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1 2765.09.23 - Halfway there {T'lon, H'lee} on Tue Nov 18, 2014 4:44 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
After changing out of the Candidate robes and giving himself a quick bath to rid himself of the stifling sensation from standing on the Sands and failing to Impress, yet again, Lee jogged out to where he knew the newly-Impressed would be feeding their new bondmates.  He stopped at the edge of the crowd and peered around, looking for the telltale shock of hair that marked his best friend.  He finally spotted the young man and his dragon off to the side and he shoved his way through onlookers.

Of course, the two of them had played at being dragonriders for so long, there was no doubt in Lee's mind what his friend's honorary would be:  "Hey, T'lon!" he shouted when he was within earshot.  He wanted to rush up and congratulate his friend and meet the amazingly tiny bronze, but he saw the black look the Weyrlingmaster shot his way and knew he'd have to keep his distance, so he just waved instead.  "Meet me at the spot when you get free, huh?" he yelled and with a parting thumbs-up, slipped away before someone chased him off.

A couple hours later, he was leaning against a fence, looking down toward the lake.  It was autumn now, and while the temperature was moderate, it was definitely not swimming weather anymore.  It had been, surprising, a perfect autumn day for a Hatching, despite predictions to the contrary; overcast in the morning, but it cleared up about the time the first egg cracked and by now, the sun was blazing down from just past zenith.  Lee wondered how long it would be until T'lon managed to pry himself away from his dragon and the adults who were eager to rub shoulders with the new bronzerider.

The Hatching Feast wouldn't be for a couple more hours, but tents and booths of Crafters had sprung up all around the Bowl overnight, so no one was lacking for food and entertainment to tide them over to the official festivities.  Lee hadn't perused many of them yet, except for one Harper's booth because he knew the man did sketches of the Hatchings; the Harper did close-ups for each new rider, which he gave them free of charge, but Lee wanted to get one of the panoramic views of the entire clutch for his friend.  It was in a simple leather case hanging off his shoulder while he waited for T'lon to meet him.

#Tlon #Hlee
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2 Re: 2765.09.23 - Halfway there {T'lon, H'lee} on Fri Dec 19, 2014 11:56 am


Moderator / Assistant Weyrlingmaster
T'lon jogged out into the sun, taking a deep breath of the crisp autumn air. Elated about impressing Roth, he couldn't stand all of the riders coming up and talking to him. For the past seventeen years, he had mostly been ignored, and now, bonded to a bronze dragon, he was someone everyone wanted to meet. Still, several girls were smiling and flirting with him. He liked that.

He climbed up over some fallen rocks, avoiding the path that Lee and he had worn into the ground over the years. It felt good to stretch his muscles and move. All day had been spent talking to people that had avoided him in the past and taking care of Roth. Clearing the ledge, T'lon's breath caught as he looked past his friend's back at the lake. They had played dragonriders on this ledge so many times. For a moment, time seems to flow around T'lon, and he saw the two boys running around each other in circles, arms extended to mimic dragon flight.

This ledge was their place. In fact, the fence Lee was leaning on had been put up after T'lon had tumbled down the ledge during a wrestling match and broken his collarbone. Shesarra zipped past him, circling once above Lee's head before descending and draping herself on his shoulders. She used her tail to brush Lee's bangs in his eyes and began munching on the hair her snout was next too. Waves of content mischievousness rolled over T'lon and he caught the flavor of smugness. The gold dragonnet liked annoying Lee whenever she could. It appeared she would be the same with Roth. She had spent the morning dive-bombing the baby Bronze.

Since Shesarra had announced their presence, T'lon shook of the fading vestiges of time and went forward to greet Lee.
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3 Re: 2765.09.23 - Halfway there {T'lon, H'lee} on Fri Dec 19, 2014 1:01 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Lee grinned she Shesarra arrived, heralding T'lon's arrival. Of course, his grin promptly turned into a squawk of exasperation as the firelizard sprawled on him and started messing with his hair. "One of these days, you, I'm going to shave it all off! Gerroff!" he exclaimed, an old, oft-repeated statement as he tried to shoo the gold away and turned around to greet his friend.

