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1 Timeline on Thu Jan 12, 2012 8:42 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster

Date (or approximate)Event
2508.?.?Ninth Pass begins
2520.?.?White Ruth's first flight
2523.05.09Master Wansor explains the star charts and equations to the Weyrs
2523.05.16White Ruth's first flame
2523.05.26Oldtimers steal Ramoth's queen egg
2523.06.07Ramoth's clutch hatches (Benden Weyr)
2523.06.17Oldtimer Fanna and gold Mirath die (Southern Weyr)
2523.07.06White Ruth's first Threadfall
2523.08.28Oldtimer bronze Salth has heart attack trying to fly gold Caylith
Oldtimer T'kul and killed in fight with F'lar after Salth dies
Oldtimer gold Caylith flown by bronze Barnath
Masterharper Robinton has heart attack
2523.10.16Jaxom, Ruth, Menolly, Piemur, and Sharra discover Landing
2525.?.?AIVAS discovered
2527.?.?First actions to end Thread undertaken
2530.?.?Final actions to end Thread undertaken
2550.09.08Snowy Hold founded
2553.08.14Aurora Hold founded
2555.?.?Ninth Pass ends
2555.09.15Northern Weyrling Academy construction finished
2772.08.19First overt attack by anti-Weyr factions against dragonriders
2786.09.17Anti-Weyr factions start sneaking spies and assassins into Weyr staff
2789.06.24Telgar Weyr rider falls ill after flying a sweep and stopping to assist a Trader whose wagon got stuck
2789.06.27Additional Telgar Weyr riders start falling ill; local Healers start investigating
2789.07.01Original rider dies; Reese shows up with notes
2789.07.03T'lon and his passengers time it forward
2789.07.04Riders in Fort and High Reaches who visited Telgar after first rider fell ill start getting sick; non-riders start exhibiting symptoms; notes from T'lon return with instructions on how to remain hidden while timing it foward
2789.07.05H'lee, Sikra, Silvara, and passengers time it forward
2789.07.06Telgar's Healers come up with vaccine for dragonriders, claim to be working on one for non-riders as well as still working on a cure
2789.07.07Weyrs send riders to Telgar to get vaccine to distribute to riders and all riders take vaccine; dragonriders die a few hours later
2789.07.08Healer at Benden Weyr determines that the vaccine was just a pill, nothing to combat or prevent the disease; Healer chooses not to leave in order to help Weyrfolk and to not spread the disease further, but tells Learyam about his findings; Learyam records them in his journal
2789.07.12First non-rider Weyrfolk die from disease
2789.07.27Disease runs its course through the Weyrs, final death count is 90% of the Weyrfolk
2789.07.28Weyrfolk surivor from Fort Weyr makes way to Healer Hall
2789.08.01Six Healer Hall and Fort Hold residents fall ill with disease after coming into contact with survivor, appearance of disease blamed on survivor
2789.08.09Holds round up survivors from Weyrs (including Learyam) and put them on ships and send them to the Eastern Island chain and become isolated/shunned by the rest of Pern
2789.10.11No more new cases of the disease reported after this date
2790.02.21Telgar Hold abandoned
2790.04.19Learyam spends months island hopping and talking to other survivors and confirming what the Benden Healer had found, starts publishing a sheet trying to reveal the Holders' conspiracy to kill the dragonriders
2790.10.03One of the Lord Holders involved gets copy of the sheet, distributed by firelizard, proposes killing the firelizards to keep the information from spreading; a three-year campaign to kill firelizards succeeds in wiping out nearly all Impressed firelizards and frightens wild ones so badly that they appear to vanish completely (whers are preserved because they're ugly and anti-social and will eat anything, making it easy to create the myth that that dragons were the same, and they still make good watchdogs)
2790.11.17First Inquiry Board assembled to investigate sheet that Learyam and the other Weyr survivors are publishing
2791.06.24First Inquisitor arrives on Eastern Isles to identify source of sheet, quarterly raids to find, destroy, and otherwise suppress evidence and knowledge of the conspiracy to wipe out the Weyrs, also destroy any firelizards/eggs they find
2799.?.?Firestarter discovered in Smithcrafthall
2800.01.16Crom Hold negotiates acquisition of Smithcrafthall (formerly Telgar Hold)
2815.?.?Psionic Gift classification completed
2851.02.25Peyton hold negotiates annexation into Fort Hold (formerly Southern Boll Hold)
