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1Adoptable Characters Empty Adoptable Characters on Sun Feb 05, 2012 2:37 pm



Anyone may post up the description of an NPC or adoptable character if they so desire. Any character on this board is adoptable, so if you do not wish for the character to be adopted then please do not add them here.

The form used is simply the "character application" form that Kes posted. You do not have to fill out the form with anything more than notes if that is all you wish to provide.


Before adopting ANY of the characters on this page, we request that you get in contact with the person who posted the information on that character. This way you may work out any kinks in their information that needs to be worked out.

Before you may fully adopt a character, you MUST fully fill out their application. An example would be looking at Apollo's information. It is all bullet points of guidelines for that character for the person to use. Please take the time to add more to it and make the character your own as well, but DO NOT CHANGE the original information there. Simply add to it. Also, please alert an admin (Kes) or a Moderator as to the adoption so that they may cross out any characters that have been adopted.

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2Adoptable Characters Empty Re: Adoptable Characters on Sun Feb 05, 2012 2:46 pm


Name: L’ric
Rank: Bluerider
Craft and Rank: 1st year journeyman glassworker
Location: Northern Weyrling Academy
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetero
Mate: None. (Something he is rather sore about)

Physical Description:
- About 6’3
- rather light, short and messy brown hair.
- brown eyes
- Has a few scars upon his hands from learning his trade.
- Has a burn mark on his right arm from an incident with firestone and his blue.
- Has a scar upon his right leg from another incident with glass.
- Currently has a bruise on his face from being punched by A'dam.

- Generally rather outgoing and lots of fun.
- Has a huge crush on Erin. Feels rather hurt that she refused to be his weyrmate, but has chosen to remain her friend.
- Is highly jealous and has a tendency to get snippy when someone brings up the name A’dam.
- Enjoys his craft, often uses it to calm down.
- Also enjoys riding runnerbeasts, although he doesn’t do so very often since he has Scriath.
- Fears ending up alone, and losing Erin completely.
- You can make up any other fears he might have
- Currently fears going around Erin because he hurt her. Feels highly guilty over this...

- Was searched when he was 15.
- Bonded to Scriath when he was 18.
- Scriath flew green Plyath in her first flight. Erin refused to become L’ric’s mate.
- Currently remains at Northern Weyrling Academy to help train new weyrlings.

Up to you.

Blue Scriath

Up to you.

Up to you.

NPC Characters:
Up to you if you want to add NPCs related to his past.

3Adoptable Characters Empty Re: Adoptable Characters on Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:04 pm


Name: Katarina (Kat)
Rank: Brown Weyrling
Craft and Rank: Journeywoman Beastcrafter
Location: Fort Weyr
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hetero
Mate: N/A

Physical Description:
-Black hair
-Brown eyes

-Has lots of attitude
-Loves runnerbeasts
-Hobby: Runnerbeast Racing, stargazing, weapons of all sorts and learning to use them
-Fear: Drowning (dislikes the ocean because it's so big)

-Originally from Ruatha
-Always knew she wanted to work with/around runnerbeasts
-Began beastcreafter apprenticeship as soon as she was able
-Searched and traveled to Fort Weyr for the clutch

Female feline; dark gray with black markings; yellow eyes; good at catching tunnel snakes and rodents

Wind on Dragon's Wings (Wind)
Temperamental runnerbeast stallion; good for racing; black with white mane and tail

Brown Mccoreth

Even as a young dragon, Mccoreth looks old. His hide is a faded russet, almost orange, and he suffers from chronic joint-ail, despite his youth. He is somewhat stocky and rather small for his color.

Mccoreth is an oddball dragon. He detests traveling between and prefers to fly directly whenever possible. His temperament is often argumentative, a cynical outer crust over a soft heart that truly cares about people. He has a running battle of wits with Niocth. He is not afraid to take on other dragons in the role of a draconic psychologist. He enjoys a good brandy now and then and is fascinated by vintners and their craft - but he never overindulges (well, at least not as an adult dragon...).

Other Info:
Birthday: March 8

NPC Characters:
Sevran - Father - Runnerbeast Breeder
Leila - Mother - Weaver
V'tor & Rheosth - Friend/Crush - Fort Bluerider

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4Adoptable Characters Empty Secat on Tue Feb 28, 2012 10:20 pm


Name: Secat
Rank: Healer
Craft and Rank: Master Healer
Location: Snowy Hold
Age: 75
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hetero
Mate: None.