He did his best to hide the bitter edge in his smile. Logically, he knew it was likely that T'lon would Impress before Lee would; he was younger than his friend and hadn't stood for nearly as many Hatchings. But it still galled that they wouldn't be clutchmates. He concealed it by pulling the leather case from his shoulder and tossing it to the bronze weyrling. "Congratulations! I always knew you'd get a bronze." His smile widened to a grin.

He waited for T'lon to open the case as he tried to put his hair back in place.
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4 Re: 2765.09.23 - Halfway there {T'lon, H'lee} on Fri Dec 19, 2014 3:41 pm


Moderator / Assistant Weyrlingmaster
T'lon caught the case as it flew towards him. His collarbone twinged from the motion; it always twinged from sudden movement in the fall, ever since it broke. Something shifted in the case as T'lon did caught it. Bemused, T'lon opened the case. A wide grin spread across his face as he saw the drawing. "Thank you, Lee!" T'lon rolled the paper back up and slipped it in the leather case. Slinging the case over his shoulder, T'lon took a moment to brush his bangs out of the way.

Not to be put off so easily, Shesarra took flight from Lee's shoulders, shooting straight up into the sky: circling once, twice, three times. On the third time she stiffened her body and dove. She landed on top of Lee's head, claws digging in for balance. She trilled a cry of ownership to the sky. Then, she began to hop up and down on Lee's head while lashing her tail vigorously.

T'lon reached into his pocket to pull out a gift for Lee. He had asked the tanner to make a pair of riding mitts. He had been so sure they would be clutch mates. With a bittersweet smile, T'lon pulled the mitts out of his pocket. He looked up and saw Shesarra latch onto Lee's head. "SHESARRA!" T'lon bellowed.
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5 Re: 2765.09.23 - Halfway there {T'lon, H'lee} on Sat Dec 20, 2014 1:43 am


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Lee grinned when his friend opened the case and looked at the fine panoramic the Harper had made. His grin turned into a laugh when the weyrling brushed his long hair out of his face. "See, now you're going to have to trim that a bit soon, aren't you?"

No sooner had he said it than Shesarra slammed into his head. He yelped as her claws nicked his scalp and reached his hands up to grab the firelizard and pry her from her perch. Then she started hopping up and down, which made her extremely difficult to latch onto, despite the fact that she wasn't that much bigger than his head.

He heard T'lon roar at the gold, but wasn't paying much attention to the young rider at that particular moment. "T'lon, I swear by the First Egg, one of these days, I'm going to strangle her!" It was an empty threat, and they both knew it; not only would Lee never do any such thing, but with her ability to go between, Shesarra wasn't vulnerable to that sort of attack anyway.
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6 Re: 2765.09.23 - Halfway there {T'lon, H'lee} on Tue Dec 30, 2014 9:49 pm


Moderator / Assistant Weyrlingmaster
T'lon took in the tableau in front of him with a bemused expression. The scene was a caricature of fire lizard behavior, Shesarra's antics representing an extreme of behavior. However, T'lon was worried that Shesarra might hurt Lee. She seemed to be more...vigorous than usual in her troublemaking; her claws glinted in the sunshine with every descent towards Lee's head. Keeping the riding mitts clutched in one hand, T'lon raised his other hand and steeled his will to send a definite message to Shesarra.  

Inside his head, a mind unfurled. Somewhat young, mostly concerned with food and sleep, Roth seemed surprised to be awake. Confused, Roth spoke with a muddled voice Wha...Why? WHO IS MAKING ALL THE RACKET?!!!!

Roth's yelling was a mental assault that caused T'lon to stagger. He grasped his head, trying to recover from the equivalent of a deep brass bell going off in his head. His foot caught on a rock while he was staggering; T'lon fell to his knees, hands still holding his head. The mitts fell to the ground, forgotten.

Shesarra squawked in surprise at the mental noise. She dipped to one side, out of control, and circled lazily into Lee. Her head bounced off of Lee's head and she flopped on Lee's chest, arm, and shoulder.

