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1Silvara Empty Silvara on Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:54 pm


Moderator / Master Healer
Name: Silvara
Rank: Dragon Rider, Master Healer, Journey-Woman Blacksmith
Craft and Rank: Healer, Master; Smith, Journeywoman
Location: Benden Weyr (Future Weyr)
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual/ Asexual
Mate: None

Physical Description:
A tall lean figure she seems more whipcord muscle and bone than anything else though she does still have the tell tail curves of a female. She stands at a somewhat imposing 6 feet 6 inches. Her hair is a midnight black with an almost blue sheen to it at times. Over time she has had it cut short but has found that she finds it easier to manage long she has let it grow long again so it reaches to about mid-thigh though she keeps it tightly braided and up so it won’t get in the way or burned while working in the forge. Her eyes are a blood red tone.

She has a long set of scares that start at the top of her right shoulder and go diagonally across her back towards her left hip from a newly hatched dragon when she impressed her own dragon (see Benden Hatching thread). She has other minor scares on her arms mostly around the fore arms from sword work and her blacksmithing. Her ears are priced though she tends to just wear little studs in them as well as a cuff like earring on her upper right ear (something of her own making).

She also has a very rich voice though she is loathed to speak much. She can sing but never will in front of others as she does not want to end up an apprentice in yet another craft hall. She does tend to speak softly with a lyrical cadence which becomes more pronounced when she is working with someone or teaching gifts as it helps to sooth those she is working with.

(Images can be found in Gallery)

Silvara on first meeting seems cool, calm, collected, and sage like. In many ways she seems far older their her physical age which is a side effect of her gifts awakening when she was 5 and all of the training she underwent to control them. She also tends to hold herself apart from other while making herself available to those who need her unique abilities. Do to this and her appearance many find her both distant and a little haunting.

Silvara is a contradiction, both anti-social while also very social in her chosen fields. She is rather silent most of the time unless she feels words are needed but as a healer she will always say what needs to be said to help those she tends. Truth be told her problem stems from being a very strong Empath. She finds most holder and even a lot of crafter folk to be to undisciplined for her to spend too great a time with easily. Whereas around dragon riders and healers she feels more at ease as they have learned some control of their feelings and mindset. She does also have an irrational fear of being the center of attention which makes being a simple blue dragon rider something of a relief. At least after the initial shock of a “Girl” getting a male dragon had passed.

She spent a long time taking healer lessons and latter Smith lessons but was held back to try and prevent hostility’s yet she still reached the rank of journeywoman at the same time she impressed her dragon. This helped to slow the speed at which she ranked up in both Healer and Smith Crafts which helped take her out of the spot light so much. She also excels in the smith craft to the point where she made journey-woman quickly after she started up again after finishing her Weyrling training to become a full dragon rider. It was deemed best that she stay with the rank of senior apprentice for a time especially right after she had made Journey-woman in healer before she got her dragon but thankfully after her Weyrling training was finished she was of an age that none were as put off by her walking the tables.

She is a Master rank healer with a specialty in mind healing. Helping those who have experienced strong mental trauma and or phobias. She is shy about making new friends unless they are dragon riders or candidates though once she has made friends she is loyal till the end of time and will always be willing to help at least within reason. She is also somewhat stubborn about certain things like her hampering ability which she hides from everyone except her dragon, which she will sing and play for when she knows they are alone.

Will Go Here after fixed

None Currently

Blue Warrelith (Dragon)

He is a blue dragon of slightly smaller size then his color normally has and in truth is about the same size as a small green, his coloration is a lovely shimmering shade of blue that seems to be a blend of ocean blues and ice blues. He is very powerful for his size which is for the best. Oddly he has shown no interest in trying to fly and catch any of the female dragons and is rather content to take his bonded off somewhere secluded so she will not be overwhelmed by the strong emotions that come during mating flights. His chest has some minor scaring from his hatching but they are very faint and are more felt then seen. His mind voice is actually very androgynous but does seem to favor the male side.

Warrelith has a rather aloof personality. He has a dry and subtle wit. Whenever anyone is telling a story or a Harper is sinning he will most likely be near by listening in. He loves his bonded deeply and is always wishing she would make more friends though he understands her hesitance on getting to close to too many people at once. Oddly he has a phobia of Crawlers (Tiny creatures like six-legged geckos with suction cup feet) which Silvara finds charming and she will quickly save him if one ends up near him. He loves listening to Silvara sing and has been working on trying to sing himself as some fire lizards do though he still has not mastered it. He also loves to go fishing and posing for his bonded when she feels like sketching.

