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1 Name that Critter! on Sat Jan 26, 2013 4:18 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
There are 19 known species of Flora and Fauna on this planet where our characters have found themselves on. And as yet, none of them have names!

So here's your chance to name them!


  • To suggest a name for one or more of the species, post in this thread with the category (Flora or Fauna) and the number from the list below.
  • Each character can submit one name per species.
  • A poll will be put up once a species has at least three possible names suggested. The most popular one after 2 weeks of votes wins.
  • The submitting character of the winning name wins a firelizard or firedragonet egg (character's choice). Each character can win up to three times:
    1. First win, the character gets a blue or green
    2. Second win, a brown or bronze
    3. Third win: a queen or color of your choice


  1. Waist-high sedge
  2. Short sedge grass
  3. Reeds with tridactyl-claw roots
  4. 5-stemmed trumpet flowers
  5. Gnarly-trunked fruit tree
  6. Weeping trees


  1. Ten-legged crustaceans
  2. Crawling/hopping social insects
  3. VTOL-like insects
  4. Red bivalves
  5. Predatory avians
  6. Scavenger avians
  7. Musical avians
  8. Tree-climbing rodent
  9. Long-tailed jumping rodents
  10. Large, herdbeast-like herbivores
  11. Feline-like carnivores
  12. Canid carnivores
  13. Tree-climbing omnivores
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2 Re: Name that Critter! on Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:59 am


Moderator / Master Healer
Fauna 12: Sabolf (A mini Saberwolf)
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