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1 Healer Application on Sat Jan 14, 2012 12:12 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
This application is for those who are or wish to be Healers.


There are a few terms used below that should be defined for use in answering the questions.
  • Superficial - Appearing on the surface of the body (on/just under the skin)
  • Structural - Of or pertaining to the skeletal system
  • Natural - In the case of mental illness, these are things that occur not as a result of some external source (see Induced below)
  • Induced - In the case of mental illness, these are things that occur as a result of some external source, such as surgery, trauma (mental, emotional, or physical), or illness

Basic Application

<b>Why do you want to be a healer?</b>

Apprentice Application

If you are already a healer, fill out the sections below that you've completed.

First Year Apprentice

<b>Name one bone, its location in the body, and its purpose.</b>

<b>Pick one medicinal herb or plant and describe how to grow/care/maintain it for use.</b>

<b>Briefly describe one aspect of obstetrics/gynecology.</b>

<b>Pick one tool or non-surgical item used by Healers and name one task it is used for.</b>

Second Year Apprentice

<b>Name one muscle that attaches to or overlays the bone you picked above and name its purpose.</b>

<b>Name one tincture, tonic, or salve that the medicinal herb or plant you picked above is used in and any other ingredients.</b>

<b>Name a superficial wound (bruise, cut/scrape, burn), select a location on the body, name one feature that determines its severity, and name a treatment.</b>

<b>Briefly describe something that may occur during childbirth.</b>

Third Year Apprentice

<b>Identify a nerve that passes to or near the muscle you chose above and name what it does.</b>

<b>Describe the dosage of the tincture, tonic, or salve you chose above.</b>

<b>Name one item that may come up during a routine examination of a child (from birth to age 12) that either indicates normal growth or abnormal growth.</b>

<b>Name a structural (skeletal) wound (bone bruise, fracture, break, etc.), select a location on the body, name one feature that allows you to diagnose it, and name a treatment.</b>

Fourth Year Apprentice

<b>Name an organ in the body and one of its functions.</b>

<b>Name an illness (disease, sickness) and one symptom of it.</b>

<b>Roleplay out your first superficial injury diagnosis and treatment.</b>

Journeyman Application

If you are at least a Journeyman (or Journeywoman) Healer, fill out the sections below as appropriate.

First Year Journeyman

<b>Briefly describe one of the tissues of the body (skin, connective, muscle, nervous, etc.).</b>

<b>Briefly describe one aspect (technique, reason for using, etc.) of an alternative medicine (e.g., massage, acupuncture, etc.).</b>

<b>Roleplay out your first structural injury diagnosis and treatment.</b>

Second Year Journeyman

<b>Briefly describe one aspect (symptom, diagnosis, treatment, etc.) of a natural mental health problem (depression, manic-depression/bipolar, etc.).</b>

<b>Roleplay out your first illness diagnosis and treatment.</b>

Third Year Journeyman

<b>Select a surgery and name one thing that happens (or can happen) during that surgery.</b>

<b>Briefly describe one aspect of an induced mental health problem (post-traumatic stress syndrome, injury- or illness-induced behavior, etc.).</b>

<b>Roleplay out one day spent in the infirmary tending to patients and other tasks.</b>

Fourth Year Journeyman

<b>Describe one of the traveling routes you take as a Journeyman.</b>

<b>Describe your feelings toward the dolphins, dolphineers, and working with them on healing techniques.</b>

Mastery Application

If you attain Mastery in Healing, fill out the following short application.

<b>What is your Mastery specializing in</b>

<b>What are your plans now, having attained Mastery?</b>
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