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1 Xanadu Search! on Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:09 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
About the Weyr
Xanadu Weyr is located in the eastern edge of the Western Barrier Range, overlooking the inland sea.

The Headwoman there is Anna. Her brother, Gunnar, is a Master Harper and helps her out with management of the Weyr and Candidate Lessons.

Locations Searched:
Kahrain Hold
Region between the Black Rock River and Island River.
Honshu Weyrhold
Region on the western side of Black Rock River, east and southeast of Island River, and much of the Western Barrier Range. Terrain is mostly hills and mountains with few river plains; ideal for mining and ranching, but not farming or wood-growing. Most Candidates will be miners or herders, with some carpenters, a few farmers, and a smattering of the other Crafts. Part of Kahrain Hold.
Xanadu Hold
Located near the Weyr.
Jordan Hold
Region east of Black Rock River to the ocean.
Jordan Sea Hold
Port on the northernmost point of Jordan Hold lands (also the northernmost point of the Southern Continent). Includes several islands and their inhabitants. Mostly sailors and fisherfolk.
Other weyrholds or holdings within the listed Holds (feel free to make up names).

About the Clutchparents
Gold Saraidth was flown by bronze Vartryth. They are both first-time parents and very anxious about the clutch.

About the Eggs
12 eggs were laid on the Sands.

About the Candidates
None yet

  • Gendayn - Apprentice Glassmith, age 12, Xanadu Weyr (son of Weyrwoman Endalee and Weyrleader G'kyn), first Standing
  • Otera - Journeywoman Herder, age 18, Kahrain Hold, tenth Standing
  • Mikef - Apprentice Weaver, age 16, Xanadu Hold, twentieth Standing
  • Arani - Journeywoman Smith, age 19, Honshu Weyrhold, fifteenth Standing
  • Mutayu - Journeyman Sailor, age 13, Jordan Sea Hold, third Standing
  • Yuki - Apprentice Farmer, age 17, Jordan Hold, fifth Standing
  • Raydrau - Journeyman Farmer, age 12, Jordan Sea Hold, fourth standing
  • Dynasho - Journeyman Cook, age 13, Honshu Weyrhold, seventh standing
  • Rynev - Apprentice Healer, age 15, Jordan Sea Hold, tenth standing
  • Sulyst - Journeyman Printer, age 15, Xanadu Weyr (son of Greenrider Suline and Wingsecond D'skel), thirteenth standing
  • Tindyn - Apprentice Carpenter, age 15, Jordan Hold, ninth standing
  • Essengi - Journeyman Glassmith, age 16, Xanadu Weyr (son of Weyrwoman Endalee and Weyrleader G'kyn), fifteenth standing
  • Keril - Journeyman Harper, age 16, Xanadu Hold, tenth standing
  • Sayton - Journeyman Weaver, age 16, Jordan Sea Hold, thirteenth standing
  • Rytas - Journeyman Papermaker, age 16, Xanadu Hold, twentieth standing
  • Arav - Apprentice Papermaker, age 16, Kahrain Hold, fifteenth standing
  • Dynyk - Journeyman Glassmith, age 16, Xanadu Weyr (son of Greenrider D'lye & Substeward Kelate), eleventh standing
  • Rynir - Apprentice Herder, age 17, Jordan Sea Hold, seventeenth standing
  • Ketia - Journeywoman Herder, age 17, Jordan Hold, fifth standing
  • Belorm - Journeyman Papermaker, age 18, Jordan Sea Hold, nineteenth standing
  • Enthlyea - Apprentice Weaver, age 18, Honshu Weyrhold, tenth standing
  • Kingara - Apprentice Harper, age 20, Jordan Hold, sixteenth standing
  • Ceina - Apprentice Sailor, age 20, Jordan Sea Hold, nineteenth standing
  • Athnia - Apprentice Glassmith, age 21, Honshu Weyrhold, eighteenth standing
  • Zhygha - Journeywoman Farmer, age 22, Xanadu Hold, fourteenth standing
  • Iris - Journeywoman Miner, age 22, Kahrain Hold, fifteenth standing
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