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1Loraine Empty Loraine on Sun Jan 08, 2012 10:28 am


Apprentice Smith
Name: Loraine
Rank: Lady Holder
Craft and Rank: Journeywoman Farmer (2nd year)
Location: Ruatha Hold
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hetero
Mate: Eroran (deceased)

Physical Description:
Loraine is a small, slight woman, very wiry in build.  Her face is round, with large, oval eyes that are a sharp blue in color.  Her nose is small and set high in her face, over a wide mouth to which smiles come easily.  Her face is framed in long, dusty-blond hair that reaches to the small of her back, but is usually tied back in a braid.

As a girl, Loraine was loquacious, loving to natter on about most anything, and humming to herself when she had no one to talk to. Her parents firmly and repeatedly discouraged the behavior as unseemly in a Lady-Holder-to-be, and now she rarely engages in bouts of talkativeness, and then only with those closest to her. She's prone to occasional, unpredictable bouts of depression; these are frequently followed by manic episodes. She doesn't anger easily and is more inclined to laugh at things than scowl.

Born in Fort Hold, Loraine was the first child of Lord Holder Aleamor and Lady Holder Rodia. Despite technological advances post-AIVAS, the feudal society remains strong, and the Lord and Lady were determined to have the "heir and a spare," particularly given the constant harassment by High Reaches Hold and Nabol Hold. Initially, Loraine was essentially left to fend for herself as a result. However, when first a second daughter (Yesia) and then a third daughter (Asha) were born, Rodia suggested that they should consider finding a suitable husband for Loraine, one who would be able to take over management of Fort Hold in the event that they had no sons.

So at age 4, Loraine started receiving training on how proper young ladies should behave. She was taught how to manage her husband's household, then a larger holding, and finally a Hold proper. A fourth daughter (Ristabel) was born when Loraine was 8, and finally her parents got their wish three years after that: twin boys (Polran and Peruon).

Loraine knew from a young age that she would be marrying Eroran, heir to Ruatha Hold. Her parents would have preferred a different joining, but Southern Boll was the only other Hold they could consider merging with, and there were no eligible young men there. She began to resent being forced into an arranged marriage, but she couldn't see any way around or out of it. This was when she started developing her depression.

At 16, she was sent to Ruatha Hold to learn the workings of that Hold under Lord Holder Thodarel's hired Warden - Lady Holder Ensina had died in childbirth with Eroran. The young heir had developed a reputation for randiness among the servants and there were a couple of young holdbrats whose parentage was questionable as a result; it seemed the young man was no more keen on the marriage his father had arranged than Loraine was. As a result, no one called Loraine by her given name when Eroran was around, and unsurprisingly, the man became interested in the Warden's new apprentice.

Loraine had been given explicit instructions - bordering on pornographic - on how to treat him in order to capture and keep his interest. At first, she was disgusted by both Eroran's behavior and what she'd been told to do, but eventually she came to enjoy the seduction, and Eroran's fascination was piqued by her aloofness, and his attraction to other women faded. They kept this up for nearly a year before Eroran found out who she really was. At first, he was furious at the deception, but he'd gotten to know her well enough by then that he couldn't remain angry for long. For the next year, the flirtations resumed, but Eroran developed a more mature attitude and set about trying to woo Loraine. Shortly after she turned 18, they were wed.

Eroran had had opportunities to study a Craft - in fact, his father had encouraged him to learn about the businesses that kept the Hold in funds. He was shocked that Loraine's parents hadn't felt the same, and in turn encouraged her to find a Craft and Apprentice in it. Three months after they wed, she Apprenticed to Farmcraft.

A year later, their first child, a son they named Erhom, was born. Until this point, Eroran's father had explicitly forbade him from assisting in managing their limited armed forces because there wasn't another heir if Eroran was killed. With Erhon's birth, however, his father acquiesced to Eroran's pleas to assist.

For two years, Eroran first strategized, then led units when Nabol Hold's forces tried to annex land along Ruatha's northern border. But then in one of those skirmishes along the Telgar Fjord, his horse was hamstrung and crushed its rider as it rolled on the ground - Eroran died before the Healers could do anything for him. When news of his son's death reached him, Lord Holder Thodarel experienced a non-fatal heart attack that left him crippled. Loraine took a brief hiatus from her Apprenticeship to care for him and help manage the Hold until the end of her second pregnancy, when she bore another son, Lorler.

Shortly after Lorler's birth, Lord Thodarel insisted that Loraine complete her Apprenticeship, at the least, since she had only been three months from completing it when Eroran was killed. After arguing with him about it for several months, Loraine finally agreed and resumed her training and walked the tables three months later. Just as she was starting the second quarter of her second-year Journeymanship, Lord Thodarel had a stroke and died a few days later. He had recovered much of his health and vitality in the previous 18 months, and Loraine suspected foul play, and she began to fear for her and her sons' lives.

