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Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Again this week, Headwoman Lery shepherded the candidates out to the Sands to review the fifth lesson: what the candidates needed to do during the Hatching, what to do if they Impressed, and so on.  They also had a surprise lecturer: Weyrlingmaster H'lee.

H'lee described how they would string out on the Sands in an arc around the eggs, keeping a safe distance from the eggs and a safe distance from each other.  "The hatchlings are clumsy when they break free of their eggs.  Ever crack open a chicken egg?  The clear liquid provides nutrients to the chick, same concept in a dragon egg.  So most of it's gone when they hatch, but there's still some moisture.  It can cause the eggshell to stick to them, which can interfere with their ability to move."

He also explained that there would be adult riders on the sidelines ready to give them a hand off the Sands.  "I can't stress enough that you need to wait for the hatchling to come to you.  Even if you can feel the Impression bond forming, DO NOT go to him or her.  Doing so could inadvertently place you between another hatchling and their candidate.  Hatchlings are thinking about two things when they break those eggshells open: find their lifemate and finding food.  Getting between either of those can get you trampled, injured, or even killed.

"I'll be waiting with in the Bowl with meat for the hungry hatchlings, pails of water and brushes so you can scrub them clean, and a pail of water for them to drink.  New weyrlings will also be given their first lesson in oiling their dragons after washing them.

"Someone will escort the newly-Impressed to the barracks.  You're pretty familiar with the layout, since you've been living in them because we don't have candidate barracks yet.  If you want to do any swapping, now is the time. We don't need unnecessary drama between weyrling riders after Impressing."

With that, they were dismissed for the afternoon.  As the candidates already knew, there were two barracks, a larger one for the male weyrlings and a smaller for the females.  Candidatemaster Lery had explained that this was because greens would Impress to males or females and they usually ended up with more male weyrlings than females.  "We used to have Academies, which allowed us to give weyrlings more space in the barracks.  We have to house up to 40 weyrlings at a time, and there's only so much space to go around.  Please make a decision about whether you want to stay in the one you've been in the last couple of days or move into another one, then give me a number; the Carpenters just put up numbers in each one for you, they're numbered from west to east (left to right)."

Default weyrling barrack layout:

|-----*--           |
|b[]     ~      c   |
|e       ~      o   |
|d       ~      u   |
|()      ~      c   |
|   ____ ~      h   |
|{}|desk|~          |
|-----*--           |

* - glowbasket
() - chest
[] - nightstand
{} - armoire
~ - curtain

Note: the couches can't be moved, but candidates can rearrange the other furniture as they so desire - if you'd like the code so you can post your own layout, let me know.

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