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1 Candidate Lesson #3 on Tue Feb 14, 2012 8:24 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
This week's lesson was held in the large Conference Room which contained a map wall. The wall had been updated to contain copies of the maps from the ships in Landing, mostly for historical interest since many of them were no longer entirely accurate.

The main feature of the map wall was a territory map outlining the Weyrs and the Holds that are beholden to them. Headwoman Nataly made sure that the three Candidates sat facing this map.

"You'll have to bear with me, we're still getting used to the changes that have come about over the last three years, and new changes keep happening. I swear, every time I've taught this lesson over the last three years, there's been some new bit of information.

"Now, you all come from Holds, so you should each be able to name one unique good or service that Holds provide for the Weyrs. Hopefully you can also each name one unique thing the Weyrs provide for the Holds."

Name one thing that the Holds provide to the Weyrs, and one thing the Weyrs provide to the Holds. Your answers should be unique from all the other Candidates' answers.

The lesson will continue after your posts.
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2 Re: Candidate Lesson #3 on Thu Feb 16, 2012 6:50 am


Artemis, as per usual, walked into the large conference room perfectly on time. Perhaps even a minute or two early. She rather enjoyed the lessons, and found that it was utterly important for her to actually work at being a good rider. This was especially true considering that she and her brother would be seen as representing Ruatha Hold, to some degree.

Patiently she waited while Nataly began the lesson, listening to her complaints before pausing at the question. "The holds help provide goods and candidates to the weyrs as needed, often in an attempt to keep things from becoming too recluse from the weyr. While we are certain that thread is gone, it is always best to keep on good terms with the only ones capable of fighting it... should thread return. Weyrs, in turn, provide protection to the holds. While it is no longer from thread, since it is not a current threat to the people, many dragonriders have moved to the holds and help keep bandits and the like from attacking holds." she explained.

3 Re: Candidate Lesson #3 on Thu Feb 16, 2012 6:59 am



Apollo, as per habit, arrived shortly after his sister. While he was on time, he wasn’t the couple minutes early his sister was. He entered the room and took a seat in the large conference room, noting the map. He had seen maps like it often enough, especially since he would help out with the meetings between weyr and hold. Of course, he hadn’t been to one in a few weeks; courtesy of becoming a candidate. Once settled, he waited for the lesson to officially begin.
Once it had, he listened quietly to the headwoman. He had been rather busy the past couple weeks, but that hadn’t stopped him from getting into some trouble. Although, it was all rather minor and he had moved on from those points. “The holds and weyrs do a sort of, exchange of information between the two of them. They are methods for keeping each other up to date on events at either place. For holds, they will often provide tithing reports, and although tithings are generally smaller now due to the idea that weyrs have more time available to focus on producing their own food and other goods, trade is still highly encouraged between the two. Weyrs, as their traded good is rarely protection from a threat that no-longer exists, will provide goods and services to the holds based off of that hold’s needs. This is done to help keep ties between the two strong.” He answered, although his answer sounded much the same as his sisters, he hoped that the fact that he was speaking more about information than actual services wouldn’t be missed.

4 Re: Candidate Lesson #3 on Sun Feb 19, 2012 9:25 pm


Random Event Creator
Unfortunately for Kerso, Artemis stole the answer he had. But fortunately, Apollo volunteered to answer next, giving Kerso time to think about an answer.

"Um. Well, it's kind of indirect, but important. Lots of Crafters come out of the Holds, Healers and Masons and things like that. When they complete their training or during their Journey, they'll be assigned to Weyrs to provide their services.

"The Weyrs provide transportation for Holdfolk for Gathers and emergencies, like Moreta's Ride."
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5 Re: Candidate Lesson #3 on Sun Feb 19, 2012 9:32 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
"Those are some good answers," Nataly responded after they were finished. "You also covered some of the next question, which is, 'How have things changed now that Thread is no longer a threat?' So we'll skip that one for now.

On that note, can each of you think of one thing that dragonriders can do now that they don't have to devote their time to training to fight Thread? Or can you think of any new responsibilities they might have or volunteer to take over?"
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6 Re: Candidate Lesson #3 on Sun Feb 19, 2012 9:42 pm


Random Event Creator
Now, Kerso had an answer for this one. His answer was a wacky idea that he'd had a long time ago. Growing up in the foothills north of Southern Boll Hold proper, they'd often gotten deep snow that closed the roads and he'd wondered why the dragonriders couldn't just flame the roads to keep the snow and ice off of them.

"The could use their dragons' ability to breathe fire to help out holdfolk. Like they could help keep roads clear in the winters, or burn the fields after harvest.

"I bet they'll probably take up more transportation and messenger duties, too, because they can travel faster than wagon trains."

Kerso envisioned himself a Weyrleader who wouldn't have to do any of this, of course. His mental image was of a Craftmaster-like person who determined which riders were assigned to what regions and to do what tasks.
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7 Re: Candidate Lesson #3 on Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:47 am


Artemis was pleased to hear the praise, as she usually was. It was good to hear all the various answers, although she wasn't surprised by the answer her brother gave. When finally it came time to answer another question, she paused and watched as Kerso answered first. She actually felt happy to see the guy answer a question right away, instead of hanging back until she and/or her brother had answered.

"Riders can spend more time learning their crafts. I imagine that the weyr will see far more master crafters, or at the very least, journeyman/journeywoman crafters since riders are no longer worried more about training to fight thread than their crafts," she offered up, "I also imagine that they will take up more responsibilities when it comes to teaching apprentices or journeyman so that they might advance to the next rank. Where as, before the end of thread, they would have been forced to remain at the weyr during much of their time, now they have the freedom to move where they like and even live at the Hall if they so desire."

8 Re: Candidate Lesson #3 on Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:06 am


Apollo listened to the answers, somewhat surprised to see Kerso offer up an answer so quickly. Since when did he actually offer those up? Regardless, the young man didn't respond until both Kerso and his sister had.

"In many situations, there are the possibilities of heavy lifting, or moving lots of objects. A dragon's strength allows them an easier time at doing this. What is more, their sharper senses make it easier for them to perform search and rescue missions, should a holder or renegade be lost somewhere in the wilderness," he commented easily, imagining the things he would be requesting of riders if he were a lord holder.

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