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1 Xanadu Weyr NPCs on Sun Sep 23, 2012 1:28 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster


Weyrwoman Endalee and gold Oreth
Weyrleader G'kyn and bronze Lath

Headwoman Anna

Wingleader T'piw and bronze Burith
Wingleader R'kim and bronze Dralorith

Wingsecond Agequa and gold Orath
Weyrsecond Z'sad and bronze Tiniruth
Wingsecond N'tas and bronze Lerath

Wingsecond D'skel and brown Woroth
Wingsecond N'cer and brown Chaoth
Wingsecond T'loh and brown Yrroth
Wingsecond P'yos and brown Poleith

Master Harper Gunnar (m)
Head Cook Kyos (m)
Head Housekeeper Tiaceri (f)
Head Gardener Rhuale (f)

Queenrider Aloria and gold Saraidth
Wingrider V'mor and bronze Vartryth
Wingrider T'ryd and bronze Ilyth
Wingrider B'kin and bronze Adyth

Wingrider L'jay and brown Eltoth
Wingrider D'ham and brown Draeth
Wingrider T'dis and brown Adissith
Wingrider L'dyn and brown Uvuth
Wingrider D'rug and brown Darainth

Wingrider N'kal and blue Seuth
Wingrider C'rok and blue Phath
Wingrider C'sam and blue Sayth
Wingrider R'tes and blue Eldyth
Wingrider S'yil and blue Verith
Wingrider M'ray and blue Zulith
Wingrider M'ther and blue Yakiath
Wingrider A'krom and blue Leroith

Wingrider Veraldi and green Taiafth
Wingrider Inafa and green Iath
Wingrider Legha and green Odijth
Wingrider Ormeri and green Kelynth
Wingrider Vesenthe and green Turdeleth
Wingrider Suline and green Ostith
Wingrider Awsim and green Iadarath
Wingrider Ethild and green Tinasyth
Wingrider Awnyse and green Yleath
Wingrider Walora and green Okuth
Wingrider Fancy and green Maurikath
Wingrider Sayny and green Etath
Wingrider Quia and green Zeriath
Wingrider Ackroda and green Moraleeth
Wingrider L'bur and green Wulth
Wingrider S'gar and green Mialdoth
Wingrider X'pol and green Inaoth
Wingrider N'gus and green Shyalduth
Wingrider S'fay and green Aldaeth
Wingrider S'tec and green Eashath
Wingrider Z'woz and green Denvereyth
Wingrider B'ril and green Shyirith
Wingrider F'yul and green Apelth
Wingrider D'lye and green Isyth
Wingrider Z'nor and green Eelapth
Wingrider T'ach and green Vessulith
Wingrider J'cys and green Rodouth
Wingrider L'rod and green Leromoth

Kitchen Steward Niale (m)
Laundry Steward Rannaly (m)
Herbalist Steward Clogha (f)

Weyrling Wingleader J'elm and bronze Wheirath
Weyrling Wingsecond S'wyt and brown Aessylth
Weyrling Wingsecond N'xan and brown Rynwarath

Weyrling Wingrider B'iss and blue Anyrth
Weyrling Wingrider H'an and blue Jashyuth
Weyrling Wingrider F'vil and blue Ykagth

Weyrling Wingrider Boqua and green Acheath
Weyrling Wingrider Esteche and green Deluith
Weyrling Wingrider Lyekala and green Hininath
Weyrling Wingrider Lydin and green Kaladath
Weyrling Wingrider S'ton and green Verleroth
Weyrling Wingrider L'ces and green Serchaynth
Weyrling Wingrider W'kuw and green Chrohth

Dishes Substeward Ashtasi (f)
Dishwashing Substeward Keld (m)
Mending Substeward Asah (f)
Sorting Substeward Meddan (m)
Pruning Substeward Dinn (m)
Drying Substeward Kelate (f)
Auntie Lena
Uncle Ole

Old Aunties Dirisi, Lanana, Kylesi, Dasiti
Old Uncles Sedamo, Mohol, Ranar, Moban
Weyrbrats Peleno (m), Dalyf (f), Tisal (f), Aruso (m), Akromancy (daughter of greenrider Fancy and bluerider A'krom)
Candidates Gendayn (m), Otera (f), Mikef (m), Arani (f), Mutayu (m), Yuki (f), Raydrau (m), Dynasho (m), Rynev (m), Sulyst (m), Tindyn (m), Essengi (m), Keril (m), Sayton (m), Rytas (m), Arav (m), Dynyk (m), Rynir (m), Ketia (f), Belorm (m), Enthlyea (f), Kingara (f), Ceina (f), Athnia (f), Zhygha (f), Iris (f)

First Tyallo (m)
First Yalop (m)
First Tiasty (f)
First Aida (f)
Second Aelo (m)
Second Adue (m)
Second Hyala (f)
Second Seuli (f)
Third Riadu (m)
Third Anap (m)
Third Isri (f)
Third Ina (f)


Xanadu Hold

Lord Holder Kisyr and Lady Holder Meleli
Fosterlings Seteb (m), Araymosa (f), Utilo (m)

Warden Xiren (m)

Honshu Weyrhold

Lord Holder Bronzerider F'om and bronze Snexth and Lady Holder Greenrider Nysasi and green Ataith
Fosterlings Atalo (m), Nywadi (f)

Warden Ochuia (f)

Bronzerider D'est and bronze Cheoth
Brownrider R'que and brown Chardeuth
Bluerider D'nen and blue Eusheth
Bluerider B'kel and blue Uskoth

Greenrider Bykada and green Yereth
Greenrider Zeriyi and green Eacyth
Greenrider N'lid and green Ybieth
Greenrider K'rod and green Polusth

Jordan Hold

Lord Holder Hanof and Lady Holder Hakisi
Fosterlings Janied (m), Egosi (m)

Warden Riwan (m)

Jordan Sea Hold

Lord Holder Arngar
Fosterlings Nyina (f), Engril (m) - twins (neice/nephew)

Warden Estina (f) - sister to Lord Holder Arngar
Steward Hinhale (m) - Estina's husband

Kahrain Hold

Lord Holder Rynur and Lady Holder Tery
Fosterlings Tyrace (m)

Warden Omele (m)
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