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1 Candidate Lesson #1 on Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:27 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
This lesson will be posted only once as it is a recurring lesson. I will be posting as Headwoman Nataly after each occurrence of the lesson is "complete" and the next one is about to start. Those posts will list who is expected to attend the lesson. Other Candidates are encouraged to attend it, even if they've already attended once before, in case they've thought of questions and to ensure that the knowledge is drilled into their heads.

Each Candidate received a pamphlet during their interview with the Headwoman, which you can review here. They have anywhere from one to four days to review the material, depending on when they arrived.

Every third day after the Candidate Kerso arrived, Headwoman Nataly set aside an hour of her evening after supper to hold the first Candidate Lesson. The lesson was designed to teach Candidates, especially those from outside any Weyr upbringing, the ranks, duties, and proper forms of address of those within the Weyr.

On her first round of this lesson, she had three Candidates: Kerso, Artemis, and Apollo. Once they had entered the Conference Room (the same one they would be meeting Weyrlingmaster H'lee in later) and settled into chairs, she began with a general lecture.

"All of the individuals in the Weyr work together to maintain peace and balance and to keep the Weyr livable. The three lowest tiers in the diagram represent the Weyr's staff, and you can see they are broken into three groups.

"The 3rd-level Staff are more commonly referred to as 'drudges.' Drudges are frequently handicapped in some way, usually mentally, but this does not give anyone - especially you - the right to harass them. They're responsible for making sure that your washrooms, towels, and sheets are clean and that you can see your way down corridors without tripping over anything.

"2nd-level Staff may be physically handicapped, but again, no one has the right to harass them because of it. It would behoove you to make friends with them; they're often jacks-of-all-trade and may have talents you can appreciate, helping you fix broken furniture, for example.

"1st-level Staff are equivalent to you. They're often Apprentices in a Craft. They are also usually older than you are and deserve your respect. You will obey them just as you would obey me unless someone of higher rank tells you otherwise. If there are any conflicts, bring them to me or, if I'm not available, to a Steward.

"All of the Substewards, Stewards, Head Stewards, and Riders (including Weyrlings) are higher-ranked than you. Treat and address them with respect, or you'll likely find yourself cleaning latrines and changing glows."

Having finished her speech, she made eye contact with each of the Candidates to ensure that they had been listening to her and understood. Then she quickly finished.

"Most of what you need to know is in that pamphlet. Do you have any questions?"

After answering any questions, she dismissed the lesson. "If you do come up with any questions, make note of them. The next group of Candidates will be attending this lesson in three days. Come back and attend the lesson and ask your questions then."
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2 Re: Candidate Lesson #1 on Sun Feb 05, 2012 1:19 pm


Artemis walked into the conference room after eating supper, it had been good and she was happy to move onto something new. This was especially true considering she had finished a day in the infirmary, helping the healer there and learning about various things in that area. She rather enjoyed it, although she wasn't certain if it was what she wanted. She was wondering what craft the headwoman might have her try next, although if she didn't like the others then she might consider going back to healing.

Once seated, she listened to the words, understanding easily enough that she would no longer have the same power and authority that she had before. When she was at the hold, most everyone respected her and her brother because they were the Lord Holder's children, regardless of if they were the youngest. Now, she found herself in a situation where she was learning to become her own person and perform the duties required of her.

Once the lesson was done being asked and questions came about, she paused. "Headwoman Nataly, I was just wondering something about the various ranks of weyrstaff. Each one has their specific jobs and is tierred in such a way so that the higher up ranks perform the harder tasks basked upon what their knowledge is and how hard they have worked to get to such a position. I was just wondering, when a weyrbrat reaches the age where they can be more helpful around the weyr, what rank do they start at? Do they begin at stage three, should they choose to remain at the weyr? And if they choose to become crafters, is there a method for them to learn the basics of the craft before leaving for the hall?" she was curious about it, although she wasn't certain it really pertained to the respect each rank was due.

