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All of the candidates will be gathered in the same conference room that they were put in when they were brought to the Weyr for each of the lessons, since right now, it's the only room with the accommodations for all of them simultaneously and that has what Lery needs to teach the lessons.  The lesson will occur only once.

Each Candidate received a pamphlet during their interview with Lery and H'lee, which you can review here.  They were encouraged to review it after they were shown to their new quarters.

Note: the pamphlet is from H'lee's time.  There have undoubtedly been some changes in the caste system on Pern in the subsequent 1,200 years, so some candidates should have a lot of questions or concerns - or confusion over the names of the different ranks!

Eight days before the eggs were due to Hatch, Lery rounded up all of the candidates and shepherded them into the conference room where they'd waited for their interviews after arriving at the Weyr the previous day; she explained that this would be where they would conduct lessons unless there was some pressing reason for them to take the lesson elsewhere.  The first lesson was designed to teach candidates, especially those from outside any Weyr upbringing, the ranks, duties, and proper forms of address of those within the Weyr.

Once they had entered the conference room and settled into seats (she told them to make themselves as comfortable as they could, given their limited furnishings - there were chairs, but also cushions on the floor), she began with a general lecture.

"All of the individuals in the Weyr work together to maintain peace and balance and to keep the Weyr livable.  The three lowest tiers in the diagram represent the Weyr's staff, and you can see they are broken into three groups.

"The 3rd-level Staff are more commonly referred to as 'drudges.'  Drudges are frequently handicapped in some way, usually mentally, but this does not give anyone - especially you - the right to harass them.  They're responsible for making sure that your washrooms, towels, and sheets are clean and that you can see your way down corridors without tripping over anything.

"2nd-level Staff may be physically handicapped, but again, no one has the right to harass them because of it.  It would behoove you to make friends with them; they're often jacks-of-all-trade and may have talents you can appreciate, helping you fix broken furniture, for example."
She paused for a moment to eye some of the more ricketty chairs significantly.

"1st-level Staff are the same level as you are.  They're often Apprentices in a Craft.  They are also usually older than you are and deserve your respect.  You will obey them just as you would obey me unless someone of higher rank tells you otherwise.  If there are any conflicts, bring them to me or, if I'm not available, to a Steward.

"All of the Substewards, Stewards, Head Stewards, and Riders are higher-ranked than you.  Treat and address them with respect, or you'll likely find yourself cleaning latrines and changing glows."

Having finished her speech, she made eye contact with each of the Candidates to ensure that they had been listening to her and understood.  Then she quickly finished.

"Most of what you need to know is in that pamphlet.  Do you have any questions?"

After answering any questions, she dismissed the lesson.  "If you do come up with any questions, make note of them.  We'll be meeting tomorrow for your next lesson, and I'll be happy to answer any questions then."

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