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1 Candidate Lesson #2 on Sun Feb 05, 2012 7:10 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
On the first day after the Restday after Candidate Kerso arrived, the Headwoman arranged with the three Candidates' chore supervisors for them to be released from chores an hour early to attend their next Candidate lesson. Most of the material for this lesson was included in the pamphlet that she'd given them at the end of their initial interview, so she started the lesson with a pop quiz:

  1. When approaching the Weyrwoman and her gold dragon, what do you do?
  2. You accidentally bump into a Wingleader and his Wingseconds chatting together at a Gather. How do you address them and apologize?
  3. A Steward approaches you and asks you to run an errand for him. How do you respond?
  4. A weyrling demands that you take her laundry down to the laundry rooms and wash it yourself. The Headwoman warned you that this weyrling would expect the Candidates to do this and instructed you not to do so and let her know if you were approached. What do you say and do?
  5. A fellow 1st-level Staff member asks you to help setting up tables, but you're in the middle of running an errand for the Substeward overseeing you both. How do you respond?
  6. A Substeward puts you in charge of a three 3rd-level Staff and two 2nd-level Staff in the kitchens. How do you give them instructions?

After the quiz, the Headwoman described the difference between Weyr shoulder knots, Hold shoulder knots, and Hall shoulder knots. All of the shoulder knots are made with the two dominant colors of the individuals Weyr, Hold, or Hall. Rank and advancement is shown by the complexity of the knot and/or additional colors.

In the case of Hold and Hall, the primary indication of advancement is the knot complexity. The knots are produced with the two dominant colors of the Hold or Hall. However, if they are stationed at a Hold or Weyr, Journeymen and Masters may add one or two threads of the Hold's or Weyr's dominant colors to their knots.

In the case of the Weyrs, non-Riders wear a simple single-colored knot made of the dominant Weyr color. Candidates' shoulder knots are bicolor, made of the two dominant Weyr colors. After Impression, a weyrling is allowed to add a single thread of their dragon's color to their Candidate knot. After graduation, they add a second thread of their dragon's color to the knot. If they advance to the level of Wingsecond, Wingleader, or Weyrwoman/Weyrleader, a new knot is made for them with two threads of their dragon's color and they will have to add pins to their shirts and riding jackets to hold the additional loops in place on their shoulders.

All three groups may also wear badges of their Hold, Hall, or Weyr. Full riders may have their badges enhanced with a dragon of their color placed over the Weyr's colors.

Most shoulder knots are loops that wrap around the arm and shoulder, under the armpit. They are described as single-, double-, or triple-looped, which numbers how many loops go around the shoulder. Most single-loop knots also have a tail which is pinned over the point of the shoulder. Journeymen knots have two short tails under the armpit and a short twist on the top.

The Weyrs have two additional special attributes: tassels that go on the Wingleaders', Jr. Weyrwomen's, Weyrleader's, and Weyrwoman's knots; and a smaller loop with a cross piece that pins over the point of the shoulder, which goes on the Jr. Weyrwomen's, Weyrleader's, and Weyrwoman's knots and may be added to the knots for the males who catch the Jr. Weyrwomen's dragons.

Now the Headwoman asks some questions on the material she just covered.

  1. You're in charge of meet-and-greet in the hours leading up to Hatching. How do you tell who is a Journeyman and how do you address them?
  2. An Apprentice and a weyrling from another Weyr arrive on foot. How do you tell them apart?
  3. A distinguished-looking couple come up in their Gather finery. On his shoulder, the man wears a three-looped shoulder knot with two colors, bright red and golden yellow. Who is he?
  4. A man approaches with a three-looped shoulder knot with a smaller loop with single crosspiece pinned over the point of his shoulder. There's a tassel on the top. What color dragon does he ride?

I haven't gotten the shoulder knot pictures posted yet, so you can Google them in the meantime. Don't feel bad if you don't get the last one - there isn't a picture of it that I've actually seen, so I took a little artistic liberty on it. Hint: look for two other shoulder knots with similar attributes and take a guess.
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2 Re: Candidate Lesson #2 on Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:46 pm


Artemis walked into the “class room” and took her seat, accepting the pop quiz from Nataly. Her eyes watched the headwoman for a mere second before she bent over to begin the task of filling out the questions.

