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1 A Knight's Tale on Sat Feb 25, 2012 11:41 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster

H'lee's History

  • 2751.06.22Born Hadanelee to greenrider Maylee and brownrider W'li after Green Merisath rose
  • 2757.12.20Cousin "Little Sister" Silvara born
  • 2763.11.25Accepted as Junior Apprentice Tanner
  • 2766.07.16Advanced to Senior Apprentice Tanner
  • 2768.08.09Walked the tables to Junior Journeyman Tanner
  • 2768.12.13Accepted as Junior Apprentice Dragonhealer
  • 2770.03.08Impresses brown Seeth and becomes H'lee
  • 2770.06.17Seeth's first flight
  • 2770.07.21Seeth's first aerial hunt
  • 2770.08.22H'lee's and Seeth's first flight together
  • 2770.10.22Seeth's first flame
  • 2770.12.21First betweening
  • 2771.01.22Seeth's first mating flight (didn't catch)
  • 2771.03.09H'lee's general exams
  • 2771.03.22H'lee's theory exams
  • 2771.04.03H'lee's and Seeth's practical exams
  • 2771.04.16H'lee's and Seeth's Wing exam
  • 2771.04.20H'lee's and Seeth's Flight exam
  • 2771.04.22H'lee's exit interview
  • 2771.05.01Tapped by Wingleader, advancement to Wingrider
  • 2771.09.18Seeth's first mate (Green Aeloth)/H'lee's first weyrmate (didn't last more than a couple of nights - no child produced)
  • 2772.01.21Advances to Senior Apprentice Dragonhealer
  • 2772.08.10Seeth flies green Seryth; greenrider Nysa bears girl named Nylee
    2773.05.21Nylee is born
  • 2773.12.06Promoted to Wingsecond
  • 2774.01.14Seeth flies green Eleth (male rider); Headwoman Lery bears boy named Lerane
    2774.10.27Lerane is born
  • 2774.11.15Walks the tables to Junior Journeyman Dragonhealer
  • 2776.10.11Promoted to Wingleader
  • 2777.03.20Seeth flies green Fynth (male rider); Steward Alina bears girl named Allie
    2777.12.20Allie is born
  • 2778.03.16Advances to Senior Journeyman Dragonhealer
  • 2782.12.14Accepts post as Assistant Weyrlingmaster
  • 2785.05.22Walks the tables to Master Dragonhealer
  • 2785.09.18Accepts post as Weyrlingmaster
  • 2786.08.21Returns weyrlings at Northwest Weyrling Academy to Benden Weyr, completes their training over the next 2 years, and sends them to their home Weyrs when they graduate; Academies closed indefinitely
  • 2787.09.05Severely injured by acid grenade while helping Nysa, Nylee, and Sira move back to Benden Weyr; Nysa and Sira killed in same attack
  • 2789.07.05Times it forward to the year 3941

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2 Re: A Knight's Tale on Sun Apr 07, 2013 9:31 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster

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