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1 Harper Application on Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:19 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster
This application is for those who are or wish to be Harpers.

Basic Application

<b>Why do you want to be a harper?</b>

Apprentice Application

If you are already a harper, fill out the sections below that you've completed.

First Year Apprentice

<b>Briefly describe one physiological feature used in the production of vocal sounds.</b>

<b>Briefly describe one important feature of one type of voice (i.e., soprano, treble, etc.).</b>

<b>Pick an instrument type and briefly describe one identifying characteristic of that type.</b>

<b>Briefly describe one percussion instrument.</b>

Second Year Apprentice

<b>Briefly describe one stringed instrument.</b>

<b>Briefly describe one horn.</b>

<b>Name your vocal classification (are you an contralto, a baritone?) and what role you'd perform in a choral group (i.e., melody, harmony, etc.).</b>

<b>Describe the first simple instrument you created (choices include: pipes; drums; other percussion instruments except those with strings, like pianos).</b>

Third Year Apprentice

<b>Briefly describe one woodwind instrument.</b>

<b>Pick your favorite instrument and name at least three other instruments that would best accompany your instrument in a small group performance.</b>

<b>Name one intermediate instrument you learned to construct and describe one step in the construction of that instrument (choices include: all instruments with strings including percussion stringed, like pianos).</b>

Fourth Year Apprentice

<b>Name one advanced instrument and describe one step in the construction of that instrument (choices include: horns and woodwind instruments).</b>

<b>Name one important component of writing musical compositions.</b>

<b>What specialty would you like to pursue and why?</b>

Journeyman Application

If you are at least a Journeyman (or Journeywoman) Harper, fill out the sections below as appropriate.

First Year Journeyman

<b>Name and briefly summarize one section of The Charter.</b>

<b>Name one item to ensure is in your Journey contract.</b>

Second Year Journeyman

<b>Describe how you felt when your voice broke (yes, girls' voices break, too, but it's not usually as obvious as boys').</b>

<b>Name one law of Pernese society and one of the moral or ethical reasons behind its creation.</b>

<b>Name one location you would like to Journey stationed at and one important weather/climate aspect of the region.</b>

Third & Fourth Year Journeyman

<b>Roleplay out one encounter during one of your Journey stations (i.e., a judicial settlement you presided over, meeting with a family or multiple families in a remote cothold, etc.).</b>

Mastery Application

If you attain Mastery in Harpering, fill out the following short application.

<b>What is your Mastery specializing in?</b>

<b>What are your plans now, having attained Mastery?</b>
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