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1Alina Empty Alina on Sun Jun 24, 2012 3:29 pm


Rank: Headwoman
Craft and Rank:Jack of all trades.
Location:Northern weyrling academy

Physical Description:
Standing at just over 5 feet tall. With short spiky jet black hair that is always wild. Contrasting startlingly with unusual Amber eyes and a pale delicately boned face with its lighter pattern of scaring running from her left temple to her jaw line relics from a child hood accident,one could be forgiven for thinking Alina is a young demented pixie instead of the headwoman of the weyrling academy with 40 turns to her name.

Alina's personality matches her physical appearance. She is all barely contained energy and perkiness. She is fierce,tough and no nonsense. Nothing and no one intimidates her and her only fear is being alone. Many people are surprised by her hobby of sketching and sometimes painting. Being that she has so much barely contained energy and those things require patience and a steady hand.
Alina was found severely Injured and abandoned as a young child by the mate of a benden Dragon rider while visiting her home hold in the southern boll area. Instantly falling in love with little Alina. Lery brought her back to benden weyr where as headwoman she able to nurse little Alina back to health and raise her as her own. During the time Alina was Convalescing her "father" a blue rider taught her how to draw the things she found interesting or pretty for it kept her little hands and mind busy and out of trouble. Shortly after coming to the Weyr Alina woke up alone in her room panicked thinking she had been abandoned again. She ran screaming into the wyer bowl and grabbed a hold of the first living thing she saw. It happened to be a full grown bronze dragons leg who loudly called for his rider and others as Alina's fear and panic reached him. Those first on the scene are surprised at the image before them. The huge bronze dragon humming comfortingly and curled protectively around the small form of Alina as she cried and clung fiercely to his neck. From then on Alina was never alone for her new Bronze friend saw to it that she always had a friend with her be it Human, Dragon, or Firelizard. The end of thread was no big thing to Alina for it did not change her duties any dragon riders still needed to be fed and cleaned up after the Weyr still needed to be organized and taken care of and her mother the Headwoman needed her help with it all. Then when the Northern Weyrling Academy was established she was chosen to be Headwoman over there as she was the best trained person for the job.

Bronze firelizard lemmy
Green Firelizard Tiny

Other Info:

NPC Characters:

OOC Info:

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2Alina Empty Re: Alina on Sun Jun 24, 2012 5:01 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Accepted! ^^
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3Alina Empty Re: Alina on Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:29 pm


Moderator / Master Healer
One of Silv's best friends! hee just to make things interesting.
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