3 Re: Candidate Lesson #1 on Sun Feb 05, 2012 1:22 pm



Apollo had entered the room after supper, almost following right behind his twin sister. Easily he had taken his seat and listened to the headwoman's lecture, taking note of his new rank. Clearly he felt demoted, as before he was someone that in many situations others would defer to. However, he didn't find it as a horrible thing, but as a way to learn how to a better Lord Holder. When the thought crossed his mind, he was rather surprised.
Do I really intend to become a lord holder? Regardless of whether or not I impress a dragon? Well... why not, if grandfather did so, then I see no reason why I can't! He smiled slightly at the thought, but kept quiet, barely listening to his sister's question. Although, he did look up and wait for the headwoman's answer.

4 Re: Candidate Lesson #1 on Tue Feb 14, 2012 8:55 pm


Random Event Creator
Kerso sauntered in - just barely before the Headwoman would have sent someone looking for him - typical of his better-than-thou attitude. He plopped down in one of the chairs and slouched. He only half-listened to the lecture, like he'd only half-looked at the pamphlet they'd been given.

He didn't really believe what was being said. After all, he was destined to be a bronzerider; they'd all have to be respectful to him in the long run. He elbowed her brother Apollo and rolled his eyes, waiting for the Headwoman to answer.
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5 Re: Candidate Lesson #1 on Tue Feb 14, 2012 10:11 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
The Headwoman was pleased with Artemis' questions. She chose to ignore Kerso's display of impatience; she'd learned long ago that acknowledging such minor rebellious behavior only encouraged it, she only put her foot down if it became too obnoxious or outrageous, when they started pushing the limits. After all, boys will be boys.

Instead, she answered the young lady's questions. "Depending on the interests they show and their abilities, they may start as either a 2nd-level or 3rd-level Staff. As they get older and more skilled, they can advance. We encourage them to remain at the Weyr unless they start showing distinct skills in a particular Craft.

"All of our riders have a Craft and some of them advance to the rank of Master; with the exception of Healing, any Craft Master can train Apprentices and Journeymen up through the second year. Upper-level Journeymen are qualified to teach some of the basics of their Crafts and can recommend additional training at the Hall if an Apprentice shows promise."
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6 Re: Candidate Lesson #1 on Thu Feb 16, 2012 12:11 pm


Kat hadn't had much time at all to study the pamphlet the headwoman had given her but she had, at least, glanced at it and learned as much as she could from it and was even still perusing it during the lesson. The questions of her bunkmate were noted and the answer was listened to though she doubted that it would have much, if anything, to do with her. Instead, she figured out a couple questions of her own to ask. "You mentioned showing proper respect to everyone of higher rank, Headwoman, but I know from experience a lot of holdfolk will bow to dragonriders. D'you expect me to go 'round bowing to every dragonrider I meet or just those of a particular rank and higher? Or do I not have to bow at all if I don't want to so long as I address them with the proper titles?" She knew that if she ever approached the Weyrwoman or her dragon she'd bow out of respect but she had no idea about any other dragonrider.

7 Re: Candidate Lesson #1 on Sun Feb 26, 2012 9:51 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
"That's a good question, Katarina. Technically, a full bow is only required by lower-ranked folk when greeting the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman. A half-bow, which is a respectful tilt of the full upper torso by about 30 degrees is appropriate for Wingleaders, Wingseconds, and Junior Weyrwomen, and a head bow is sufficient for Wingriders." She smiled and chuckled a bit, "Of course, the initial bow is usually adequate for the proper respect, although if you're asking them for a favor, a little extra bow at the end of the conversation might be a good idea."
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8 Re: Candidate Lesson #1 on Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:06 pm


Fay was as usual almost late, and had run into the conference room. She took a seat quickly and looked around as everyone had rapt attention to Nataly. Once again she had a hard time actually paying mind to the speaker. There were no real questions, she had always worked with people and learned respect worked a lot better than just barking out orders.

That pamphlet that had been given to her had laid in with a bunch of her personal materials and had a few doodles on it but had not even really been glanced at. Her attention was raised when Kerso sauntered in, for some reason she felt like tripping that guy. Biting her tongue wasn't in her nature so rather she directed a snappy question.

"So when you state respect, is that for on time to the lessons too?" Her eyebrow quirked up smartly for a second, "I mean isn't that what we're here for? So showing up late would just be disrespectful, to you and to the rest of us...Correct?" Her mouth had run off and she stopped herself shortly, leaning back against the chair with a slouch.

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