their education.

They swept into the room through the back door - well, Lery swept, H'lee limped - and Lery cleared her throat.  This startled most of the youngsters, who had been facing the front door that they'd been brought in through.  "I know you're all very confused, and maybe even a little frightened, but this is all about to be explained to you.  I am Candidatemaster Lery, and also Headwoman here. This is Weyrlingmaster H'lee," she gestured at the brownrider, who tried not to scowl; he hated this part of the process.  "We are going to talk to each of you individually and explain why you're here, and get you settled into better accomodations."  Lery looked at the clipboard she held in her hand, then scanned the group of about 30 children in front of her, apparently looking for someone.  "Alyena, you're first, dear, please come with us."

H'lee spotted the young woman that Silv had pointed out to him and T'lon when they were at Fort Hold, and beckoned to her, opening the door.  Silv had been responsible for grabbing her, since H'lee wanted her to stand for the golds; he'd been concerned that she might have talents like Silv and her mother, so he wanted someone who could handle her in that event.

After they finished interviewing her, they sent her into the next room to Harper Timiny to be tested, and went back to the conference room to pick another candidate.  Harper Timiny stuck his head in when Alyena was done with her testing, but kept her in that room until Lery and H'lee were done with the next one.  Lery took Timiny's report while H'lee orchestrated the exchange of the two candidates - sending the boy they'd just interviewed into Timiny's "office" and escorting Alyena back to the chair the boy had just vacated.  Lery perused the report, made some notes and commented on Alyena's scores, then introduced her to Nylee, instructing the other girl to take Alyena to the Barracks; they didn't have proper candidate quarters yet, but the weyrling barracks were finished, and with no weyrlings to reside there yet, it was doubling as the candidate barracks.  Then they singled out the third candidate, and the process was repeated (although Lerane escorted the boys to their new quarters instead of Nylee).

Before they started any interviewing, they provided each candidate with a very brief outline of what was going on, glossing over some parts and firmly refusing to answer any questions about how they had accomplished what they'd done: they survived the attack that killed all of the other riders and had gone into hiding; they had three clutches of eggs, 38 eggs in total, and a shortage of suitable candidates; they had carefully scouted six of the major Holds for potential candidates; and now, a week before the eggs were due to Hatch, they had collected the candidates; no, normally candidates wouldn't be selected this way, but it was the only way this time; yes, they could refuse to stand for the Hatching, but they would still have to stay here for a couple of weeks, but at that time, if they still wanted to go home, they could; no, they couldn't contact their families just yet, but yes, they would be allowed to do so in a couple of weeks.

Harper Timiny's Tests
There are two parts to this: first off, get your Candidate Application in (if you haven't already). Secondly, you must post your character's responses to Harper Timiny's tests.  Post your response to the scene in the office, then respond by copying the information above into your post and modifying it to meet your character's education and ability levels.  Feel free to describe how your character feels under this brusque interrogation.  Posting about your abduction and transport to the Weyr (if you are one of those that were kidnapped) is optional, but encouraged, as is any response to the remainder of the post above.

Simmarrah, please post your responses to Timiny's tests.  Since you weren't snatched away the same way, you would have taken these tests at some other time, in a more relaxed situation (but still after arriving at the new Weyr).

Some notes about characters' likely education level:
In Moreta's time, every Candidate would have likely passed these tests with a B+ (87%) or better average, depending on their age (Candidates 12-14 being on the lower end, and Candidates 18-22 being on the upper end).

By Lessa's time, this would have decreased to a B average (84%) or better, except for those from Fax's Holds who would likely have failed most of the tests due to Fax banishing the Harpers and keeping his holders from getting the basic education guaranteed by the Charter.

By H'lee's time, this would have dropped further to a B- (80%), and by 3941 (1,200 years later), the average education would fall in the Ds (60%).  This is in part due to an increased population and technology level (allowing more to be done with less work and a lower education) but also a decreased emphasis on the importance of education (particularly since the Harper Hall would have been appalled at what occurred in the Weyrs and, for the most part, would have been banished or had their curriculum curtailed to avoid teaching things that would cause questions about what had really happened and to downplay the importance of the Weyrs in Pernese history).

Most Candidates from the Fort Weyr will probably be more literate than those from other locationgs because the Harper Hall is located in Fort Hold, but depending on where they grew up (in a larger Hold with an assigned Harper or in a remote cothold with only a passing Journeyman Harper), they may have greater or lesser reading, writing, and arithmetic abilities.