Physical Description:
Secat is, and always has been, a small woman. She stands roughly 5’0 and uses a walking stick to help her move around. The old woman has very thin, grey hair and wise, hazel eyes. In fact, one can see the effects life has had on her when they look upon her wrinkled face.
Despite her age, Secat is a very healthy old woman. So much so that she is perfectly capable of keeping up her work, although she does tend to go slower than she used to. She has a few scars over her body, mostly from patients or from when she was first learning to be a healer. Her worst wound is a knife wound from a patient that hadn’t realized she was there to help.

Secat is a very strong woman, and extremely talented at her job. She has a tendency to spend far too much time focused on the advances healing ahs made since the discovery of AIVAS. More than that, though, is that she has the ability to strike fear into almost any patient. Something that doesn’t phase her in the slightest as all of them are willing to come to her first no matter the problem. This is because of her ability to heal just about any ailment.
There is one important thing that Dertray could explain better than anyone… if she cares about someone and they have done something she deems as being stupid, she will make certain that they learn from their injury by allowing them to feel the pain as the wound heals. Something she has done to both Dertray and his brother on numerous occasions.
She does have one fear that no one knows about, but everyone can guess at. She fears that one day she will become useless and unable to help those she cares about. In fact, it is this reason that has driven her to follow Sakura and Dertray into retirement, knowing that the man will give her plenty of opportunity to practice her craft.
Her hobby is actually one that is slightly related to her craft, but very different from her specialty… she enjoys herbalism and gardening. A decent portion of her time is spent working at making ointments and the like for her patients, or growing the herbs and plants to make them.


Secat 's History

  • 2483.09.25Born the daughter of healers Tracy and Morick

  • 2495.01.06Accepted to the healer hall as an apprentice

  • 2497.03.01Advanced to senior apprentice

  • 2499.01.01Walked the tables as a journeywoman healer. Chose to specialize in trauma and surgery.

  • 2501.05.06Advanced to senior journeywoman

  • 2503.02.01Advanced to master healer.

  • 2503.04.01Moved to Telgar Weyr

  • 2503.04.23Delivered Sakura.

  • 2503.06.15Delivered Dertray

  • 2505.08.02Delivered Dirk

  • 2512.02.03Got injured healing Sakura’s brother after he had been injured.

  • 2512.06.04Met Talrik, a master healer with as much a passion for the job as she had.

  • 2513.04.04Married Talrik. Discovered she was pregnant.

  • 2513.12.04Gave birth to daughter Saira.

  • 2519.04.05Talrik was murdered by a rogue that has never been caught.

  • 2521.03.19Delivered Daria and helped arrange for her to go to Telgar Hold.

  • 2525.11.15Saira was sent to the healer hall to begin her training.

  • 2536.07.21Delivered Kay Jr.

  • 2536.10.22Delivered Taenalon

  • 2538.12.30Met Marius and attempted her second relationship.

  • 2538.12.21Split up with Marius and decided she was done with men.

  • 2538.12.30Attended her daughter’s wedding. Met son-in-law Darien.

  • 2540.05.05Grandson Talrius is born.

  • 2552.05.06Talrius moves to the weyr in order to start his apprenticeship, and to help keep an eye on his grandmother.

  • 2558.01.26Sent Talrius to the healer hall for advancement in the craft.

  • 2558.02.21Moved to Snowy Hold

5Adoptable Characters Empty Re: Adoptable Characters on Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:58 pm


NPC Weyrlings, all are availiable for adoption and names can be changed upon adoption. We just use them for sanity's sake. xD

Glacier Weyrlings (High Reaches Clutch)
T'zal and Bronze Banelth
Z'nir and Bronze Rakskeluth
B'nin and Brown Risoth
F'xal and Brown Yrodith
N'kos and Blue Elmroth
G'rav and Blue Whayth
Aqayla and Green Kimith
Arisa and Green Meith

Snowflake Weyrlings (Benden Clutch):
D'ver and Bronze Vorith
L'nex and Bronze Rilath
R'yur and Brown Ominth
S'ine and Brown Zaveroth
X'lel and Blue Keleth
Tyaena and Green Camaroth
Laeri and Green Pyredith

Tundra Weyrlings (Fort Clutch)
NOTE: Only the rider names may be changed
X'kim and Bronze Zhlucarth
Z'vier and Brown Niocth
N'sir and Blue Spindath
K'let and Blue Shimarkth
S'nom and Green Pareilth
Ashendel and Green Basidith

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