1) When I approach the weyrwoman and her dragon, I take the time to make certain I pay them the proper respect. Regardless of which I am speaking to, I make certain to use “ma’am” or place her title before her name.
2) Bumping into a wingleader and his wingseconds, I make certain that I address them as “sir” or by their rank and apologize as politely as I can.
3) I would agree to the task so long as no one of a higher rank has forbade me from doing that task.
4) Should that happen, I would apologize to the weyrling and point out that the Headwoman said I could not do that particular chore. I would then report the incident to the Headwoman as soon as I could, or at the very least, next time I came upon her.
5) I would apologize to my fellow 1st level and explain that I was in the middle of an errand for someone of a higher rank. I would then assure them that if I have the time, I will be back to help them once I have finished the original task. Unless, of course, I am sent on another errand.
6) I would address them with respect, since they are individuals and it doesn’t matter whether or not I’m of a higher rank they deserve to be treated fairly. But I would also request that they do specific tasks that require being done, if I find that one of them responds better to a command, then I would do my best to phrase it in such a manner.

After she had finished the quiz and turned it in, Artemis listened carefully to the lesson. Mentally she took notes on everything the headwoman said, also taking into account things she knew from being the daughter of a lord holder. Almost everyone knew about the shoulder knots. Everyone used them, although not everyone knew the ranks.

1) I would identify the journeyman based upon his shoulder knot being a single loop made of two threads. At the top of the loop there would be two tails that are twined together like the rest of the loop. I would address them as “journeyman so-and-so” so show respect for the work they have put in to obtain such a rank.
2) Being as both weyrlings and apprentices have one loop made of two threads, the main way to distinguish the two would be by the colors. The apprentice would have only the colors of their craft upon their shoulder, while the weyrling would have the colors of their weyr but also a single thread to distinguish what color dragon they are bonded to.
3) The man would be a minor lord holder from Igen Hold.
4) More than likely he is the rider of a bronze.

With that she frowned, hoping that she had gotten them all correct.

3 Re: Candidate Lesson #2 on Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:56 pm


Apollo had entered the lessons moments after his twin sister, and had easily found himself in a seat to begin learning for the day. When he found himself with a quiz in front of him… he frowned. Seriously? They had JUST started learning all this stuff! However, he strengthened his resolve and realized that as the son of a lord holder and the grandson of the ONLY white rider Pern has ever seen… he had to do his best!

1) With “ma’am” or “Weyrwoman so-and-so”
2) Apologize to each in turn. Call them either “sir” or by their title and name.
3) Agree to the task.
4) Tell them that I can’t and report the incident to the headwoman.
5) Tell them that I can’t because I’m running an errand for the substeward.
6) Let them know what tasks I would like for them to complete. Make certain that I remain calm and respectful towards them. Never once use insults to get the task done.

Once done with the test, he handed it in and listened to the rest of the lesson. He knew he wasn’t as good of a student as his sister was, but he preferred to answer honestly. His eyes shifted to watch the headwoman until she began asking questions regarding ranks.

1) Two threads made into one loop, with two tails at the top of the loop. Address him as “Journeyman so-and-so” or “sir”
2) Based off of the color of the knots. Or by the fact that weyrlings usually include a ribbon or thread that indicates the color of their dragon.
3) A minor lord holder from Igen Hold
4) A bronze or brown rider.

Once done he waited to be dismissed for the day so he could move on to the next task for the day.

4 Re: Candidate Lesson #2 on Tue Feb 14, 2012 9:57 pm


Random Event Creator
Again, Kerso arrived just barely in time after supper. He never showed up at the same time as the twins. He scowled at the paper he was handed. What difference did it make?

1. Bow to the dragon and the Weyrwoman.
2. Address them as "Wingleader" and "Wingseconds" and say, "I'm sorry."
3. Address the Steward as "Steward" and accept the task. Depending on the task, maybe ask for a 2nd level staff person to assist.
4. Tell her to do her own sharding laundry or talk to the Headwoman if she wants a personal servant.
5. Apologize and tell them I'm in the middle of another errand.
6. I put the drudges in front of the sinks and give one of them the pots and a sink with sweetsand and tell that one to scrub the pots with the sweetsand and hand the pot to the next drudge. I tell that one to dip it in the clean water in the second sink and give it to the third drudge, who I give a towel and tell to dry the pot. I instruct one of the 2nd-level Staff to supervise and make sure they do it right while rinsing and drying the dishes I instruct the other 2nd-level Staff person to wash.

He practically slept through the lesson. He was exhausted from the day in the smithy. He stirred himself when the second set of questions came around.

1. Look for the mini loops on top of the shoulder and their Hall badge and address them as "Journeyman" or "Journeywoman" and their Hall.
2. By their badges or the third ribbon in the shoulder knot.
3. Depending on whether he has a gold thread or silver in his knot, he's either the Igen Lord Holder or the Big Bay Lord Holder.
4. Bronze.

He snorted at the last question. Of COURSE he knew which one that was. That was the one he was going to be wearing in a couple of years.
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