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1 Causing Trouble on Sun Jul 22, 2012 3:55 pm


L'ric was, quite honestly, upset over everything that had transpired over the past month. He had found out numerous problems, and most importantly were the ones regarding Erin and A'dam. He had learned that not only was his friend pregnant... but she was going to marry the man! He grumbled in his weyr as he paced back and forth, ranting at his dragon the entire time. It was then that it hit him... if Erin thought that A'dam was only marrying her because she was pregnant... After all, a month is plenty of time for the man to hatch up some hair brained scheme to get Erin to say yes... and talk to her parents if he wanted to be all proper.

Before long he had hatched up a plan and went up to the recently graduated group of riders and pulled one aside to inform them about the rumor. "Hey, Bluerider A'dam at Snowy Hold... I heard he only proposed to his mate because she's pregnant," he informed them, and watched as the kid walked off to pass on the message to others.

2 Re: Causing Trouble on Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:23 pm


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Some of the Weyrlings were in the kitchens helping out when one of the new graduated riders came in. He laughed out and spoke to the cook about A'dam only proposing to Erin cause she was pregnant. One of the green weyrlings did not like that idea at all and so slipped out to spread word thinking maybe some one would think of something to stop the wedding if it really was for only that reason.
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3 Re: Causing Trouble on Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:39 pm


Aqayla was next in line to hear the rumor... and just as she was planning on leaving to go to the hold herself. A look of utter shock crossed her features as she heard the story. A'dam was seriously going to propose to someone ONLY because he'd gotten them pregnant?! Well, that just would not do! As a representative of the women species, she would have to do something about this! Lucky for her, she was headed there anyways and thus she and her dragon headed to Snowy Hold.

When the two arrived, the girl was quick to pass on the rumor to the next group of people telling them that their resident bluerider was a wherry for only proposing because he'd gotten Erin pregnant. Then again, Aqayla was a rather opinionated young woman...

4 Re: Causing Trouble on Thu Aug 02, 2012 10:36 am


As per usual was up to something, and thus was out and about today. However; upon hearing the excited whispers of people he was curious, the graying grabbed one of the younger folk. "What's all the commotion about?"

Of course the person happily (well more disgruntled and disgusted by the news) relayed the message. "Bluerider A'dam is only marrying Greenrider Erin because he got her pregnant! Isn't that such a foul thing?" Dertray did happen to nod before he really could think about it and after thanking the person went on his way but was rather...Disturbed.

Back at home he yowled out to Sakura. "SA-KURA" he howled. "SA-KURA where are you!?" He howled again. Once she had come out, probably angry at him for making such a racket he blinked at her (supplies still in hand and getting dirt on the floor). "I just heard the stupidest...Thing in town today. That some blue rider A'dam is marrying a greenrider, Erin, because he got her knocked up!" He frowned, "Man if only he saw our family. Though they sound familiar do we know them?"

5 Re: Causing Trouble on Fri Aug 03, 2012 10:17 pm


Sakura looked up from her weaving, something she enjoyed doing in her spare time... which she had LOTS of. A frown appeared on her face at her mate's hollaring. "You don't need to yell, Tray... and isn't that the name of those two riders that live in town? The ones out at... uhm... Dragonsfall?" she asked him in return. Quite honestly, she would have yelled at him, but she was too relaxed. Although, she did frown at the news that the boy was marrying his mate only because she was pregnant. "I don't think anyone from here really wants to know the intricasies of our family, love. It would scare them before we even got through explaining that I've been with both you and your brother," she shook her head at the man with a chuckle.

6 Re: Causing Trouble on Fri Aug 03, 2012 10:24 pm


Erin had been in town gathering a few things after a particularly stressful day of studying... and moodswings... and she was rather exhausted over all. However, that didn't stop her from overhearing someone commenting about her and her mate. Walking up to someone she didn't know, but whom she seen talking about it, she very patiently asked what the gossip was.

"You won't believe it, miss. That bluerider from Dragonsfall only proposed to his mate because he got her pregnant! The entire hold and academy are a buzz with the news!" the man stated easily, quite readily sharing the gossip.

Erin had to refrain from showing her anger over the thought that A'dam would only propose to her because of their child. And the rational thought that said he would have done so with their first child if THAT was the case... well... it was out the window. She calmly thanked him for providing her with the information before storming back home with what little she did purchase (and completely forgetting to pick up the actual supplies for supper) so that she could give her man a piece of her mind!

7 Re: Causing Trouble on Fri Aug 03, 2012 10:55 pm


A'dam had been out to purchase things himself as well as speak to a couple people about things for the wedding. Of course, he hadn't heard the rumor yet but as the day progressed, found himself getting increasingly unfriendly stares and hostile or disgusted looks. He even had one old auntie come up, slap him across the face and proceed to tell him her ought to be ashamed of himself before she stalked off again muttering under her breath and shooting him dark looks over her shoulder.

Completely taken aback, the bluerider decided to cut his losses and head for home, unaware that far worse than an unexpected slap across the face awaited him.

8 Re: Causing Trouble on Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:02 pm


That was definitely an understatement. Erin was bound and determined that if he was only marrying her because of their unborn child... then he would not be marrying anyone! In fact, she had told the children to pack up to spend a night with Roderick. They were confused, but seeing as a pissed off and pregnant Erin was making these demands, neither child argued.