The office is sparsely furnished: two rough-hewn stools and a "table" made of a board propped up on two more stools; on the table is a stack of papers and a graphite stick, and on one stool is a lanky young man with Journeyman's knots in Harper blue.  When the candidate is admitted, Journeyman Harper Timiny indicates they should sit on the other stool hands them a sheet of paper.

"First, read the text on this page."

Seas boil and mountains move,
Sands heat, dragons prove
Red Star passes.
Stones pile and fires burn
Green withers, arm Pern.
Guard all passes.
Star Stone watch, scan sky.
Ready the Weyrs, all riders fly;
Red Star passes.

Barley is a cereal grain that can be brewed as a tea to combat symptoms of cystitis, which is a common complaint of female dragonriders.

A weaver's-length is the length from nosetip to extended arm fingertip, or approximately one yard.

The Yokohama was commanded by Admiral Paul Benden and carried 2,900 people.

After the candidate has read aloud - or attempted to read aloud - the top half of the sheet, Harper Timiny instructs them to answer the mathematical questions on the lower half, indicating that a piece of paper and the graphite stick can be used for any calculations the candidate needs to do.

  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 2 tablespoons granulated sweetening
  • 2.5 cups flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup ice water
  • 5 cups berries
  • 1 cup granulated sweetening
  • 0.25 teaspoon powdered klah bark
  • 2 teaspoons citrus juice
  • 1-2 tablespoons butter

Given the above ingredients to make one recipe's worth, calculate how much of each ingredient is needed to make:
  1. 1 dozen tarts: requires 2 recipes of crust and filling
  2. Half a dozen Gather-pies: requires a half recipe of crust, a quarter recipe of filling

After the candidate performs - or attempts to perform - the calculations, Journeyman Timiny instructs the candidate to transcribe his dictation of the following on another piece of paper.

Drummer, beat, and piper, blow,
Harper, strike, and soldier, go.
Free the flame and sear the grasses
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

From the Weyr and from the Bowl,
Bronze and brown and blue and green,
Rise the dragonmen of Pern,
Aloft, on wing, seen, then unseen.

Honor those the dragons heed,
In thought and favor, word and deed.
Worlds are lost or worlds are saved
From those dangers dragon-braved.

Dragonman, avoid excess;
Greed will bring the Weyr distress;
To the ancient Laws adhere,
Prospers thus the Dragonweyr.

At last, Harper Timiny will signal that the candidate is done, and suggest that they may wish to have a glass of water and possibly something called a calzone, which are on a small table off to the side (another board, this time set up on a stump) and he goes to the door to tell Candidatemaster Lery and Weyrlingmaster H'lee that he has completed the tests for the candidate.

Some time later (sometimes only a couple of minutes, sometimes several minutes), the door opens again and H'lee indicates that the candidate who has been with the Harper should come back out, and another candidate slips in.

#Hlee #Alyena #Simmarrah #Site-Main-Plot
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23941.04.07 - Candidate Interviews Empty Re: 3941.04.07 - Candidate Interviews on Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:34 pm


Gold Weyrling
Alyena was making her usual run to the markets to get food for the Hold.  She'd made it through most of her stops before she heard someone asking for help.  She turned and saw someone who looked vaguely familiar struggling to move a large barrel between two stalls.  She may have been small, but this fellow was clearly crippled; besides, her size would make it easier for them to both fit in the aisle behind the barrel.

"Here, let me help you with that," she said, slipping in beside him and giving the barrel a good shove.  After a couple minutes of heaving, they had gotten the barrel behind the stalls into a relatively private, enclosed area. That was when Alyena discovered there had been someone behind the barrel, and they were both looking at her.  She smiled and opened her mouth to say, "You're welcome," but the words never left her lips.

The next thing she recalled, the ground was coming up toward her alarmingly fast.  There was some sort of belt around her waist with ropes and she was sliding down the side of something tall and strangely blue, and there were a couple of people standing below her with their arms outstretched to catch her.  One of them was the crippled man, but he was dressed very differently now.  She landed on her feet a little heavily, but the two men caught her elbows and kept her from collapsing.

She wanted to look around a minute, but they unsnapped the belt and whisked her inside before she had a chance to get her bearings, but she could swear she saw at least one dragon, and there were another pair of people dressed in the same cold-weather gear with another kid between them heading down the same hallway in front of her.  They were taken to a room where several other children were waiting.  One of them hollered at the men, demanding that they answer his questions, but the adults said nothing.  They weren't rough, but it was abundantly clear to them that they were to stay in the room (as if the locked doors weren't enough).  Alyena tried to ask what was going on, but the crippled man gave her a stern look and shook his head before giving her a gentle push into the room.