2877.05.13High Reaches Hold annexes Tillek Hold's northeastern river flats
2912.11.27Nabol Hold annexes river flats south of Keogh hold (formerly Crom Hold)
2969.10.20Crom Hold negotiates annexation of Ogren hold and surrounding mountains, marsh, and river access (formerly High Reaches Hold)
3005.06.24Nabol Hold annexes river flats between Keogh hold and Crom Hold (formerly Crom Hold)
3024.?.?First official "breeding farm" for Psionic Gifts created
3049.02.29Crom Hold negotiates acquisition of Balor hold and nearby minehold, Campbell Flats, and abandoned Telgar Hold (formerly Telgar Hold)
3096.11.20Lemos Hold annexes western Igen River flats to the mouth of the Igen River (formerly Igen Hold)
3115.?.?First confirmed assassination of a Gifted person suspected to be a spy
3135.11.25Nabol Hold acquires Big Bay flats to southern coast, east to Greenfields hold (formerly Telgar Hold)
3155.02.17Lemos Hold annexes Plains hold and backing hills (formerly Keroon Hold)
3195.11.11High Reaches Hold negotiates annexation of marsh flats (formerly Ruatha and Fort Holds)
3244.08.27Crom Hold acquires east Telgar River flats north of river confluences (formerly Telgar Hold)
3294.09.29Lemos Hold annexes east Igen River flats (formerly Keroon Hold)
3358.?.?First major attack on a "breeding farm" that killed more than 50% of inhabitants
3339.03.06Igen Hold acquires land between South Telgar Hold and Crom Hold (Balon hold and related) (formerly Telgar Hold)
3389.05.16Bitra Hold annexes hills north of High Ground hold (formerly Keroon Hold)
3439.07.22Crom Hold annexes Keogh hold and surrounding hills (formerly High Reaches Hold)
3487.02.16Ista Hold negotiates acquisition of river flats and foothills south of Crom Hold, west of Igen Hold, and northwest of South Telgar Hold (formerly Telgar and Igen Holds)
3524.01.26Bitra Hold annexes abandoned Benden Weyr and section of coastline east of the Weyr (formerly Benden Hold)
3571.07.30Ista Hold negotiates annexation of flats between South Telgar River and southern foothills (formerly Igen Hold)
3604.04.15Ista Hold annexes Big Bay coastline and hills above (formerly Igen Hold)
3650.05.22Lemos Hold annexes hills to western edge of Red Butte (formerly Keroon Hold)
3680.10.19Crom Hold acquires western Telgar River flats from confluences to delta (formerly Telgar Hold)
3721.01.29Bitra Hold annexes High Ground hold and surrounding hills (formerly Keroon Hold)
3765.09.26Ista Hold annexes Big Bay hold and peninsula (formerly Igen Hold)
3779.11.22Nabol Hold annexes Ogren marsh and river (formerly Crom Hold)
3822.01.05Nabol Hold acquires southern flats along Big Bay to Telgar River (formerly Telgar Hold)
3853.04.02Igen acquires Telgar Weyr and surrounding mountains (formerly Telgar Hold)
3883.07.04Bitra Hold annexes western Benden River flats and delta (formerly Keroon Hold)
3925.?.?Learyam (27th great-grandson of Learyam from Silvara's and H'lee's pasts) born
3932.12.30Nabol annexes hills above Greenfields hold (formerly Crom Hold)

Current year on Pern

3941.02.06Thread returns; Learyam sends his gold firelizard Reese back to the year 2789 to H'lee with notes and papers he'd kept from his 27-times-great grandfather's journal (and all the relatives in between)
3941.03.01Riders arrive after timing it forward
3941.03.04The three golds from Benden, Ista, and Xanadu Clutch
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2 Re: Timeline on Fri Dec 19, 2014 11:46 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster


Timestamps are formatted as 4-digit year, 2-digit month, 2-digit day (YYYY.MM.DD).

Days are 26 Earth-hours long. These have been reconfigured to keep 24 hours in a day, making each hour 65 minutes long.


There are twelve months in the Pernese year. The sixth and twelfth months of the year have 31 days; the rest have 30. There is a leap year every sixth year in the third month (last one was 2556).

Turn's End (12.31) coincides with the Winter Solstice (Midwinter). Spring Equinox falls on 03.30; Summer Solstice is 06.31; and Autumn Equinox is 09.30.


Unlike on Earth, where the equinoxes and solstices are known as the "First Day of" the season, the equinoxes and solstices are recognized as being the height of the season, mid-season.

The first day of Spring is 02.15; first day of Summer is 05.15; first day of Autumn is 08.15; and first day of Winter is 11.15.
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