When her mate arrived home, Erin walked up to him and slapped him. "How dare you just ask me to marry you because I'm pregnant! Is that really how you feel, A'dam? If that's the case then you can marry someone else!" she growled at him as she grabbed a bag herself of her own things. Selisa and Saelit were by the door and both kids were quite scared about what was going on, although Saelit wasn't about to make any "i told you so" comments...

Before he could actually respond, she was already carrying some of her stuff from the house, "We'll be back for the rest of my things tomorrow," she snapped at him before leading the children over to her uncle's house.. after slamming the door. Naturally, Selisa was crying and Erin had to pick the 7 turn old child up and placed her on Plyath as she herself cried. Saelit carried his sister's bag as well as his own.

9 Re: Causing Trouble on Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:59 pm


The second A'dam stepped through the door he knew something was very wrong. But he didn't really have time to figure out what it was or even say anything before he found himself slapped across the face for the second time that day. A rush of anger had him turning back to her but anything he might have said died in his throat as shock set in at her words. She thought he'd only asked her to marry him because of the baby? But why? Sure he'd asked her only after he knew but he'd been planning it before that. It wasn't like he'd planned it that way. He was still standing where she'd left him as she stormed off with the kids.

His mind was spinning, trying to absorb what had just happened, trying to make sense of everything. But his attempts at some semblance of coherent thought was lost to the grief that suddenly descended on him after several long moments. Erin was leaving him. He loved her. He hadn't asked her to marry him because of the baby. He'd done it because he loved her. How could she think otherwise? Fighting back a sob, the bluerider slumped against the nearest wall and slid to the floor with his head in his hands. Outside, Dranith creeled at his rider's distress and shifted uneasily, unsure what to do about it.

A'dam remained where he was for some time afterward. It could have been only a couple minutes or it might have been an entire sevenday. He wasn't sure. What he was sure of was that something about this wasn't right. Only a few people know Erin was pregnant. And even fewer knew they were planning on getting married. And of those few, there was only one who would think there was any benefit to spreading something like that around: L'ric. Anger like he'd never felt before toward the other bluerider was what finally got him moving again. If L'ric had started this then by Faranth A'dam would see that he finished it and told the truth. Dranith was startled by the sudden change but obligingly allowed A'dam to climb up and settle on his back before taking to the skies.

Instead of taking a straight flight to NWA, A'dam had Dranith go between and they appeared over the academy in relative silence. Dranith realyed a friendly, if unsure, greeting to the watchdragon and landed where A'dam directed. The bluerider took a moment to consider where he might find L'ric.

It wasn't difficult to decide that heading for the kitchens was his best option, it was late enough to be close to dinnertime and L'ric was likely to be heading in that direction. And sure enough, A'dam caught him as he was heading for the dining hall. Grabbing his shoulder hard, A'dam spun the other bluerider into the nearest wall and punched him in the face before L'ric even had time to figure out what was going on. "How. Dare. You! Of all the low and dirty...." Clearly there were no words dark enough to describe what L'ric had done and so A'dam did the only thing his anger could provide him to do, he pulled back his fist and made to hit the other bluerider again.

10 Re: Causing Trouble on Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:25 pm


Erin got to her uncle's house in a timely enough manner and was trying her hardest to keep the tears at bay... sadly she was failing miserably. When she arrived, Roderick was instantly concerned and asked her what had happened. She told him through broken sobs as her children put their things into the house.

Naturally, the fisherman blinked at the news and pulled his niece into a hug. "Erin.. he didn't ask you because of the baby. He was asking your father and myself about it long before he learned about that. Or well, he asked me right after learning about it, but that was just dumb luck there. He'd asked your father about it well before that. You don't honestly think he'd do something like that to you, do you?" the man reasoned with her, knowing full well that it was untrue, "Besides! I remember that boy telling me he wanted to marry you when you were only Selisa's age!" he chuckled.

Erin blinked before a soft bubble of laughter at the thought of him wanting to marry her so young. At least before a crushing guilt went over her. "Oh... I was so mean to him, Uncle. Do you think he'll ever forgive me? I mean, I know deep down he'd never do that.. but I just heard them talking about it in the hold and I didn't even think about it. I.. I think tomorrow I have to right it," she said softly, knowing that she was far too tired right then to make it back to her home... although she wasn't entirely certain of how well she would sleep. Especially when one considered that she hadn't really spent a night alone in bed for quite some time. It was a nice thing when her mate was home every night...

~Plyath... do you think A'dam will hate me for believing that stupid rumor for even a second? And I wonder who could have started... L'ric!~ she groaned. After all, it wasn't like everyone knew about both her pregnancy AND A'dam's proposal... or well, prior to the whole incident.

~I am certain he will forgive you, mine. Although, I would wait until tomorrow, he and Dranith just left...~ she pointed out to the woman, having watched the blue take to the skies.


L'ric, for his part, was NOT expecting ramifications quite like this. Before he could even realize who was grabbing him, he found a fist in his face and his form against the wall. As well as a VERY angry A'dam. The only way A'dam would be THIS pissed off... Erin must have left him. He tried his best to hide his pleasure at THAT particular thought as he looked at the other man.

"What are you talking about?" he asked, attempting (miserably) to play innocent. Of course, it wasn't like his dragon wouldn't rat him out in a second, the beast DID have a bad problem with always telling the truth. And in this case, the truth was likely to get L'ric killed... at least if the look on A'dam's face was any indication. Of course, seconds later he found another fist in his face...

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