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H'lee had just returned from making a delivery of Weyr goods to Bitra Hold.  The Hold continued to tithe some goods to the Weyr to help support the queens in exchange for some of the Weyr-produced goods, but some of the holders were getting pretty grudging.  They seemed to think that because the Hold sent a tithe, they should get the Weyr-produced goods for cheaper.  H'lee had to explain, again, that they were getting them for cheaper than they were sold to any Hold that didn't tithe.

So he and Seeth were not in the best of moods when they returned to the Weyr.  H'lee wanted nothing more than to go into their weyr and not come out for a couple of days.  And maybe get drunk.  But he had to report to T'lon first.  As soon as they rematerialized out of between, he had Seeth check with Roth as to where T'lon was:  the infirmary.

That made H'lee roll his eyes as they circled toward the end of the weyrbowl where the infirmary was located.  He slid off Seeth's neck with a thud and jogged toward the door.  He saw T'lon starting to stand up in the hallway and he grinned.  "What did you do to yourself this time, old man?"

"Where in blazes have you been?!" the bronzerider yelped.  "She hauled ME down here because you were out!  I don't even want to BE here!"

H'lee blinked.  "Wha--?  What are you babbling about?"

"LERY, you dimglow!" T'lon shouted, pointing wildly at the door he'd been sitting next to.  "Get IN there before she hurts someone.  Like me!"

The brownrider stared for a long moment.  Then it clicked.  "LERY!" he bellowed and burst in the door his friend had indicated.

The headwoman's head rose off the pillow and she glared across the room at H'lee.  H'lee took in his mate, Master Healer Tikal, and in the corner by the stove, Silvara.

"IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!" Lery shouted at him.  "This is half yours!  Get over here.  GET!  OVER!  HEEEEERE!"  The last was shrieked as a contraction hit.

H'lee obeyed and took a position by her head, opposite Tikal, and holding her hand.  He looked a little pale.  The Healer, on the other hand, seemed to think everything was going swimmingly so far and was humming softly as he and Silvara heated the water and laid out the towels.
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