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All canon Pern content copyright to Anne McCaffrey. All non-canon Pern content copyright Kestrana. All draconic sprites/button images copyright to various artists (many images from Pern book covers; dragon sprite from "Dragonlady" fantasy portrait of Anne McCaffrey). All original characters copyright of their gamers.

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1 Welcome to Reverie! on Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:47 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster

Welcome to Reverie!!!

We are all excited that you're here! We're looking forward to getting to know your characters, and I hope you're as excited about roleplaying on the site as we are!

First Steps and Finding Your Way Around

Hopefully, you've read the Site Rules and any of the other Reference Guide pages that are applicable to your character. If not, it's strongly recommended that you do so before filling out your Character Application.

When filling out your Character Application, please add "WIP" to your thread title. Once your application is complete, edit it to remove this indicator so that our Charactermaster (currently Kes) knows that it's complete and can review it for acceptance.

Once your character is accepted, the first place you should post ICly is the Rude Awakening thread. Our characters haven't been on the new planet yet for them to have grown up there, so your character should respond to the kidnapping. Feel free to initiate interactions with other characters to build yourself some history/back-story with them in the thread.


Don't be intimidated by the number of applications on the site. They're intended for two purposes:
  1. Character development
  2. Site Reference Guide expansion

Except for the Character Application, they don't have to be filled out for you to start roleplaying the character. They can be filled out at your leisure.

Except for the "roleplay out" scenarios presented in the applications (which are presented for character development), answers can be very brief. Once a month, our Craftmaster (currently Kes) reviews the applications that have been submitted and update pages with the information (especially the Craft pages). Some of the questions that are asked in the apps have a limited number and variety of answers and may be updated periodically if all the available answers are presented by applicants. Don't worry about presenting a perfectly unique answer, but don't copy and paste someone else's answer, or an answer from the site Reference Guides!
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