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1 Alex on Sun Aug 05, 2012 9:22 pm


Name:Alex (Short for Alexandria)

What color of dragon do you think you'll Impress and why? I think I will bond to a Green dragon I am a girl that means Green or Gold and I do not want the responsibility of running a Weyr and all the duties and stress that a Weyrwoman has nor do I wish to scrub that much hide Golds are BIG.

Choose a rank of Weyr inhabitant and describe three things about that rank (e.g., drudge, brownrider, etc.).Weyr Harper. A weyr Harper's duties include but are not limited to, teaching the youngsters their ballads and teaching songs, recording the important and not so important news and goings on of the Weyr, and entertainment whenever called upon from singing after dinner to gathers and feasts of all occasions.

As a Candidate and as a weyrling, how would you address a person of this rank? By their rank fallowed by their name when appropriate or Sir or Mam when it is called for.

Describe one historical responsibility of either the Holds/Halls to the Weyrs, or the Weyrs to the Holds/Halls. If this responsibility has changed since Thread was eradicated, explain how. The holds and crafts are responsible for tithing to the weyr to provide their food and supplies while they protect them it changes a little now that thread has stopped falling as many of the weyrs are supporting themselves and only need help from the holds and crafts.

Name one thing, besides Impression, that will likely happen during the Hatching and what you should do if it does.A dragonet may be injured. If the dragonet has already bonded let the bonded handle it if it has not bonded yet let the adult riders deal with it if it is your bonded get help fast!

Name one thing you should do if you or a Candidate standing next to you Impresses.If I impress I should quickly say my dragon's name aloud letting everyone know I impressed and start leading my dragon out of the grounds to get food and a bath before sleeping

Briefly describe one of the lessons the Weyrlingmaster outlined during your Candidacy. Do not let your dragon over eat if it does it can cause all sorts of problems not just with your dragon but with the whole weyr as all the dragons share your dragons indgestion.

After Touching Lesson

Add the answer to this question to your Weyrling Application after the second day of the Touching lesson. A diagram showing the arrangement of the eggs will be provided as part of that lesson. Does not apply to weyrling adoptions.

Where will you be standing during the Hatching? In the back off to the side closest to the entrance.

For Weyrling/Rider Adoptions

Fill out these questions if you are adopting a weyrling or full dragonrider without going through Impression. Some questions are prefaced with a number, which indicates the age of the dragon; only answer these questions if the age is less than or equal to your dragon's current age.

What color and age of dragon are you interested in adopting and why?Green about 8.5 months old I would like a green because I dont want the stress of running a weyr.

0-1 months: Describe (roleplay) a first experience you shared with your dragon (e.g., eating a spicy food, stargazing, bathing, hide cracking, etc.)
Write your RP here
"Alex mine?" Yes rain? "Do you see the shiny things in the sky?" Yes rain they are called stars. I find them very pretty do you? "I am not sure Alex mine they are very bright." Not to me they are not would you like to look through my eyes? "yes please I would like to see them as you do to understand how they could be pretty."
Opening her mind fully to her dragon Alex shows rain what the stars look like to her and hears rain sigh. "your right mine through your eyes they are pretty."

1-2 months: Describe one aspect of dragon physiology and how it affects you as a weyrling.A dragons stomach and it affects me a lot as I am charged with keeping it full and it always seems to be empty.

2-3 months: What was the first meal your dragon caught for him-/herself and how did s/he do it? Rain's first kill was rather entertaining she swooped down on a wherry overshot it and was trying to correct her flight when she crashed claws first into a herd beast crossing her path they went down in a tangle of wings and legs both screaming luckily Rain landed on top and broke the neck of the beast in the fall.

3-5 months: Describe one of the ground drills.

5-7 months: Describe (roleplay) your first flight with your dragon.
Alex laughingly told Rain to hold still for the hundredth time that morning. "That is impossible mine I am so excited that we get to fly together today that the energy has to go somewhere and you already told me not to bugle so much because it was bothering the others. So I move." Well move less so I can finish your oiling and get your harness on or we are never going to get to fly. Rain stopped moving so quickly and completely it looked like some one stopped time it was so funny that Alex fell over laughing so hard she was crying. Snorting with exasperation Rain stared down at her rider. " If you do not get up this instant mine I will give you such a wild first flight that you will puke in front of every one!" You would not dare to do that in front of all the weyrlings and H'lee rain so I can laugh on the ground at your silliness all I want! Alex said as she began to pull her self to her feet still laughing.

7-8 months: Describe (roleplay) you and your dragon's first experience with firestone.
Write your RP here

8-10 months: Describe (roleplay) your first trip between with your dragon.
Write your RP here

10-12 months: What Wing do you hope to be picked for and why? I would like to be picked for a good wing one that understands the usefulness of the smaller green dragons that can turn quicker and move faster.

This last question varies depending on when you graduate(d). Because prior to 28 Turns ago, there was no thought to ending Thread or using the Academies, riders who graduated more than 28 Turns ago do not have to answer either of these questions.

Graduated within previous 3 Turns (or about to graduate)

12+ months: Outline your plans for after graduation. Join a wing help out where I can and stay unnoticed and in the backround.

Graduated between 3 and 28 Turns ago

12+ months: Outline your plans for after the Ninth Pass ends and the threat of Thread is eliminated forever.
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2 Re: Alex on Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:29 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Mmkay, gonna give you a choice.

You only have to fill out the app up until the 5-7 months question (Describe (roleplay) your first flight with your dragon.).

You can either post in the Weyrling Lesson #6a thread to cover the firestone question, or you can just fill out that application question - that's your choice. :-)

If you'd like to fill out the first trip between question, just to get to know your character better, you're welcome to do that. Anything after that, you don't fill out 'cause you'll be RP'ing that all out anyway.
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3 Re: Alex on Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:23 pm


Okay I will work on that tonight :-)
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