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1 Candidate Lesson #4 on Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:33 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
When all of the Candidates reported to the Conference Room for this week's lesson, Headwoman Anna ordered them on their feet and took them down the hallway through one of the many foot entrances to the Stands where they could look out over the Sands.

"Once you step out on those Sands on the day of Hatching, there's no turning back. You'll either walk off those Sands, or be carried off, and it all depends on how you treat the clutchmother and how you respond to the hatchlings. Your entrance is right over there," she pointed to a seemingly tiny doorway not far from where the golden queen rested beside her eggs, her bronze mate snoozing next to her. "Can anyone tell me what the first thing is that you'll do when you step out on those Sands?" She paused, waiting for one of the Candidates to respond.

"Now, there are some things you'll have to do immediately before going out on the Sands. There are two rooms to either side of that entrance, one for boys and one for girls. In them are tubs of water and a bunch of towels, as well as a closet full of Candidate robes and boots. As soon as the dragons start humming, you'll be sent to these rooms to clean up and dress before going onto the Sands.

"Now, everyone tell me what you already know about the clutchfather's behavior in the time leading up to Hatching."

Lesson will continue when all four Candidates have posted. Candidates should present unique answers to the questions.

Week #1 Attendees:
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