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1Baker/Cook Application Empty Baker/Cook Application on Fri Jan 06, 2012 4:48 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Unlike many Crafts, Bakecraft does not have a Hall of its own.  Bakers and Cooks learn their Craft in one-on-one or small group situations from other Bakers and Cooks in their home Holds or Weyrs.  The primary distinction between Apprentices and Journeymen is whether or not their activities are supervised by another Baker or Cook.  Apprenticeship and Journeys last only 1-2 Turns each instead of the usual 3-4 Turns.

There is a seemingly minor distinction between Bakers and Cooks:  Cooks handle most of the day-to-day cooking and typically "specialize" in highly flavorful courses that can be easily served to large groups: soups and stews, breads, roasts, etc.; Bakers handle specialized foods that require extreme care in preparation and delicacy in handling and specialize in "treats" such as bubblies, baklava, cookies, etc.  Most of those in Bakecraft are Cooks as that's the primary demand for food.

Basic Application

<b>Why do you want to be a Baker or a Cook?</b>

Apprentice Application

First Year Apprentice

<b>Name a food and list one safety procedure for growing, harvesting, preparing, or storing it.</b>

<b>Name a kitchen tool and how to properly maintain or use it.</b>

<b>Pick two measurements (either volume or weight) and list the equations to convert between them.</b>

<b>Name a cut of meat, veggies, or fruit and what tool(s) you would use to make that cut.</b>

Second Year Apprentice

<b>List a primary ingredient (e.g., a vegetable, a meat, etc.) and name three herbs or seasonings that go well with it.</b>

<b>Name an alcoholic beverage and list what kind of meat and what kind of vegetable dishes it would go well with (either as a pairing or as part of the cooking procedure).</b>

<b>List the ingredients and their amounts of your favorite soup or stew (using Pernese terminology/ingredients in place of Terran ones).</b>

Journeyman Application

First Year Journeyman

<b>Describe the baking/preparation/cooking instructions for your favorite bread, pasta, or pastry.</b>

<b>Name your favorite cut of meat and briefly describe two methods to prepare it (including any seasonings, etc.).</b>

<b>Name two dishes you would likely find at a Gather and where they would be in relation to each other (in terms of arrangement or timing).</b>

Second Year Journeyman

<b>Briefly describe how to produce or use a type of dairy product (butter, cheese, milk, etc.) or egg.</b>

<b>List one fruit and one vegetable and briefly describe a raw and a cooked method of serving them.</b>

<b>Select a Hold or Hall and describe one dish that would be traditionally served at a Gather hosted by that location.</b>

Master Application

Masters are usually considered those who become Head Cooks, Head Bakers, Kitchen Stewards, Headwoman, etc.  The main difference between them and Journeymen are exceptional management skills.

<b>What would your Mastery be in (e.g., Head Pastry Chef, etc.)?</b>

<b>What are your plans for your Mastery?</b>
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