QUIET! Roth's sleepy outburst subsided at T'lon's voice. Still holding his head, T'lon pushed himself off his knees. He smiled sheepishly at Lee. "At least Shesarra isn't bouncing on your head anymore."
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7 Re: 2765.09.23 - Halfway there {T'lon, H'lee} on Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:07 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
It took Lee a moment to realize that T'lon had fallen down, mostly because he was entirely too distracted by trying to protect his scalp from Shesarra's antics. He finally succeeded in getting his arms between his head and her when she squawked and took to the air, and he stood there for a moment, waiting for her to come down and latch onto his forearms, so the collision with the side of his head wasn't entirely unexpected, although its location was.

At that point, the gold fixed her claws in his shirt and hung there, her tail curling up and around his shoulder as she stared at her master upside-down. The abrupt cessation of harrassment and the silence made Lee lower his arms, although that would probably disgruntle the firelizard. He saw T'lon getting up.

"Are you okay?" he blurted, even as his friend made an observation about Shesarra's unexpected tranquility. "What happened?" He didn't notice the gloves on the ground since he was much more concerned about the bronze weyrling.
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8 Re: 2765.09.23 - Halfway there {T'lon, H'lee} on Thu Jan 01, 2015 8:26 pm


Moderator / Assistant Weyrlingmaster
The world seemed to slow for T'lon. He could almost see a cavernous space and feel the ground beneath his claws. Wait? He didn't have claws. The image of the cavern began to fade from his sight. For a moment, the image of Lee and Shesarra quivered, replaced by the cavern. This change in his sight sped up until it was a continuous blur, flashing between two distinct images.

T'lon's stomach heaved and shaking his head did nothing to disperse the flashing images. "STOP" T'lon yelled it in his mindvoice as well as verbally, a resounding baritone. A discontent grumble came from Roth. Shesarra hissed in annoyance at the word.

When Lee and Shesarra stayed firmly fixed in his sight, T'lon stood up, grabbing the mitts. He noticed the ground beneath his knees and feet were scorched and smoking. A dull roar flooded through the back of his head, resurging at full strength with each new breath. T'lon staggered somewhat as he walked over to Lee.

"Roth didn't enjoy Shesarra upsetting me. He...injected his reality?" Holding his head in one hand, applying pressure to the base of his skull, he handed the mitts to Lee. "These are for you. So you'll be ready for the next clutch.

T'lon smiled at Lee. His eyes traced Shesarra's tail, next to Lee's head down to her head, looking at him upside down. "You. You need to behave. Roth won't appreciate it if you overwhelm him." Shesarra's tail flicked with annoyance, clubbing Lee's head. Her snout opened and she hissed, a displeased sound. Her tongue snaked out to emphasize her point.

T'lon waited til her snout shut before he poked it firmly with his blunt index finger. "I mean it this time."

Shesarra hissed again, flashing the impression of smugness.
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9 Re: 2765.09.23 - Halfway there {T'lon, H'lee} on Fri Jan 02, 2015 2:27 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
Lee jumped when T'lon shouted, "Stop!" and eyed his friend warily, even as a wave of heat and the smell of ozone rolled out. The young man took a careful and slow step back. T'lon hadn't attained the iron-clad control that Silv had, and Lee knew better than to draw his friend's attention or make any sudden moves until after the incident was over.

Afterward, T'lon got up and handed the riding gloves to Lee. Lee smiled tightly. "Next clutch. Yeah. Too bad we won't go through the Academy together." Lee hadn't told his friend, but he was starting to have second thoughts about whether this would all work out. He was starting to reconsidering his choice of Craft. Not that he didn't enjoy tanning, by any means, he loved it (although he was becoming a bit of a clotheshorse as a result); but there were plenty of Tanners in the Weyrs, he'd have a hard time making a case for staying there, near the dragons.

"Mmph!" he exclaimed when Shesarra's tail clubbed him in the mouth. "Shesarra, scat. I don't need another split lip, thank you." He started trying to dislodge the firelizard.

