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All canon Pern content copyright to Anne McCaffrey. All non-canon Pern content copyright Kestrana. All draconic sprites/button images copyright to various artists (many images from Pern book covers; dragon sprite from "Dragonlady" fantasy portrait of Anne McCaffrey). All original characters copyright of their gamers.
On a New Planet People!

Wed Feb 13, 2013 9:05 pm by Kura

The Ekseliksi Monthly

Before we get started, I would just like to let everyone know that as a result of the odd timeline of things that Kes has posted, I will be posting this to cover TWO months. It will list flights for both February and March, and which dragons will manage to rise before things go south once more.

Out of Character Birthdays

Ky/Sora – Feb. 22nd

In Character Birthdays

Erin – Feb. 3rd
Ling – Feb. 6th
Lyam – Feb. 27th

New Borns

Greenrider Erin and Bluerider A’dam had daughter Amari on February 7th.
Green Weyrling Artemis and Green Weyrling D’rick had son Merrick on January 27th.


Green Dragon Rainith rises on Feb. 27th
Green Dragon Plyath rises on Feb. 28th
Green Dragon Basidith rises on March 2nd
Green Dragon Haranth rises on March 4th
Green Dragon Jadziath rises on March 5th
Green Dragon Daesirith rises on March 8th

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