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This week, the conference room had been updated with a huge map on the wall: the map was old and didn't have any of the new Hold boundaries on it; clearly, the dragonriders had preserved it for use here.

The main feature of the map wall was a territory map outlining the Weyrs and the Holds that are beholden to them.  Headwoman Lery made sure that the candidates sat facing this map.

"You'll have to bear with me, we're still trying to update our maps with the changes that have come about.

"Now, most of you come from Holds, but there hasn't been any tithing from Holds to Weyrs in 1,200 years, and minimal before that.  But I'm hoping you each can name one unique good or service that Holds traditionally provide to the Weyrs, and also one unique thing the Weyrs provide for the Holds."
 She didn't specifically say, "aside from fighting Thread," but it was hanging on the end of her last sentence.

Name one thing that the Holds provide to the Weyrs, and one thing the Weyrs provide to the Holds.  Your answers should be unique from all the other candidates' answers.

The lesson will continue after your posts.

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