When she saw the number and variety of kids in the room, Alyena started to feel afraid.  Some Lord Holders had taken to kidnapping children and young adults to test them for psionic abilities, and there were rumors about what happened to the kids after they were taken.  And as she talked to some of the others in the room, she found out that many of them had relatives (mostly distant relatives) who were known to have one or more of those abilities.  She surrounded herself with several of the younger children and tried to soothe their fears.  One thing she noticed was that most of the boys were Apprentice age, but the girls were older.  The other thing she noticed was that there were more boys than girls.

A number of additional youngsters were brought in.  There were about thirty of them in the room when the rear door opened and the crippled man and an older woman came in.  The children that Alyena had collected whimpered and crowded a little more closely to her.  The Headwoman's words did little to reassure her, and she was less thrilled when she was the first one to be ordered into the room that the pair had come out of.  She slowly and carefully extracted herself from the cluster of kids and picked her way across the room.

She glared at the crippled man as they sat down.  "You were looking around the markets last month!" she exclaimed, finally realizing where she had seen him before.  "And kidnapped me!"

Then they explained what was going on.  She couldn't believe her ears, but she answered all their questions; the answers were a little rambling, as she was in shock, but she got through them.  Then she was sent into another room for some tests from a Harper.

Alyena perched nervously on the edge of the stool she had been pointed to.  She had been near the top of her Harper classes, but those had been years ago, when she was still an Apprentice (and before she was an Apprentice).  Her parents hadn't been fond of her learning too much from the Harpers, but they did want her to know how to read, write, and figure.

She took a moment to scan the paper she was handed, then took a deep breath and started reading.

"See-as boil and moon-tayns move,
Sands heat, dragons proh-vee
Red Star passes.
Stahns pill and fires burn
Green wy-thers, arm Pern.
Guward all passes.
Star Stahn wash, san sky.
Ree-ady the Weyrs, all riders fly;
Red Star passes.

Barley is a cereal grain that can be brewed as a tea to cohm-bait sym-pe-toms of sy-sty-tys, which is a common complay-int of female dragonriders.

A wee-aver's-length is the length from noh-see-typ to extended arm fingertyp, or approximately one yard.

The Yaw-kah-hay-may was co-man-deed by Ayd-myr-ail Pay-yul Benden and carried 2,900 pee-ohp-lee."

The second step, the figuring, was easy for a Journeywoman Baker, and she had no problems at all with it.

1 dozen tart crusts:
1 cup butter
4 tablespoons granulated sweetening
5 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup ice water
10 cups berries
2 cup granulated sweetening
0.5 teaspoon powdered klah bark
4 teaspoons citrus juice
2-4 tablespoons butter

1/2 dozen Gather-pies:
1/4 cup butter
1 tablespoons granulated sweetening
1.25 cups flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup ice water
1.25 (1 1/4) cups berries
1/4 cup granulated sweetening
0.0625 (1/16) teaspoon powdered klah bark
1/2 teaspoons citrus juice
1/4-1/2 tablespoons butter

She was much less confident about transcribing the Harper's recitation.  Although he spoke relatively slowly, his speech was still faster than her writing and by the end, her script was scrawling badly.

Drumer beet and pyper bloh,
Harper stryk and soljer go.
Fre the flame and seer the grases,
Til the dahning red star pases.

From the weyr and from the bowl,
Bronze and brown and blue and green.
Ryz the dragonmen of Pern,
Uhlawfte on wing, sen then unsen.

Ahner thoz the dragons hed,
In thot and fayver, werd and ded.
Worldz r lost oar worldz r sayved,
From thoz dayngers dragon brayved.

Dragonman uhvoyd ekses,
Gred wil bring the weyr distres.
To the aynshent laws adhear,
Prospers thus the dragon weyr.

He took the papers from her at the end and waved her over to the food.  She was starving; she'd had her usual early breakfast and it had been hours since she'd been grabbed.  She had never heard of a "kal-zohn" before, but she found it was something like a bubbly pie, except with meat, vegetables, and she thought she tasted an overtone of cheese, and it was quite good, as was the water, which was surprising crisp and sweet, much better than what she usually got at Fort Hold.  She was licking the crumbs from her fingers when she was waved back out to the other room with Headwoman Lery and Weyrlingmaster H'lee.

