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1 Checkin with Weyrlingmaster H'lee on Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:10 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
The evening prior to Restday, Weyrlingmaster H'lee arrives on his brown Seeth. He always checks in first with Headwoman Nataly to review her interviews with the Candidates that arrived during the previous sevenday. He's granted the use of the secondary Conference Room and the Weyrsecond's private office, located just off said Conference Room.

The Candidates that arrived during the previous sevenday are assembled in the Conference Room. It contains a large table made of a long slice of a large tree, finished and polished to a lustrous swirl of russet, cream, and brown. The table is lined with wooden, straight-backed chairs with removable cushions tied to the seat and back. A tray containing a larger thermos of klah, a pitcher of water, and a bowl of biscuits is set in the middle of the table; a cauldron of stew is on the central fireplace.

H'lee is standing at the end of the table as the Candidates file in. "I'm Weyrlingmaster H'lee. If you should be so lucky as to Impress, you'll be under my supervision for the next Turn of your life." He checks the sheaf of paper in front of him and calls out a name, beckoning the Candidate to follow him into the private office for the interview.

After each Candidate checks in by replying to the scene above, they may post their Werylingmaster Interview questions in their Candidate App.
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2 Re: Checkin with Weyrlingmaster H'lee on Sat Jan 28, 2012 8:43 pm


Random Event Creator
Kerso had spent all afternoon pumping the bellows in the smithy and had only barely enough time to wash up before he was to report to the Conference Room to meet Weyrlingmaster H'lee. He was starving and felt dehydrated, and was on the warm side. He poured a large glass of water and gulped a portion of it down, the first Candidate to arrive. Then he dished himself up a bowl of stew and grabbed a biscuit, topping of his glass of water started in on it. He hadn't seen H'lee, he was just trying to catch his breath and get some food.

So far as he knew, he was the only Candidate so far. He jumped when H'lee introduced himself and asked him to come into the private office for his interview. Now that he'd had a chance to fill his stomach and ease his thirst, he was starting to feel arrogantly annoyed again. What was with all these interviews anyway? What did he need them for?
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3 Re: Checkin with Weyrlingmaster H'lee on Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:29 pm


Being as she had only recently arrived, she finally found her way towards the conference room and sat down at the table. Her eyes watched the man at the end of the table, pausing only for a second to scan the others in the room. One of them included her brother who had arrived at the same time as herself. She was glad that Apollo would be at the weyr, and a part of her certainly hoped that the both of them would impress to a dragon, but she didn't really know who would bond with what. Instead of worrying about it, however, she chose to focus on the weyrling master.

Patiently she waited at the table until he called her name, and it was only at that point that she rose from her spot and followed the man into the private office to answer his questions.

4 Re: Checkin with Weyrlingmaster H'lee on Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:06 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
H'lee had been warned by the Headwoman that his first interviewee, a farmboy named Kerso, was overbearing, arrogant, and a problem child. He'd known some others who remained so after they'd grown up; he'd known some bronzeriders who had those qualities long after they'd Impressed. And they'd all left a sour taste in his mouth, just like this boy was. He'd never understand how children like this could appeal to a Searching blue dragon. Even P'zar, who at times could be as intolerable as any bronzerider, had been aggravated by Kerso.

"Well, there's nothing in your record," he started, "yet," he added with emphasis, "to disqualify you from standing during the Hatching. Headwoman Nataly has informed me of your delinquency during some of your chores and lessons and I'm going to tell you what she did: you'll need to straighten up if you want to keep the privilege of standing at Hatching. I can see you think you're Weyrleader quality, but I'll tell you right now, with your attitude you'll never hack it as a Weyrleader.

"Believe it or not, the skills we're testing you for and demanding that you demonstrate or improve while you're a Candidate are actually required of dragonriders. And you should know that if you don't get them learned while you're here, if you happen to Impress, you'll have to learn them at the Academy, or you will not graduate. No graduation, no gold flights; no gold flights, no chance at Weyrleader. Got it? Good. Now, I believe you are supposed to report to the Headwoman to review your week in the smithy."

With that, H'lee stood up and escorted Kerso out of the office and dismissed him.

"Artemis, I believe you're next."

H'lee decided maybe he'd done these interviews in the right order after all. Young Artemis was much more pleasant than Kerso had been. He found her responses to most of his interview questions to be somewhat at odds with the Headwoman's assessment, until the question about what she'd do with a sevenday of vacation: then he saw the overly submissive side. One could confuse it with a deep sense of duty, but personally, H'lee thought there was such a thing as too much duty. Then again, maybe he was just in search of that elusive perfect Candidate.

"Well, there's not a lot I have to say. You have an outstanding history and an excellent level of skills thus far - which, might I add, is not surprising given your heritage," he added with a smile.

"I'll admit your lack of a Craft surprises me a bit. I'm not terribly concerned about it. You've plenty of time to learn a Craft before we kick you out of the Academy to fend for yourself." He laughed, a rich chuckle to show her he was joking. "But please, do make sure you pick something you enjoy. Don't pick a Craft because you know it will be the most useful thing you can learn while a Candidate or at the Academy, or because someone else thinks you'll be good at it - pick it for yourself. It doesn't matter how good you are if you enjoy it."

