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26 Re: First Flight Make-up: Artemis & Jadziath on Sun Sep 30, 2012 8:27 pm


And they proceeded to 'try again' over those two weeks while Jazzy got the hang of gliding. She was getting better at adjusting for her injured wing, but it still frustrated her to no end.

This time, she found herself well away from her rider and H'lee, not wanting to injure them. She then spread her wings as much as they would go, which naturally meant that her left wasn't fully extended. With a powerful thrust of her right wing, and a less than powerful thrust of her left... she toppled right to the side and landed on her side, barely folding her wing and moving it in time to keep any real damage from happening... but not quick enough to prevent the jolt of pain that her rider felt.

Artemis yelped for a moment, ~Are you okay, Jazz?~

The green snorted at her, picked herself up, and shook herself off. There was one good thing about H'lee's 'try again' answer, she didn't need to hear those words again before she flexed her wing to make certain it was alright. When there was no more pain than normal, she tried once more, using slightly less power on her right side and kind of took off right. Although she was soon flopping towards the side, twisting to put her foreclaws on the ground first. Naturally, a growl of frustration left her as this happened.

27 Re: First Flight Make-up: Artemis & Jadziath on Tue Oct 02, 2012 6:06 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
H'lee tensed a bit when Jadziath fell over, even though he'd been expecting it. He watched Artemis to see if there was any unusual pain from her dragon, but when the green got up and flexed her wing and seemed satisfied, he relaxed. No new injuries, then.

Maybe try keeping your right wing slightly furled to compensate for your left not extending fully, Seeth suggested to Jadziath even as H'lee repeated a similar phrase to her rider.

"The twist in the bone should actually help a little for take-off, as long as she's not overpowering her right wing. The goal of wingbeats on take-off is to push as much air down as possible. As we know from her gliding, the tilt of the left wing funnels more air over the top and pushes the wing down; but in this case, it keeps excess air from billowing out the front of the wing, forcing it to go along the sail toward the ground," he explained. He smiled wryly at the seeming contradiction.

He and Seeth shared a moment of private amusement as Jadziath immediately tried again, without either of them saying, "Try again."
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28 Re: First Flight Make-up: Artemis & Jadziath on Wed Oct 03, 2012 5:20 pm


Jadziath glanced over at the brown once she had landed a second time, taking into account what he said before glancing at her wings. After judging things for herself, she tried his method. Once her right wing was at the same position as her left, she pushed from the ground and managed to take off. In fact, she found it worked better... however, she still found that she couldn't flap very well before she was falling back down once more. Her form fell to the left side as she miscalculated while trying to stay aloft for a second... and ended up on the ground. Luckily, with enough time to get her claws under her.

Regardless of the issue, she gave a buggle of delight that it had worked at all! And then her mind was at work trying to figure out how to fix her problems for once she was in the air. When done, she looked towards Seeth, ~Do you think it would be more helpful to continue keeping my right wing slightly furled as compensation? Once I've taken off, I mean?~ she asked him. She realized that as she was in the air, part of what had thrown her off was that she had extended her right wing slightly further than her left... but enough to throw her off balance.

Artemis glanced at H'lee as her dragon questioned his brown before she nodded. Already her dragon was preparing to try what she had questioned Seeth about.

29 Re: First Flight Make-up: Artemis & Jadziath on Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:35 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Yes. Until you are aloft, you should keep the wings as close to the same as possible. Once you're safely in the air, you can extend your wing for a glide, just like when you jump off the ramp.

The following week, they had mounted drill where the weyrlings flapped their wings while staying grounded. Seeth gave them additional attention as the green worked her wings the same way in that exercise as she had been over the previous week of solo practice.


After two weeks of practicing launches, H'lee asked K'so and A'lo to join them to practice takeoffs as a Flight. For the initial flight, he spaced them out a safe distance from each other to give Jadziath that little bit of extra room.

"I want you to jump up into the air, stabilize at three wingbeats off the ground, glide across the grounds," he pointed across the narrow direction of the grounds, "and then land."

On the one hand, K'so and Qancith were supremely annoyed at being called away from solo flight practice with the other weyrling dragons to help the injured Jadziath learn to fly with other dragons. On the other hand, they were getting one-on-one attention from The Weyrlingmaster himself. Not that you necessarily wanted one-on-one attention from H'lee...

He and Qancith arrived as requested and settled a comfortable distance behind and to Jadziath's left, assuming they'd start in the same positions as they had when he and Rikraketh had learned this part. If he was a little farther back than they'd been that time, well, they'd all seen Jadziath's tendency to slip to the left!

Qancith waited for Rikraketh to give the signal, and lurched upward, spreading his wings and beating them down to gain height: he gave three wingbeats to reach the height H'lee wanted, but he wouldn't shift to glide across the bowl until Rikraketh gave that signal.
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30 Re: First Flight Make-up: Artemis & Jadziath on Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:08 am


Naturally, with A'lo finding himself and his dragon summoned to help with his sister's private lessons... the boy was rather quick to arrive. He nodded a greeting to his friend before glancing to H'lee for an explination of what they were doing. Sure, he'd gotten updates from his twin on a regular basis... but he had also been spending a lot of freetime trying to learn how to be a better leader or wingsecond, and how best to run a hold... and playing dragon poker until his annoying bronze stopped pestering him...

~I heard that...~ the bronze sulked at him, waiting patiently for them to get to the next part of things.

Regardless, within moments the twins had mounted onto their respective dragons... with Artemis feeling a little nervous about things. Her dragon had improved quite a bit over the past few weeks, but would still have problems with keeping herself in the air for very long... and it usually resulted in a crash landing... luckily with a little less crash each time.

Patiently the two of them took their respective positions before A'lo took a deep breath and gave the signal... his bronze quickly passing it onto the other two. Within moments both Rik and Jazz leapt into the air. Jadziath was careful to keep her right wing partially closed and once she'd done her three flaps to get into the air, she did her best to remain stable in the air... thankful when Rik gave the signal to glide across the bowl. The green quickly settled into a glide, thankful for the ease on her wing, and was quick to adjust... although she did veer to the left a bit. When she finally landed, it was much as all her previous ones had been... a bit rough. Artemis patted her dragon, grumping about how the dragon was going to knock the wind out of her if not careful. Luckily, despite the rough landing for the dragon... she did manage to land in such a way so it wasn't AS bad for her rider. ~Jadziath, mine wishes to know if Artemis is alright?~

~She is perfectly fine, she is just complaining because I have not figured out how to do a graceful landing like this. I feel like half a dragon, Rikraketh,~ she snorted her annoyance. Quite frankly, despite the short spurts in the air, she still hated her condition. Her left wing was constantly stiff and awkward to control... and at times it was annoying with it's dull ache.

A'lo nodded his head when he got the news before frowning. Quite frankly, he was more than a little worried about his sister and her green...

31 Re: First Flight Make-up: Artemis & Jadziath on Sun Oct 21, 2012 9:26 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Annnnnd we're gonna say this lesson is done and they passed the lesson.
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