After they talked to her and Lery introduced her to Nylee (who, apparently, was one of H'lee's daughters), she was led off to the weyrling barracks and Nylee helped her get some clothes and the things she'd need while she stayed there - a light blanket for the bed, towels, and the like.  And, most amazingly of all, took her outside to see the dragons sunning themselves on ledges.  She couldn't believe it, but Nylee assured her it was real and said that they'd get to see the dragons up close soon enough.  Alyena ended up picking the room next to Nylee's, and she sat down along the wall outside, ostensibly to watch the dragons, but she was also watching for the other younger children that she'd been comforting in the conference room.
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33941.04.07 - Candidate Interviews Empty Re: 3941.04.07 - Candidate Interviews on Wed Feb 04, 2015 3:15 pm


A hand gently shook her shoulder, waking Simmarrah from the depths of slumber. She groggily rubbed her eyes, wincing as her hands brushed her face. The swelling had gone down but there were still slight bruises that hurt when touched. A young woman stood next to her, her face expressionless, though Sim could feel a comforting warmth surrounding her. "Hello, I am Leila. How are you feeling today?" Warily Sim sat up, groaning as her body announced every bruised and battered limb. "I've been better." She could barely get the words out, her mout was dry and her tongue felt huge. A glass of water was on the nightstand next to her. She quickly snatched it up and drained most of it, enjoying the crisp cool water. "I have been instructed to bring you to Harper Timiny." sim stared at her curiously. The woman's voice was clipped and she seemed to struggle to get her words out. There was still a blank expression on her face, which did not change even as Sim slipped naked from the covers. Once she was standing unsteadily in the light, Sim took the chance to study her body. Shivering in the cool morning air. Green and yellow bruises covered her skin, a gift from the bandits that had captured her a few weeks ago. She shuddered and quickly dressed, turning her back to the young Leila. The woman blinked at the scars that crisscrossed Sim's back and legs, but said nothing.
Simmarrah felt slightly better when she was fully dressed in the soft wherhide that had been left at the foot of her bed. She smiled at Leila and motioned for her to lead the way. Leila nodded and took her down a maze of corridors and halls that quickly  disoriented Simmarrah, until they were in front of a plain wooden door. Leila knocked thrice on the wood, then opened the door and gently pushed Sim in, shutting it with a soft click behind her.
The room was small and sparsely furnished. An older man, roughly in his late 40's or early 50's by Sim's guess, was sitting behind a sturdy wooden desk, his head bent as he wrote on some of the papers that covered his desk. Without looking at her he gestured to a stool in front of the desk, and Sim quickly sat on it, crossing her legs and placing her hands in her lap. She was nervous, but didn't let it show. It was several minutes before he looked up at the girl sitting quietly before him, taking note of the bruises on her skin."Hello Simmarrah, I am Harper Timiny. You have had quite an ordeal these past few weeks. Do you know where you are?"
She nodded. I'm in a Weyr? she said hesitantly. "But I do not remember much of what has happened in the last couple of days before I was rescued."
answered Timiny. "you were given drugs to dampen your psionic gifts and to keep you immobilized. Unfortunately one of the side effects of them includes memory loss. I trust you are felling better? You were running quite a fever at first."
"Well, except for the bruises and my head, I do feel much better, especially now that I am safe."

He smiled gently. "Yes, you are certainly safe here. Do you understand why we brought you here instead of the Healer Hall?"
She paused for a moment, she hadn't really given much thought about the reasoning behind her rescue, just that she was finally safe from her tormentors. It came to her quickly though. "Is there going to be a hatching? And you need candidates?" Taken aback by her correct answer,Timiny nodded, so she continued. "I guess that means I am a candidate myself?" She was surprised and happy, she had never thought she would recieve this kind of honor.
"A very gifted candidate I might add, to do so much while your powers were dampened by drugs. Can you tell me a little about yourself, and your life?" She began with her mothers death of course, for that was a major turning point in her life. He wrote every word of her story down, a record of her life, as he called it. It wasn't a long one, and he interrupted several times to ask a question to clear things up. She finished with what she could remember of the kidnapping, which wasn't much, and drifted off into silence as he furiously wrote on the paper. As his pen finished scratching he looked up at her.
"A very intriguing tale. You have been through quite a lot for a girl your age." She bowed her head, letting her dark curls cover her face. Some of the questions had been embarrassing, but she had given truthful answers, ignoring the blush that sometimes crawled up her face.
"I have a few more questions for you before we finish up today. Not much, just to see what your abilities are and what you need to learn." He handed her a sheet of paper and asked her to read it aloud to him. She read it to herself first before vocalizing the words. "My mother used to read me this one when I was little."

