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1 Checkin with Headwoman Nataly on Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:45 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Upon arrival at the Weyr, Candidates are escorted by the rider who brought them to the Headwoman's office. Her office was one of the few that had double doors: it had to, to handle all the comings and goings. No matter what activities were going on at the time of the arrival, the doors would be shut and the new Candidate would be left alone to answer the Headwoman's questions.

The Candidate has a choice of seats on the near side of the ornate, antique desk: a hard wooden chair - straight-backed, flat-seated, no arms (one could say it was designed to be uncomfortable, and they'd be right); or a high-seated, deeply cushioned armchair that appears to be nearly the same age as the desk.

A fancy fireplace sits to one side of the office. There are three nooks over the main firing chamber: the left one contains a small kettle; the center one a small cauldron; the right a tray of something covered in a towel. Headwoman Nataly goes to the fire and pours herself a mug of klah from the kettle and offers the Candidate a mug, a biscuit from under the towel, or a bowl of stew, depending on the hour of day. Then she sits in her large, comfortable chair on the far side of the desk and interviews the Candidate.

As each Candidate checks into this thread by replying to the scene and actions above, they may fill out the first two portions of their Candidate App. A reply will be posted after they fill out their Candidatemaster Interview questions to assign them a bunk, chores, and bunkmates.
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2 Re: Checkin with Headwoman Nataly on Mon Jan 23, 2012 3:27 pm


Random Event Creator
Kerso strutted into the Headwoman's office ahead of an annoyed-looking bronzerider whose name he'd missed. It had been cold outside, and even colder between, but he didn't care: he'd been Searched! The son of a poor barley farmer and he'd been Searched! He plopped down in the cushioned chair and gazed around the room with bright eyes.

"Here's the next one, Headwoman. Name's Kerso, he's from Boll. Good luck."

At first, Kerso was going to refuse the proffered bowl of stew, but then he realized he really was actually hungry and the Headwoman was an important person, so her food had to be better than what he'd get in the kitchens, right? He shifted in his seat from the lazy sprawl he'd landed in to a more upright position and took the bowl and spoon and started shoveling stew into his mouth. For a long moment, he didn't realize he was both being rude and letting his common heritage show, until he realized the Headwoman had seated herself and was watching him eat. When he realized it, he cleared his throat and slowed down, alternating stew, bites of a biscuit, and sips of klah.
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3 Re: Checkin with Headwoman Nataly on Mon Jan 23, 2012 4:40 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Headwoman Nataly noted the arrogance in the boy's walk and the aggravation in bronzerider P'zar's countenance and voice and couldn't miss the sarcasm in his luck wish. It was obvious the boy considered himself bronzerider material and that nothing less than a bronze would do. She sighed inwardly; these were always awkward interviews, although not always the worst kind.

She noted his eating behavior with interest: it spoke of poorer upbringings than his attitude otherwise indicated. P'zar hadn't specified where the boy came from. After he polished off most of the bowl of stew, she cleared her throat and started the interview.

His answers were typical of the attitude, and explained something about his mannerisms - it was clear his family got by, but weren't well-off, and he thought he could do better than a farm that he'd end up having to share with at least his brother, possibly brothers-in-law, depending on how his sisters married. He wanted more than just enough to get by. She pulled flipped her notes on his interview over and studied a paper underneath. "Alright, Kerso," she stated, rising and tugging at a bellrope behind her desk. "Greenrider S'len will show you down to your bunkroom."

When said greenrider stuck opened the door, she instructed him, "Bunkroom #3. Kerso, you're the first one in that bunkroom, so you've got the pick of the bunks. Your bunk will be inspected each morning for cleanliness and to make sure that the amenities shelves are fully stocked. Now remember, you're only allowed to have one mug of alcohol with supper.

"I know you're not fond of outdoors work, so we'll start you in the Food Service chore group. Your chore period is mornings, so you'll report to the Head Cook tomorrow morning an hour before breakfast. Don't worry, we'll make sure you're up in time.

You'll receive a slip informing you of what time to meet with Journeyman Harper Timiny tomorrow. Be prompt! He'll be letting me know, as well, so I'll make sure whoever you're working with at the time knows to get you on your way in time to get there.

