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1 Candidate Lesson #1 on Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:07 pm


Admin / Weyrlingmaster

Lesson 1: Welcome to the Weyr

Notes on Lesson 1:
Lesson 1 is held after supper every third day after the first Searched Candidate arrives. It is critical that newly-arrived Candidates learn the structure of the Weyr and what they are expected to say and do as soon as possible.

The Headwoman or Candidatemaster provides newly-arrived Candidates with a pamphlet about the Weyr during their initial interview.

Candidates who arrive after dinner (lunch) on the day that Lesson 1 will be held are not required to attend the lesson that day (they can put it off until the next occurrence of the lesson three days later), but are still encouraged to do so.

Weyr Hierarchy

Note: the colors of the Rider section of the diagram do not directly correspond with the position of Riders of those colored dragons in the hierarchy of the Weyr.

Addressing Others

As Candidates, you are considered equivalent to 1st-level Staff.

You will address those of lower rank to you, the 2nd- and 3rd-level Staff, with proper respect, using the terms "miz" (Ms.) and "mister" (Mr.) if you do not know the individual's name.

You will address those of equal and higher rank to you, including other 1st-level Staff, with respect. You will obey them unless told to do otherwise by a Substeward or weyrling or other higher-ranked individual (any conflict should be brought to the nearest individual of a higher rank than both you and the person instructing you to do something you were told not to do). You will address these individuals as "sir" and "ma'am" or as their rank dictates, such as Steward or Rider.

Basic Duties

These list some of the standard duties of each rank within the Weyr. Note: these lists are not all-encompassing.

3rd-level Staff

3rd-level Staff (sometimes called "drudges") work primarily in public areas where they can be easily supervised.
  • Maintain glows
  • Clean public areas
  • Dishes (large, sturdy pots and pans) and laundry (general-purpose items, i.e. napkins, linens, etc.)
  • Basic kitchen duties (chop vegetables, turn spits, etc.)

2nd-level Staff

2nd-level staff handle duties that are more complex than 3rd-level staff. They usually have never studied a Craft.
  • Cooking basic food items (soups/stews, beverages, etc.)
  • Cleaning private quarters, offices, conference rooms, etc.
  • Dishes (breakable dishes) and laundry (delicate items, i.e. Gather wear, riding leathers, etc.)

1st-level Staff

1st-level staff may or may not have studied a Craft, but if they did, they rarely passed second-year studies.
  • Supervise 2nd- and 3rd-level Staff
  • Serving food/Busing tables
  • Set up for Gathers and celebrations (arrange tables, lay out buffet tables, etc.)


Candidates are considered equivalent to 1st-level Staff and may, by permission of their overseeing Substeward, perform many of the same duties. Other duties may include:
  • Running errands for Weyrlings and Riders
  • Performing 2nd- and 3rd-level Staff tasks (usually for the very young Candidates or those who have gotten in some sort of trouble)


There are usually 2-3 Substewards under each Steward and they often have specialties. They don't usually rise above the rank of Apprentice in any Craft they may have, often failing to complete their fourth-year studies.
  • Supervise and organize Staff
  • Design layouts for Gathers and celebrations


Weyrlings are considered of equal rank to Substewards and may, by permission of a full rider or a Steward, perform many of the same duties. Other duties may include:
  • Running errands for Riders and Weyr guests
  • Elevator duty
  • Cleaning up after drills
  • Staff duties (usually as a form of punishment)


The number of Stewards in any department varies depending on its complexity. There are many Kitchen Stewards, each overseeing something specific (i.e., soups and stews, breads, pastries, etc.). Stewards have often completed one or sometimes two years of Journeyman studies in their Craft.
  • Manage and assign duties to Substewards
  • Perform inventories on materials in their department


Wingriders are considered equivalent in rank to Stewards. Their duties, of course, are usually more Rider-oriented and, in the light of the end of Thread, often more Craft-related. Head Stewards may request that they produce Craft-based items to fill the needs of inventory at the Weyr.

Head Stewards

There is one Head Steward for each major department in the Weyr (i.e., Head Cook). They generally oversee all aspects of that department.
  • Develop plans for Gathers and celebrations
  • Delegate duties to Stewards
  • Report inventories and breaches of protocol to the Headwoman


Wingseconds are the first supervisory rank in the Riders' ranks. Aside from performing disciplinary actions or organizing their Wings' Riders to perform duties for the Weyr, their duties closely follow those of any other Wingrider.


The Headwoman is the highest-ranked non-Rider in the Weyr. She oversees all of the operations that keep the Weyr functioning as a sanctuary for Riders.
  • Communicate Rider plans to Head Stewards
  • Review Weyr status with the Weyrwoman and/or Weyrleader
  • Submit stocking requests based on inventory reports provided by Head Stewards (submissions may go to Weyrwoman/Weyrleader or to similarly-ranked individuals at Holds and Halls depending on the need)


Wingleaders are considered equivalent to the Headwoman. They are in charge of overseeing the day-to-day management of the Riders in the Weyr, often meting out disciplinary actions and reporting to the Headwoman what, if any, needs the Riders in their Wings have. They may also report these needs directly to the Weyrleader or Weyrwoman, but a good Wingleader knows the Headwoman may already have what he needs stashed away somewhere.

Weyrwoman & Weyrleader

The Weyrwoman and Weyrleader are the ultimate authorities in the Weyr. They are responsible for making sure both halves of the Weyr - Rider and non-Rider - function together smoothly to ensure safety and security for all its inhabitants. The Weyrwoman works closely with the Headwoman while the Weyrleader works with his Wingleaders and together, they resolve any disputes and ensure that needs are filled.
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