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1 Transfer to the Academy, Part 3 on Sun Jun 24, 2012 6:30 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Given the considerable strain that he, the weyrlings, and the Weyrlingmasters had been under over the past couple of days, H'lee let the Tundra group sleep in the day after they docked at Snowy. Meanwhile, he helped organize the cleanup and supervised the Snowflake weyrlings as they pitched in. They were large enough and trained enough to help with light salvage and had been lifting and moving things on land while the older, larger dragons (including the Glacier clutch) worked towing in vessels and items pulled out to sea or sunk in the harbor.

Of course, their dragons woke up hungry every few hours, so whatever sleep they got wasn't particularly restful; at least the dragons got wherry and herdbeast meat with only a smattering of fish. When they each finally woke up to stay awake, he had them report to the healers to get checked over; once they were all awake, the Hold was enough returned to normalcy that he rounded up the wagons for them to make the last leg of their journey to the Academy. It would only take a couple of hours by wagon, shorter even than the trip from Fort Weyr to Sea Hold. However, that was practically the only difference between this wagon ride and that one; and the fact that H'lee didn't make them do any exercises or anything. "Technically, tomorrow's your Rest Day, but all things considered, I'm going to let you rest today as well as tomorrow," he told them.

Just over two hours later, they pulled into the upper left tier basin, where empty weyrs waited. They were built in sets of five, two columns of two with a single, larger weyr in the middle. A bronze, a blue, a green, and H'lee's own Seeth were sprawled on the ledges of the central weyrs, sunning themselves in the late afternoon rays.

The wagons pulling the two bronze weyrlings pulled up to the four weyrs nearest the bronze (who turned out to be T'lon's Roth). The wagons pulling the browns stopped in front of Seeth's and H'lee's weyr. The blues stopped in front of the blue dragon; and the greens were deposited in front of the green dragon.

"You have limited pick of your weyrs, except whatever weyr you pick should be adjacent to the Weyrlingmaster's whose dragon is the same color as yours. The greens are the exception: they should be adjacent to Assistant Weyrlingmaster Valyria's green Sulyth there or Assistant Weyrlingmaster Lyam's Rrisith. After you pick your weyr and get your weyrling dragon settled, report to your Assitant Weyrlingmaster's weyr and let him or her know which weyr you're in. Then you're free for the rest of the evening. Lights out is still at 10pm, though, which is in about 4 hours!"

With that, the brownrider gave his pack a heave and Seeth caught it carefully in his massive jaws before depositing it inside their weyr and going back to his snooze while his rider made his slow and limping way up on foot.

Pretty short post this time. Two big things to remember:
1. Northern Weyrling Academy is 9 hours AHEAD of Fort Weyr, so 10pm is going to feel like 1pm to the weyrlings.
2. Pick out your weyr and check in with your Assistant Weyrlingmaster (defined by color of the AWLM's dragon). Layout is below.

1  3 5  7 9  11 13  15
Gr Bl Br Bz
2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16

  • Green weyrlings have the choice of weyrs 1-6
  • Blue weyrlings have the choice of 5-8 (excepting the one that the fifth green weyrling takes
  • Brown weyrlings have the choice of 9-12
  • Bronze weyrlings have the choice of 13-16

K'so didn't really sleep in. They'd made land at about 4pm in the afternoon, local time - 7am in the time he was used to. If he hadn't been awake for most of the previous day and a half, he'd have been wide awake. As it was, he'd crashed soon after they'd docked. He'd worked for about two hours, expecting Qancith to wake up about then for some food, but the young dragon was just as exhausted as his rider and slept right through what would normally have been a feeding time. That was when K'so decided to crash, as well. Qanc woke him up three hours later, famished. Then they both slept for another three hours before the next feeding. They did that twice more, and about an hour before the next feeding - which would have been the midnight one - K'so woke up to stay up. Of course, that would probably put him completely out of sorts for a couple more days, or so the healer he was told to report to told him.

He fell back asleep a few hours later and then got up again. He was one of the last to awaken fully, and they loaded up into the wagons soon after. Qancith was feeling normal enough to complain about the wagon and the ride, but that was nothing compared to his complaint about having to share weyr space with the greens. The browns and bronzes don't have to have neighbors, why do WE?! he complained, rather loudly snorting his disgust. K'so sighed.

"How about the top right one? Then we only have neighbors on two sides." Qancith allowed as to how that would suffice for now.

They clambered up to weyr #7 and K'so tossed their stuff in before reporting to Lyam and telling him that was the one they'd selected. He was feeling quite wide awake at the moment and decided it was his turn for food after feeding Qancith. After eating dinner, he went back to his new weyr and found that there were bathing chambers present; the hot water heater was a small affair, wood-fired, with only enough water to fill the tub about 2/3 of the way up, but he fired it up anyway. He marveled at the piping that pumped fresh, cold water into the heater as the hot water flowed out into the tub. There was another pipe that put cold water into the tub to get it to the right temperature. The tub itself was stone with a layer of sweetsand on the bottom and a drain on one end; the user was responsible for making sure little to no sweetsand drained out with the water, though, it seemed. He wondered where the used water went when it drained from the tub, but wasn't really interested in finding out: he was more interested in bathing. Qancith lounged on the ledge outside like the Assistant Weyrlingmasters' dragons were and dozed.

