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1 Flight and Search on Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:56 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
The Weyr had recovered from the usual uproar over a gold flight. Gold Selianth had been flown by bronze Zagenth. Search had been held off until the eggs were laid in order to avoid taking more potential Candidates than necessary. With Thread gone, there was less need to strengthen the Weyr with un-Impressed or un-Impressionable staff and a greater need to allow folk to expand into other habitable locations on the planet.

When twelve eggs were laid on the Sands, the dragonriders went out in search of Candidates. They had a few at the Weyr, but they liked to have at least half as many Candidates more than eggs to be sure of a good match on the Sands.

As each potential Candidate was brought in, they were taken to Headwoman Nataly, where they'd be interviewed, given their first Candidate Lesson, and scheduled for chores. They'd also be given the schedule of the remaining Candidate Lessons, leading up to the Hatching itself.


These are the following Holds and Halls that are beholden to Fort Weyr and are the most likely home locations for Candidates for this Hatching:
  • Fort Hold
    • Fort Sea Hold
    • Sapphire Minehold
    • Harper Hall
    • Healer Hall
  • Ruatha Hold
    • Ruatha River Hold
    • Plateau Hold
  • Southern Boll Hold
    • Peyton Hold
    • Hold Gar
    • Weaver Hall

Candidate To-Dos

  1. Check in with Headwoman Nataly for your interview
    This also means, fill out the first two sections of your Candidate Application. However, more than just the questions in the Candidate App will be covered in your check-in.
  2. Start or join a roleplay thread with at least one other Candidate
    This requirement can be met by roleplaying out one of the chore assignments you are given. Also, one or two miniplot or event-type threads will be created by the REC for Candidates to join that will qualify as well.
  3. Check in with Weyrlingmaster H'lee for your interview
    One evening each week, H'lee spends a few hours at the Weyr interviewing new Candidates. Do not fill out the third portion of your Candidate Application until you've checked in with the Weyrlingmaster and have been given the go-ahead
  4. Check in with Journeyman Timiny for your Academic interview
    Pretty simple interview, but remember to stay in-character! Despite the Harper Hall's best attempts, there are portions of Pern where folk are illiterate, or nearly illiterate, or don't know figuring.
  5. Attend Candidate Lessons
    You must attend each lesson at least once - but they will be covered at least twice ICly, so if you miss one the first time around, you'll have another chance.
  6. Roleplay in additional threads
    You must roleplay in at least three threads outside of the interviews and Lessons. These can be chores, Crafting, taking your remedial Harper lessons (if applicable), etc. If you're looking to do something specific and don't have a PC to do it with, ask Kes or one of the mods (Kura, Caitness, and Shippeh) and they'll be happy to run an NPC or two for you.
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