Seas boil and mountains move,
Sands heat, dragons prove
Red Star passes.
Stones pile and fires burn
Green withers, arm Pern.
Guard all passes.
Star Stone watch, scan sky.
Ready the Weyrs, all riders fly;
Red Star passes.

The words flowed from her mouth with ease, and she quickly found herself chanting the words as if she were about to burst into song. "My mother taught me to read when I was little, and the Harper who taught us for the time he was with us refined the skill."
The other three sentences were a breeze for her. "
Barley is a cereal grain that can be brewed as a tea to combat symptoms of cystitis, which is a common complaint of female dragonriders.
A weaver's-length is the length from nosetip to extended arm fingertip, or approximately one yard.
The Yokohama was commanded by Admiral Paul Benden and carried 2,900 people.
Timiny smiled and handed her another sheet. "Excellent. That was wonderful. Please, do the mathematics on this page. this sheet was slightly more difficult for her. As the breeder and seller of runnerbeasts, her father had taught her the figures so she would never be cheated out of what was owed. She had also learned to do the Holds bookkeeping when her mother had died, and had fallen in love with the simplicity of math. "Well, given that you would need to double everything in order to get two batches, a dozen tarts would need;

1 cup butter
4 tablespoons granulated sugar
5 cups of flour
1 teaspoon of salt
1 cup of ice water
10 cups of berries
2 cups granulated sweetening
1/2 teaspoons of citrus juice
2-4 teaspoons of butter

The second question was more difficult for her. The Harper had only begun to cover the topic of division when he had left her Hold, but she figured it was the same as multiplying just doing the opposite. As she refead the question something jumped out at her. The first question had said that 2 batches of the recipe would make a dozen tarts, which meant that 1 batch of the recipe would only make half a dozen tarts. The second question was asking for the recipe for a half a dozen gather pies, which she assumed were the same as tarts since they used the same recipe, which meant that to make a half dozen tarts it would only call for 1 batch of the recipe. She looked up at Timiny. "Sir, I believe there might be two answers to the second question. If you follow the first question, 1 batch equals a half a dozen tarts. If the second question is only asking for a half a dozen as well, shouldn't the answer be the recipe as it is written? However I might be overthinking things. I can still give you the measurements for a half a batch of crust and a quarter batch of filling.

1/4 cup butter
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
1 1/4 cups of flour
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1/4 cup of ice water
1 1/4 cups of berries
1/4 cup granulated sweetener
1/16 teaspoon powdered klah bark
1/2 teaspoons citrus juice
1/4 - 1/2 tablespoons of butter

She finished, somewhat proud that she had figured it out. Again, Timiny smiled and handed her a blank sheet of paper and a pen. "I want you to dictate what I say, as best you can." She frowned as he began to speak. Her writing was not all that good, as she hadn't much practice. It looked like child's scrawl, barely legible to anyone other than her. But either way she did as she was told.

Drumer beet an piper blo
Harper strike an solder go
Free the flame an seer the grases
Til the dawning red star pases

From the war an from the bowl
Bronze an brown an blu and green
Rise the dragon men of pern
A loft on wing sen then unsen

Onor those the dragon hed
In thot an favor word an ded
Worlds ar lost or worlds ar saved
From thos dangers dragon braved

Dragon men avoid escess
Greed will bring the Weyr distres
To the ancent laws adheer
Prospers thus the dragonweyr

She frowned as she looked the words over. Some of them made no sense to her as she read them and she knew she had misspelled many, but she hoped she had gotten everything as he had said it, and handed the sheet back to him with a shrug of her shoulders. Hopefully he would be able to read her scrawl. "You did a wonderful job. Frankly for one without a harper and so far from a major Hold, you did extremely well. " He tugged on a rope by the wall, whose function was unknown to Simmarrah. Immediately Liela opened the door, peering her head inside. "Yes Harper?"
"Please return Simmarrah to her room, and serve her breakfast. I am sure she is quite hungry."
"Yes sir."
"Thank you for your patience Simmarrah. Someone will be by your rooms to speak with you later."
she nodded and rose, clasping the Harpers hand to shake it farewell. She smiled at Leila and followed her to her room, where breakfast was already waiting for her. It consisted of a few pies, some eggs, and a slice of meat that was all quite delicious.
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