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1 Smith Application on Sat Jan 14, 2012 4:45 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
This application is for those who are or wish to be Smiths.

Basic Application

<b>Why do you want to be a smith?</b>

Apprentice Application

If you are already a smith, fill out the sections below that you've completed.

First Year Apprentice

<b>Name one important aspect about a forge or smithy.</b>

<b>Name a tool or a section of an anvil and one use for it, or describe one feature of a good forging fire.</b>

<b>Name one material that can be forged, one use for it, and what temperature (color) it should be to best be forged for that use.</b>

<b>Describe one aspect of hammering (type of hammer, method of hammering).</b>

<b>Describe a method of quenching or blacking.</b>

<b>Describe one method of cutting or punching metal.</b>

Second Year Apprentice

<b>Describe one method to bend, straighten, or twist a piece of metal (including the type of stock being used - round, square, flat, etc.).</b>

<b>Describe one method to draw, taper, or upset a piece of metal (including the type of stock being used).</b>

Third Year Apprentice

<b>Describe one of the preparatory acts or items used for welding (e.g., the difference between a welding fire and a forge fire, the forging prep work to be done before welding, etc.)</b>

<b>Roleplay out making your first chain.</b>

<b>Describe one of the steps in casting an object.</b>

<b>Describe one of the steps or parts used in making an anvil or a vice.</b>

Fourth Year Apprentice

<b>Describe one of the steps used in making tools with tool-quality metal (e.g., annealing, hardening, tempering, etc.).</b>

<b>Choose a tool used in forging (hammers, tongs, measuring tools, coal shovel, fire poker) and describe one step in making that tool.</b>

<b>Describe one step used in creating a knife.</b>

Journeyman Application

If you are at least a Journeyman (or Journeywoman) Smith, fill out the sections below as appropriate.

First & Second Year Journeyman

<b>Choose a common household item created in a smithy (hanging hooks, cooking utensils/dishes, etc.) and describe one step used in creating it.</b>

<b>Choose a tool used by Healers, Harpers, Sailors, or Fishers (scalpels, wires, compass, fishing hooks, etc.) and describe one step used in creating it.</b>

Third Year Journeyman

<b>Describe one step used in creating a piece of armor.</b>

<b>Roleplay out taking an order in a Hold, Hall, Weyr, or Academy and creating one of the items ordered.</b>

Fourth Year Journeyman

<b>Pick a fancy metalwork item (jewelry, decorative metalwork, etc.) and list the steps needed to create it.</b>

<b>Briefly describe the items you would expect to have ordered while traveling to remote cotholds on your Journey.</b>

Mastery Application

If you attain Mastery in Smithing, fill out the following short application.

<b>What is your Mastery specializing in?</b>

<b>What are your plans now, having attained Mastery?</b>
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