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1 Let's See What We Can Find! on Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:29 pm


It was a chilly morning as L’ric rose from his place at the table, still at the weyrling academy. His gaze shifted over things until he found himself with orders to go on search at Snowy Hold for the upcoming clutch. Thus he sighed and headed back to his bunk, grabbing the necessary gear so that he would be capable of doing this venture. ~Scriath, you ready to head to the hold? We’ve been asked to do some recruiting there for the next clutch,~ he questioned his dragon as he walked up next to the blue.
His great head turned, messing up the little bit of snow on the ground. ~Of course I am ready. Or at least I will be once you have put the harness on me,~ he responded, snorting slightly the randomness of his rider’s question.
L’ric chuckled at his dragon’s words before he set about his task and mounted, giving his dragon the go ahead to take off once he was strapped in. They soared higher and higher into the sky until they were finally at a safe distance. Once ready, he pictured the hold and sent the image to his drake. Instantly the world around them went completely black as they entered the void of between.

The rider and dragon appeared over Ruatha Hold, their eyes searching over the ground below them. Slowly they circled over the land, searching for a safe place to land, and it was only once they found that safe place that they did so. The dragon released a bugle over the hold, alerting the residence to his presence. It was odd, L’ric had always remembered people rushing out before riders had even landed. Their excitement was always so much higher than it was when they weren’t worried about needing protection from thread. Something that L’ric half wished he had gotten the chance to battle. However, he wasn’t willing to let on to that little tidbit of information.
Patiently he waited for the potential candidates to arrive, hoping that they would arrive soon. He could already see a few people filing out to come stand before the dragon. There were still those who thought it would be awesome to share the bond that a rider shared with his or her dragon. Naturally, any rider would agree to that sentiment too!

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