"Roth fall back asleep again? I want to meet him at some point, you know. What do you want to do until the Feast tonight?"
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10 Re: 2765.09.23 - Halfway there {T'lon, H'lee} on Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:18 pm


Moderator / Assistant Weyrlingmaster
T'lon smirked when Shesarra thumped Lee in the head. Although her hanging upside down was unusual, Shesarra had a knack for thumping Lee in the mouth. In fact, she sent a very amused, if somewhat irked, feeling to T'lon. A new rumble in the back of his head was Roth replying, the sending more a sleepy grumble of a child waking up just enough to roll over.

"Roth is falling asleep again. He was rudely woken when," he paused and GLARED at Shesarra, "Shesarra decided to dominate everything she could think, and emote, at!"

Shesarra gave a satisfied rumble, sounding like a mini-rock slide. She punctuated this with a mischievous thump, purposefully aiming for Lee's mouth.

T'lon laughed at Shesarra's antics. "You shouldn't have amused yourself when she first hatched by tossing her bits of meat." Rolling his shoulders, T'lon popped his collarbone, a remnant of the break. He shook out his hands, willing heat to leave his body. The air around his hands superheated as the energy rolled out of, and away from, T'lon.

"Let's get something to eat. I'm starving. I'd almost send Shesarra at someone to get some meat...and maybe a bubbly pie!" Shesarra trumpeted her approval of food.
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11 Re: 2765.09.23 - Halfway there {T'lon, H'lee} on Sun Feb 22, 2015 8:21 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
This time when the gold tried to smack him in the mouth, Lee's hand was still up rubbing his jaw from the last time and he caught her tail before it could do any real damage.  "I'm going to grab a handful of mud and rub it on your back if you don't GERROFF!" he growled at the gold, trusting the threat of marring her beauty plus his hold on her tail (trying to peel her off of him) would be sufficient to get her to move of her own volition. Of course, smearing mud on the firelizard would probably mean ruining his Gather clothing, which Lery would scold him for.

"And I wasn't the only one who made her do tricks to get fed, as I recall," he continued with a wry look at T'lon.  He shook his head.  "Those gloves I got you aren't going to last very long, are they?" he sighed as he watched the heat waves emanate from his friend's hands.  "You're impossible to buy for, you know that?"  Then he grinned.

"Food sounds good to me, especially the bubblies! Just make sure you don't overeat because you're picking up on Roth, okay?"  He sounded like a Weyrlingmaster, but really, it was mostly because of watching Silvara struggle with that post-Hatching in the past (since weyrlings were very "loud" for a few days after the Hatching, she easily picked up on the newly-hatched dragons' hunger and the mirror of it in their newly-Impressed riders, especially when she was younger).

He pointed down toward the end of the Weyrbowl. "The races are about to start, and there'll be a rodeo when it gets dark. Shall we get something to eat and go watch? Maybe place a couple of bets? And I bet we could find some dragon poker games to join, too." One might have noted that it was also the only place where they were least likely to run into Lery, the girl who had plagued them since childhood, criticizing their manners and the things they did. It would also be a place where a slightly coarser and more daring class of teenage girls could be found (girls like Moreta and Lessa had been). Sadly (as far as Lee was concerned), Silvara avoided these events because of the pressure all the people and dragons put on her, so he wouldn't be able to get her help with picking the horses and riders most likely to win the races, but he'd gotten reasonably good and figuring it out for himself. And of course, he loved dragon poker.

Actually, it could have been said that he enjoyed anything you could place a bet on, especially at Gathers.
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12 Re: 2765.09.23 - Halfway there {T'lon, H'lee} on Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:05 pm


Moderator / Assistant Weyrlingmaster
T'lon laughed at H'lee's suggestion to gamble. "The rodeo sounds fun. Food first though!" He glanced down at his steaming hands ruefully. "I am impossible to buy for. BUT I can eat like a horse because of how much energy this takes.

Kneeling down, T'lon placed his hands on the ground and willed the kinetic energy to leave his hands. The earth warmed under his hands and slowly, T'lon cooled down.

As he stood up, T'lon brushed his hands before playfully batting at Shesarra, who was swooping in aerial tricks around the two boys. Shesarra hissed and rose a little higher in the air, just out of arms reach. However, she swooped and rolled near 'Lee's head.

Shaking his head and chortling, T'lee said, She won't let you live down that mud comment for an age! Let's get those bubblies. And maybe some meat on the way."
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