With that, he stood up and escorted her to the door. "I believe you are also to check in with the Headwoman. I suspect your brother will be following along shortly."
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5 Re: Checkin with Weyrlingmaster H'lee on Thu Feb 02, 2012 7:54 pm



Naturally, Apollo had showed up to the meeting with all of the other candidates, sitting down not far from his twin sister. He had managed to make it through the week doing all of his chores and he had found it to be rather annoying. However, as a young man who would one day run a weyr, he knew it was his job to at least put forth a good effort in his learning… he also knew that he would have a lot riding on his shoulders with his grandfather not only being a lord holder… but also a very famous dragonrider.
He sighed as he watched the first two candidates go in. First was one of the other male candidates, Kerso, and then it was his sister. Once they were both done, Apollo heard his own name being called and rose, heading into the room with H’lee to answer his questions. He was fully prepared for the interview, having already gone to ones with Nataly and Timiny.

6 Re: Checkin with Weyrlingmaster H'lee on Thu Feb 16, 2012 12:00 pm


NPC Katarina

The last to arrive at the weyr after being searched meant Kat was last for, well, everything. She didn't care though. It gave her a chance to watch her fellow candidates and judge their temperaments. Thus far, she was not terribly impressed by the older of the two boys. He seemed an arrogant and stuck up pain in the rear that thought he was better than everyone else. She, of course, wanted to punch him in the face but decided that would be a bad idea and settled for silently disliking him from a distance. She had entertained the idea of him impressing a tiny little Green and taunting him for it since he seemed to think he'd impress nothing less than a Bronze but decided she wouldn't wish him on any dragon. The other two she didn't mind much. She knew who they were and since she was bunked with the girl, had at least gotten to know Artemis a little. They were much as she'd expected from a Lord Holder's children.

She waited in silence, sipping a glass of water and watching as the other's went in and left again afterward. Kerso had seemed rather ticked and the others came out much the same way they'd gone in. And then it was her turn. She was not shy and looking H'lee over, studying him in the same way she would a horse. He was fairly good looking if a bit short, and she hadn't missed the hitch in his walk when he'd led her into the private office. His leg had been injured at some point in the past. All in all he seemed like a good sort, not a bad guy to have watching over her shoulder for the next turn should she impress.

7 Re: Checkin with Weyrlingmaster H'lee on Sun Feb 19, 2012 2:12 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
H'lee's conversation with Apollo followed much the same as the one with Artemis, although he was less surprised at the lack of a Craft in the young man. It was much more likely the lad was being trained in to be a Lord Holder; even though he had two older brothers, Lord Holder wasn't always passed down to the oldest son, or even to a direct descendent of the current Lord Holder, for that matter. Although with three choices, it seemed likely one of Jaxom's grandsons would continue their Ruathan heritage.

After their conversation, he sent the lad on to visit with Headwoman Nataly.

The second week, Nataly sent a firelizard to tell him not to come to the Weyr because they hadn't had any new hopefuls come in. On the third week, though, they had one, a fiery young woman who Nataly warned him had nearly as much attitude as Kerso, although in a different way. And like her, he was a little anxious about the runnerbeast, but especially now that Thread was no longer a threat and they were encouraging riders to branch out, some compromises needed to be made.

After the interview, he commented, "Well, I'm glad you already have a Craft you like!" he chuckled. "None of the other three did. It's a lot easier to get through weyrlinghood when you already have a good skillset. At any rate, no need to keep you from the rest of your free evening." It had been, arguably, H'lee's shortest interview thus far, but despite the warnings about her attitude, she hadn't gotten into any trouble (yet) and met the basic requirements of Candidacy, so there wasn't a lot he needed to say or ask. With that, he rose and escorted her to the door.
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8 Re: Checkin with Weyrlingmaster H'lee on Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:18 am


Hearing her name, Fayble went in after H'lee. He was pompous, rude, and honestly she would have thought his dragon would have bit his head off by now. Smirking at the thought of that, the girl with the wicked imagination slumped into a chair. She had only been here for a sevenday, having gotten lost was part of the journey, and just because it took her almost twice the amount of time as the rest of them to get there, (since stubbornness had something to play with lack of directions).

Though this man. Yes he seemed a bit haughty, a bit annoyed and definatly not one she wanted to cross. He looked cross already.

9 Re: Checkin with Weyrlingmaster H'lee on Sun Feb 26, 2012 9:40 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
H'lee had had a long week at the Academy. There was a rumor going around that had turned somewhat ugly and he was trying to get to the bottom of it. It had all the weyrlings fired up and had made lessons miserable. On top of that, he was here for an extra day and would be babysitting the Candidates for a couple of days up at the Academy on a field trip. He generally preferred Candidates AFTER they'd Impressed; usually the bond with their dragon mellowed them a bit, at least for a while.

Her answers to his questions reminded him of some other young weyrlings he'd known over the last few years. And even of a certain young brown weyrling...but never mind that.

Afterward, he stretched, wincing a bit. "Please try to keep your nose clean," he smiled at her. "I'm glad you've already got a start in a Craft, it'll make your weyrlinghood a lot easier, if you Impress. Actually, that reminds me, we have another Baker in weyrling training right now. Well, I know you've got a Harper lesson to get to, so I'll let you get to that." He rose and gallantly offered her his arm to escort her out of the Conference Room.
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