Other Info:
Originally it was assumed that he was a neuter but latter it was deemed that he does have all the “equipment” to be male he just does not seem overly interested in trying to catch Rising females. Though this may be due more to his bonded’s aversion to tactile interactions rather than actual disinterest in females.

NPC Characters:
Master Tikal: A Master healer who was called to Benden Weyr when Silvara’s gifts awoke and has been her main teacher ever since. He is calm and collected and has a touch of Empathy himself so understands Silvara rather well.

Green Rider Sika: A little accident prone and soon came to see Silvara as the person to go to whenever she ended up damaged due to her klutziness. They are good friends but nothing more as Sika is very straight and Silvara would never try anything on her. They are very close friends though and Sika thinks it's kind of sad that Silvara seems so very much alone so much of the time and tries to help Warrelith in his schemes to get Silvara a lover if not a full-fledged life mate.

Learyam, (the original) Sandy Haired Male: Was one in a set of 5 younglings who used to torment Silvara till she got Warrelith and he did not impress at that time and found himself on the other side of the bullying. He learns more about her and wants to be her friend as well as hoping to make up for the bullying. His first standing on the sands he is 12. His mother raised him at Benden weyr but as she was of the weaving craft he did not have much if any interactions with those who helped Silvara which is why he did not side with her against the others. He does not know who his father is but it is assumed to be one of the dragon riders.

Learyam, (the many times grandson) L'yam, Sandy Haired Male looks just like his ancestor. No Dragon yet = eventually Rrisith, Becomes pests to Silvara and Warrelith always wanting to ask them questions. Especially about the time before when there were many weyrs and few gifts.

Miskel, M’kel, Blond Male: Bronze Dragon, One of two who lead a group of candidates against Silvara at times with his sister. He is envious of all the time she gets with masters and the fact that she has, what to him looks like, an easy time of things. Unaware of just how long she has been working in her chosen crafts or about her gifts, also unhappy that she prefers other females. He is also unnerved by her calm and sage like countenance. (At impression 15/16)

Misha, Blond Female: Green Dragon, Two of two who lead a group of candidates against Silvara at times with her brother. She hates the fact that Silvara has already reached journey woman rank in healers and is said to be close to that rank in smith as well thinking that the teachers are being easy on her. She is also disturbed by the fact that Silvara prefers other females over males which also makes her question her own interests which she does not want to admit to. She also thinks that the Masters let Silvara get away with not working as hard unaware that Silvara is taking all the same lessons just at different times. (At impression 15/16)

M’kel and Misha were born in Bitra Hold and searched around 13-14 to become Candidates and start standing at various Weyrs for hatchings finally coming to Benden Weyr where they finally Impress and become riders. When they first became Candidates they were glad for the change of scenery till they found out how much work is involved in being a Candidate and later a Dragon Rider even if Rider’s are no longer flying thread. It does not take them long to pull a few of the other Candidates into a group to run with while also seeing Silvara as someone to hate as she seems to be favored by the Weyr folk and Masters. So they start to pick on her in retaliation for the favoritism they assume she is getting unaware of how much work she has put in to get to where she is now.

Minions of M’kel and Misha:
B'ron, Benron, Red Head Male: Brown Dragon
Born to Igen Weyr he has been a candidate for almost 2 years now and eager to have a dragon of his own. (At impression 16)

Y'ken, Yanken, Black Head Male: Blue Dragon
Also born to Igen Weyr he is best friends with B'ron and they grew up together. He will follow his friend anywhere he goes. (At impression 15)

OOC Info:
I am Silvara Rivana Dranix online. Just call me Silv for short.
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2Silvara Empty Re: Silvara on Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:10 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Accepted. ^^

How old is Rrisith and his rider?

Just so anyone reading this knows, Silv and I discussed this character, especially Warrelith, in depth before she applied for this character. For those who are confused about him, you can think of him as sort of a blue version of Ruth.
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3Silvara Empty Re: Silvara on Sun Dec 14, 2014 8:21 pm


Moderator / Master Healer
Blarg I need to overhaul this a lot
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