One thing that she had developed during her Apprenticeship and Journeymanship was a network of friends who were, or were related to, Psis of nearly every variety. Her most-trusted friend from her Apprenticeship, a young man named Aren (who, coincidentally, had been born the same day Loraine was), was an accomplished Truth-reader. When Lord Thodarel was stricken, Loraine sent for Aren, begging him for help. He arrived the day after Thodarel died. For the next three months, Loraine was extremely careful - to the point of paranoia, much to her servants' frustration - while she and Aren interviewed everyone in the Hold. They found half a dozen spies for Lord Turgtan of Nabol, and four of Lord Mordyn's (High Reaches), and determined that one of Lord Turgtan's had poisoned Lord Thodarel.

Given the possibility that Lord Turgtan might try more drastic measures to annex Ruatha Hold, Loraine considered her options and sent for the other Psis she knew. They all had to come through Ruatha River Hold on their way to her, so she carefully arranged for Aren to escort them - a seemingly innocuous encounter that allowed him to Truth-read them and make sure they weren't bringing anyone unwanted into the Hold.

When they arrived, she broached a topic to them: set up schools for their Gifts, located in Ruatha Hold and the surrounding hills, deep within their borders and safe from the encroachments of others like High Reaches and Nabol who wanted Psis for detestable jobs. The idea was met with uncertainty and a small amount of fear - it sounded too much like the "breeding farms" that were known to exist in several of the other Holds. Loraine was firm in denying that, she wanted these schools to be a safe haven for Psis.

Those, like Aren, who had communications Gifts, were the first to cautiously accept her idea. There were many such Psis locally already, a legacy of their dragonrider heritage. The Communications School was established on 3935.07.16 and word was spread via the strong telepaths to the other Holds, a method of communication that had proven exceptional for passing on sensitive information. Aren remained at Loraine's side as liaison with the School and as a sort of psionic bodyguard for her and the boys.

The Communications School proved quite popular, and those with mending Gifts were the next to request a school. The Mending School opened its doors on 3936.04.21. It was followed by the Vision School on 3937.03.24; the Elemental School on 3938.04.04; the Psychokinesis School on 3939.07.11; and finally the Energy School on 3940.09.14. All six schools were set up a short ride from the Hold proper in a cluster of buildings that became known as the Collegia. Those who came to the Schools were encouraged to pick up Crafts and start normal lives once they had completed their Gift training. To the best of her ability, Loraine sought out positions for these graduates where they would be of most benefit to Ruatha, Fort, Tillek, Southern Boll, or Nerat Holds*.

Many of the original Psis that Loraine had asked to come to the Hold when she proposed the Schools returned, and several of them established themselves in the Hold as additional psionic bodyguards: during the first three years when the Schools were being established, there had been several attempts on her and her children's lives. In the last three years, however, there have been very few attempts to get at her.

* Yesia had married into Tillek Hold; Asha married into Nerat Hold; and Ristabel married a nephew of the current Lord Holder of Southern Boll. Polran proved to be adept at strategy, so Peruon became heir-apparent to Fort Hold, with Polran expected to become Lord Marshal of Fort's military forces.


Other Info:
She has a doubled scar on her bottom from being struck with a belt by her father when she was 10. She had refused to stop making and had screamed at him when he and her mother tried to get her to stop. It was this punishment that finally convinced her that talking was not appropriate for proper ladies.

Loraine's arachnophobic (afraid of spinners and crawlers).

She collects rocks.

Birthday: 3910.04.09

NPC Characters:
Lord Holder Aleamor - father (Fort)
Lady Holder Rodia - mother (Fort)
Yessa - sister (Tillek) - born 3912.02.30
Asha - sister (Nerat) - born 3913.10.15
Ristabel - sister - born (Southern Boll) - 3918.05.09
Polran and Peruon - twin brothers (Fort) - born 3921.07.17
Erhom - son (Ruatha) - born 3929.10.16
Lorler - son (Ruatha) - born 3932.09.14
Aren - best friend, Truth-reader Psi (Ruatha)
Eroran - husband (deceased) (Ruatha) - b.3902.12.18, d.3932.03.11
Lord Holder Thodarel - father-in-law (deceased) (Ruatha) - d.3934.09.04
Lady Holder Ensina - mother-in-law (deceased) (Ruatha) - d.3902.12.18

OOC Info:
My name is Kestrana, but I usually go by Kes. I'm the Admin/creator of Reverie. This is my first post-AIVAS site, so I hope you enjoy it!

AIM: enelveirden
Y!M: sakendana_kestrana
Skype: sakendana_kestrana
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