Since I know you don't want to farm, in the afternoons after lunch I want you to report to the smithy. It's nice and warm in there; spend a sevenday in there and we'll chat after your interview with Weyrlingmaster H'lee and see how you like smithing."
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4 Re: Checkin with Headwoman Nataly on Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:23 pm


Artemis moved towards the headwoman’s office, thankful that the bluerider was kind enough to describe its location and alert her to the fact that she needed to go see her. The girl was still dressed in her usual dress for the hold, which was a beautiful light blue dress that her father had gotten for her as a birthday present. Her eyes shifted over the room as she entered the room, pausing to bow slightly to the woman.
Good afternoon, Headwoman. I am Artemis, daughter of Lord Holder Tethys of Ruatha Hold. The blue rider that brought me here said I was to check in with you,” she politely informed the woman behind the desk, pausing for a slight moment. It was almost as though she was uncertain about moving forth without being welcomed into the room. However, once welcomed inside, she moved and sat down on the wooden chair, choosing not to look silly trying to climb her way into the slightly higher chair that looked far more comfortable to sit in. Once she was seated, she waited patiently, uncertain of what would happen at this point in time.
Of course, that was until the woman rose from her spot to pour mugs of klah and then offer one of them to Arty. She smiled softly, “Thank you,” she said as she accepted the cup. She held it nimbly in both hands, almost as though trying to warm the chill of between from her skin. Afterwards, she remained where she was, silently awaiting further word from the woman.

5 Re: Checkin with Headwoman Nataly on Wed Feb 01, 2012 8:22 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Headwoman Nataly smiled inwardly at the irony. Of course, she knew the Lord Holder of Ruatha and recognized his children (although they might not recognize her). This demure young highborn lady was so opposite the arrogant farmer lad she'd interviewed earlier.

Artemis was much more calm and complacent than the Headwoman remembered. Of course, it had been Turns since she'd last seen the twins. She approved of the girl's devotion to duty, but was secretly glad there was no gold egg on the Sands so the girl wouldn't be too disappointed. She was so submissive that it didn't seem likely she'd make a good gold rider. However, she had the earmarks of a good Headwoman if she didn't Impress; but if a blue Searched her, it wasn't very likely that she wouldn't Impress.

She jotted down notes during the interview and finally laid her stylus down. "Alright. You'll be in Bunkroom #4. It's across the hall from Bunkroom #3. The bluerider who brought you here is waiting outside and will show you to the room.

"You're the first girl we've had brought in, so you have the bunkroom to yourself for now, and choice of the bunks. There are rules posted by the door, but in short, the bunkroom is inspected each morning: your bed should be made, the shelves organized, laundry put away, floor swept (and not just under your rug!), and the amenities shelf should be stocked with four towels and dishes of sweetsand; you're only allowed to have one mug of alcohol with dinner; and fraternization with other Candidates is strictly forbidden.

"Since you're only our second Candidate, I'll assign you to the Food Service chore group. The other Candidate is a young man by the name of Kerso; he's in the bunkroom across from you. Right now, the Food Service chore group is assigned to mornings, which means you'll report to the Head Cook tomorrow morning an hour before breakfast.

"Later today, or possibly tomorrow morning, you'll be notified of an appointment with Journeyman Harper Timiny. I'll also be notified and will make sure whoever is overseeing your duties or studies at the time knows to release you with enough time to clean up and make it to the Harper's office on time.

"You don't currently have a Craft. For now, please report to the Infirmary after lunch and assist Master Herbalist Ampris. At the end of the sevenday, after your interview with Weyrlingmaster H'lee, check in with me and will discuss your feeling about Healing and herbalism."
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6 Re: Checkin with Headwoman Nataly on Thu Feb 02, 2012 7:42 pm



Apollo waited outside the room while his sister was sent in to meet with the headwoman. When she left, he smiled and nodded to her, thankful that it was his turn. Finally he walked forth and nodded his thanks to the bluerider who had brought them. He had met the headwoman a couple times when he was younger, but he was usually fairly good with names and faces.
“Headwoman Nataly, it is good to see you again. Apollo, son of Ruatha’s Lord Tethys, reporting for candidacy!” at this point he had a stupid smirk on his face that said he hadn’t lost much of his troublemaking nature over the turns. Instead, he had just found a different method of exploring it than running wildly around the weyr when visiting… or around the hold when at home. He was definitely more of the adventurous spirit between him and his sister.

7 Re: Checkin with Headwoman Nataly on Sun Feb 05, 2012 8:46 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Nataly smiled a little to see the old fire in the brother half of the Ruathan Lord Holders' twins. Although, it did make her wonder if something had happened to the sister to steal that feistiness from her. However, it would be tactless to ask.

The verve and vigor were more like what she'd expected of Artemis. She was inclined to agree with the rider that if one half of a twin pair was Searched, the other was likely good for Impression, too.

"Well, I'm going to put you in Bunkroom #3. You'll be rooming with a lad from Southern Boll, his name is Kerso. Your sister's across the hall in Bunkroom #4. I imagine your bluerider escort has returned from showing your sister down, so he'll show you where the Bunkrooms are.

"There are rules regarding cleaning your bunks and stocking amenities; there's an inspection each morning. You and your sister as well as Kerso are assigned to the Food Service chore group, which is a morning shift right now, so an hour before breakfast, you're expected to report to the Head Cook.

"Later today or tomorrow morning, you'll be requested to the Harper's Office to meet with Journeyman Harper Timiny. Since you don't have a specific Craft at this time, I'd like you to report to Journeyman Deela down at the greenhouses on the southern side of the Bowl. She specializes in hydro- and aquaponics, which helps keep the Weyr supplied with fresh fish and veggies. You'll report to her after lunch each day for the next sevenday. We'll discuss how you like the work after your interview with H'lee on the day before Restday."