After he scrubbed what seemed like months' worth of salt and fish grime out of his skin and hair, K'so drained the tub and refilled it with more hot water (having left the stove burning while he washed). This time, he just soaked in the water and, remembering the admonitions of the Weyrlingmaster, reached out mentally to Qancith and just dropped into a rapport that allowed him to see the Academy through the young dragon's eyes. Colors were so much more vivid, and even the slightest motion was like a beacon: it seemed the individual edges of the grass, swaying slightly in an evening breeze, were sharp as knives. Some sort of insect, maybe a VTOL, rose from the sedges and fluttered a few feet before dropping into the grass. After a while, Qancith demanded something from him, so he focused on remembering the Vintnering lessons he'd attended, trying to visualize the instructor and remember the taste of the different liquors their mentor had had him and A'lo taste-test. Qancith rumbled appreciatively at the flavors.

Rather abruptly, and impolitely, K'so thought, Qancith's stomach decided to express its emptiness. Food time. K'so snorted, closing down their connection so he wasn't feeling it so strongly and climbed out of the tub. He dried off and bundled up in something reasonably warm, but work-like, and they went down to the middens and butcher shed to take care of business and feed the blue dragon. Afterward, they returned to their weyr and K'so gave Qancith a bit of a scrub to remove the flecks of blood from his muzzle before oiling him. He made a mental note to soak the oil in a bit of hot water from the boiler next time to see if that made things easier. After that, it was bedtime. Qancith was more than willing to sleep, but K'so had a hard time falling asleep. It wasn't until after the midnight feeding that he was able to drift off, and then, 6am came much, much too soon...
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2 Re: Transfer to the Academy, Part 3 on Sun Jun 24, 2012 6:32 pm


Gold Weyrling
Alyena and Henriettath were one of the Snowflake weyrling pairs helping out in Snowy Hold. Hetty wasn't above getting a little dirty to help out her fellow weyrlings, and they were laboring over one of the barns that had partially collapsed under the pressure of one of the waves. As the largest of the weyrlings working on that barn, she and Hetty were hovering over the barn, doing their best to hold the main beam steady while the others lifted the rafters and wall frames into place; one of the Carpenters was sitting behind her and told her what they needed each of the dragons to do, and she had Hetty relay it to the others. They were working quite well as a team.

They proceeded to do the same thing for three other barns. At that point, Hetty expressed her desire to go home and eat and sleep. Alyena noticed that H'lee was rounding up the newest batch of weyrlings and heading back to the Academy themselves. "Alright, lovey, let's head home. I'm going to get something to eat while you do, then you can bathe and I'll oil you up and get my own bath!"
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3 Re: Transfer to the Academy, Part 3 on Mon Jun 25, 2012 12:04 am


Artemis had gone to sleep rather quickly, doing nothing to help out as she still felt rather sick from the sea travel. Her twin, however, lasted an hour or two before he finally crawled into a bed next to his sister and their dragons. He knew that Rik was already sound asleep, and that soon both dragons would be waking them.

A few hours later, that was exactly what happened. Artemis helped out a little, although when she felt her stomach get a little too queezy, her brother kicked her back to bed and promised he would finish up with both hatchlings. She protested a bit, but Jazz demanded she listen to her brother since the green trusted that her bonded's twin would take care of her.

When the group finally traveled and headed to the academy, Artemis felt rather exhausted still. Her body didn't feel well rested, despite the sleep she had gotten. Thus, she was more than happy when H'lee promised them the rest of that day off as well the next day. Artemis looked to her brother and smiled before choosing weyr #2 and heading up there (with her brother's help as he was unwilling to pick his own until she was settled). Once she was settled and her assistant weyrlingmaster was alerted to her choice, she went directly to sitting down and trying to recover (without sleep). Her twin promised he would return when he was settled to keep her company.

Before long he headed back out to the weyrbowl with Rik and headed over to weyr #14, wanting to get as close as he could to his sister's weyr. Once settled he headed to let T'lon know which he had chosen before heading back to his sister's weyr and leaving Rikraketh to his snoozing... after feeding both the bronze and helping his sister feed her green.

4 Re: Transfer to the Academy, Part 3 on Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:06 pm


Kat had worked as long as she'd been allowed, stopping only when Mccoreth woke for food and she found most of her fellow weyrlings had retired to sleep. Of course, as she fed Mccoreth she realized just how tired she was so once she had him cleaned up, she all but collapsed into the cot next to him and went to sleep, though she was awake again in a couple hours time to feed the young Brown. And so went the rest of her night, sleep for a couple hours, wake up, feed Mccoreth and sleep again. When she finally woke feeling about as rested as she could get, she was sent off to the healers and deemed relatively uninjured (though she was told to take it easy on her wrist for a couple days) and sent off to get Mccoreth loaded into his wagon.

Their arrival at the Academy was nominally uneventful, they pulled up to a series of weyrs, were unloaded and told which ones they could choose from. Both she and Mccoreth decided the lowest right (#12) was suitable as it was the ground level and as far away from K'so and his blue as they could possibly get. She didn't mind A'lo as a neighbor and it turned out Niocth's rider had a similar idea as she found Nicoth peering down from the weyr above hers at Mccoreth who was sprawled out in the sun as they chatted.

She reported her choice to H'lee and with her dragon occupied for the time being, Kat opted for a nice bath. Unlike K'so, once she felt clean, she was only too happy to leave her weyr and set out with Mccoreth, Niocth and his rider to explore their new surroundings. Sure they'd visited once already but the dragons hadn't ever seen the place before and were curious about it. The two riders pointed out people they recognized or places they remembered as being important. When the two Browns started feeling hungry, they returned to the middens and then to the butcher shed for food.

Fully fed and tired, Mccoreth and Nicoth were herded back to their weyrs. Kat and Niocth's rider spent the rest of their evening in friendly conversation with one of the green weyrlings.

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