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8 Re: Checkin with Headwoman Nataly on Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:14 am


NPC Katarina

Katarina was glad to be escorted to the headwomans office by the, in her opinion, rather handsome bluerider who'd searched her. She'd have gotten herself lost trying to find the place on her own. Since she'd adamantly refused to be ferried a-dragonback so she could bring her runner stallion with her (he was a temperamental creature and would not have tolerated moving from Hold to Weyr without her) she'd actually asked after him upon her arrival since he was, at least, a familiar face. She gave him a smile and a nod of thanks as he showed her into the office and she faced the headwoman for the first time. And maybe, if she were lucky, she might be able to see him again later.

The office was much as she'd expected though she had to wonder why there was a choice of two chairs, one highly uncomfortable and one plush and aged. She suspected it was some manner of test and opted to stand instead. She'd been assured the interview wouldn't take that long and so standing didn't bother her at all. She was used to being on her feet anyway. "Bluerider V'tor told me to report to you for my candidate interview. I'm Katarina of Ruatha Hold, daughter of runnerbeast breeder Sevran and his wife Leila. Most folks just call me Kat though." She introduced herself, politely declining the offered klah and stew. She could eat once she'd gotten settled and knew what, exactly, would be expected of her.

9 Re: Checkin with Headwoman Nataly on Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:01 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Headwoman Nataly sensed a stubborn pride in the latest Candidate. V'tor had alerted her to the selection of the girl as a Candidate and that she'd chosen to travel overland with her runnerbeast. While devotion was good, Nataly felt some apprehension about her: once she had a dragon, she wouldn't have a lot of time for working with runnerbeasts, at least not for a couple of years. And from the sounds of it, the runner was temperamental and Fort Weyr didn't really need one of those; shipping him to the Academy, while possible, wasn't high on Nataly's list of enjoyable things to do.

It was nearing suppertime in Fort when she reported in, so she wasn't going to have as much time to settle in as the others who'd shown up. "Alright. You'll be in Bunkroom #4. The bluerider who brought you here is waiting outside and will show you to the room. You'll be rooming with a girl named Artemis, who's also from Ruatha.

"There are rules posted by the door, but to summarize, your bunkroom will be inspected each morning: make sure your bed is made, the shelves are organized, your laundry is put away, the entire floor is swept, and the amenities shelf is stocked; you're only allowed one mug of alcohol with dinner; and romantic relationships with anyone are strictly forbidden.

"You'll be the last one assigned to the Food Service chore group. You'll be joining Artemis and two boys, Apollo and Kerso. Your chore section is assigned to mornings, so you will need to report to the Head Cook tomorrow morning an hour before breakfast.

"Later today, but probably tomorrow, you'll be summoned to Journeyman Harper Timiny's office for an assessment. He'll also let me know when it is so I can make sure whoever you are working with at the time is aware and will release you early enough to make it on time.

"After lunches, you'll report to the Beasthold to continue your Craft lessons in the afternoons."
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10 Re: Checkin with Headwoman Nataly on Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:47 am


Fayble was shivering still from going between, she rubbed her arms to try and push the goose pimples away to no avail. She looked around the ornate room, hearing the door click behind her. The brown rider who had escorted her was a cute boy, but really not her type. He was mild mannered and quiet. She was loud, and out there, in fact she had surprised him by hugging him. Hugging him because she was no longer to be destined, or at least given a chance, to be just a holder.

Upon finishing her quick scan of the room the lanky girl would walk over to the bubbling cauldron taking in the smells of the soup. Her stomach would protest, and she would silently decide later would be a better time to have some. Having never met a Headwoman she wanted to make a great impression. Soup pouring down one's chin wasn't that impression. She then finally noticed the headwoman, who had been there the entire time.

"Oh hi! I'm Fayble, from Southern Boll." Her fingers thrusted out over the desk as she ignored the chair, actually bonking the less comfortable one with her foot that she had kicked up slightly. "Lovely office!" After the headwoman would have responded, she would sit polietly.

11 Re: Checkin with Headwoman Nataly on Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:50 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Headwoman Nataly was a slightly amused at the bouncy young woman who was escorted to her door by a brownrider after being Searched. "Thank you," she murmured when complemented on her office. After the interview, which Fayble responded to with what appeared to be her customary enthusiasm, Nataly gave her the same rules, chores, and Harper interview speech that she'd given the other hopefuls.

"You'll be in Bunkroom #4, sharing with a couple of other girls, Artemis and Katarina; the brownrider who brought you in will show you where the bunkrooms are. You'll be in the Food Service chore group with Katarina. Unless you desire to learn a different Craft, you'll report to the Kitchens after lunch and continue your Baking studies under the instruction of our Head Cook."
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